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The plant you need to make your own home remedy for cancer, hepatitis-C & more may be growing in your back yard!  Read all about this proven remedy plus much more on how to naturally beat illness and live a longer, healthier and happier life.



100% Organic MicroComplexed IntraCELL Level IV Technology ~ 415 Nutrients All-In-One, Perfect Whole Foods & Phyto Nutrition ~ Super Energizing ~ All Natural Defense. The Most Scientifically Advanced, Clinically Proven, Health Promoting Organic Nutritional Supplement Available Today!


ProbiCell™ is a leading, advanced probiotic supplement that offers: complete yeast/candida eradication, leaky gut syndrome avoidance, lon term digestive health, healthy immune function and stabilized bowel function. Each vegan, non-GMO capsule is enteric coated to get past stomach acids and includes the prebiotic fiber Isomalto-Oligosaccharide (IMO) as well as key digestive enzymes and the most important good bacteria to enable your intestines to function at the very best level possible.

dōTERRA® Essential Oils

dōTERRA® (meaning "Gift of the Earth") essential oils represent the safest, purest essential oils available in the world today.


												Naturals Dr. Ken's MiracleTransdermal Magnesium 

Utopia Naturals Dr. Ken's MiracleTransdermal Magnesium Oil.

B-12 / Folic Acid Combo

Selenium Synergy

Selenium Synergy® contains the most effective selenium compound Methylselenocysteine, combined with BroccoMax® (rich in sulforaphane glucosinolate), Vitamin B2 (as riboflavin) and Vitamin E (as d-alpha tocopheryl succinate). Each serving of Selenium Synergy® contains 200 mcg of selenium from methylselenocysteine. Vitamins B2 and E are important to the metabolism of selenium.

CoQ 10


Co-Q10, an important antioxidant found in high concentration in human heart and liver, is part of the cells’ electron transport system, needed for ATP (i.e energy) production within the cells.

Rose Laurel OPC Plus

Supreme immune booster from the makers of Sutherlandia OPC with 100 mg of pure oleander

The Best Colloidal Silver
on the Planet

Contains about 20 ppm of .9999 pure silver in de-ionized water.  Silver inhibits the growth of one-celled organisms, (such as bacteria and viruses) by deactivating the organism's oxygen metabolism enzymes. In turn, this destroys its' cell membranes, stopping the replication of its' DNA.

The Krill Miracle™

The Krill Miracle™

Concentrated Omega 3, 6 & 9, Many Times More Powerful than Fish Oil

  Pink Himalayan Salt

Pure, pink in color hand-mined salt harvested from ancient sea salt deposits in the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains. Supplies the body with sodium and is rich in other essential minerals and nutrients.

Membrane Complex

A premium Dr. Hans Nieper formula containing magnesium, calcium and potassium that supports the following systems:

Cardiovascular, Lymphatic, Epithelial (skin), Digestive, Hormonal, Immune, Muscular, Nervous, Renal, Respiratory, Sensory and Skeletal.

SenTraMin 75 Powdered Plant Derived Mineral Capsules

Rockland's world famous plant derived minerals are now available in vegetable capsules. Each capsule contains 400 milligrams of approximately 75 minerals in their concentrated powdered form.

Sutherlandia OPC

The ultimate immune booster and modulator from South Africa

N-A-C Sustain - Click Image to Close


 An essential complimentary supplement for use with Sutherlandia OPC or Rose Laurel OPC Plus.


ClearLungs supports clear lungs and free breathing by supporting normal metabolic function, fluid balance, and normal tissue repair.

Thytrophin PMG

Organic whole food blend of plant and animal nutrients designed to rebuild and support healthy thyroid function. Taken with iodine, balances thyroid hormone production, aids in correction of energy use and regulation, regulates growth and rate of many body function.

Omega 3 Plus™ (60)

Omega 3 Plus™ (60)



Daily Balance™ (120)

Daily Balance™ (120)

Joint Rescue™ (180)

Joint Rescue™ (180)

Nebulizer Kit

Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous earth is a natural dewormer/parasite eliminator as well at a detoxer of heavy metals, bacteria and viruses. It promotes healthy skin,hair, and nails, is a digestive aid and colon cleanser, helps lower bad cholesterol, regulates blood pressure and aids in relieving sore joints.

B-12 / Folic Acid Combo

Zeolite Minerals

Zeolites are naturally occurring volcanic mineral compounds with a negative magnetic charge and a unique crystalline cage-like structure which draws in many harmful toxins.

Apricot Kernels

You have probably heard about the wonders of Vitamin B17, aka Laetrile. We have found a great source to recommend to everyone!

Echinacea Tincture

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Understanding the Three Types of Hormone Replacement

by Barbara Minton
See all TBYIL articles by Barbara Minton

(The Best Years in Life) If you think understanding hormones is too complicated, you’re right.  Pharmaceutical companies have put out enough hormone disinformation to make anyone’s head spin.  After all, if everyone became truly informed about hormones, few would need the toxic drugs and deadly treatments that have become the bread and butter of the medical establishment.  Here is information to help you understand the three types of hormone replacement.  Hopefully clearing away some of the mist can help both women and men get the most from their best years in life.  Read More.


Should New Moms Eat Their Placenta?

by Sárka-Jonae Miller
See more articles by Sárka-Jonae Miller

(The Best Years in Life) A new trend in parenting is eating the placenta, a practice known as placentophagy. Most land-dwelling mammals eat their afterbirth, a process that animals might do in an effort to bond with newborns. Although traditionally humans and domesticated animals have not engaged in this practice, researchers are looking into the possible benefits. There is already some basis for the belief that placenta consumption could positively impact health. Practitioners of Chinese medicine have long considered eating dried placenta a restorative practice; however, consuming a placenta in any form is a new concept in the West.  Read More.


Revitalize with Coenzyme Q10

by Tony Isaacs
See all Health Secrets articles by Tony Isaacs

(Health Secrets) If you are feeling like you’ve run out of gas, it may be time to revitalize and boost energy with Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10). Also known as ubiquinone, CoQ10 is an oil-soluble, vitamin-like substance that is absolutely essential for optimum health and longevity. Read More.


Most People are Deficient of Vitamin B12 and Their Symptoms Are Misdiagnosed

by Paul Fassa, Natural Health Journalist

( Vitamin B12 is a vitamin that gets little or no mention in most health publications, and too many health practitioners are unaware of its importance and know what to look for. The truth is most people are deficient of Vitamin B12 and their symptoms are misdiagnosed.

As a matter of fact, it may be the first thing to assess or even try because adding vitamin B12 with the right type of that vitamin could be the first thing to consider for several symptoms, including chronic fatigue, neurological disorders, and even MS-like symptoms and other disorders that are vague or misleading.  Read More.


Laughter is the Best Medicine:

To see more of our frequently updated and often offbeat humor, Click Here.


Two Videos Expose the Criminality of the Cholesterol Theory

by Barbara Minton
See all TBYIL articles by Barbara Minton

(The Best Years in Life) The first part of a two part documentary that completely exploded the cholesterol theory was produced by ABC Australia two years ago. Its message was so intense that the pharmaceutical industry got stressed about its bottom line, threw a tantrum and demanded the second part not be aired.  ABC aired it anyway, but the pressure continued until they finally backed down and withdrew both episodes. Last week these videos re-surfaced, spotlighting for the whole world the criminal damage being done to millions of people who take statin drugs based on a fraudulent theory of cholesterol.  Read More.


Bonus Recipe: Healthy Soy Sauce Substitutes

Soy has been linked to many health dangers, particularly unfermented soy and genetically modified (GMO) soy. Here are two easy and healthy soy sauce substitutes you can use just like soy sauce on sushi and other oriental dishes as well as use to make other home made sauces like homemade terriyaki and homemade Worcestershire sauce. To see the full recipes, click HERE.


Forget Alzheimer’s, It’s No Longer a Death Sentence

by Tony Isaacs

Thanks to our aging population, toxins throughout our environment and food supply and widespread use of statin drugs and other mainstream medications, Alzheimer's is growing to epidemic proportions. Now science and real life experiences have confirmed what naturopaths have told us for years: With coconut oil and other natural items you can not only slow down Alheimer's, you can stop it and even reverse it.

To find out more about this exciting news and the link to the full article which tells how you can use coconut oil and other natural items to conquer Alzheimer's click HERE.


Provide a Safer, Healthier Easter with Homemade Egg Dyes and Other Healthy Tips

by Tony Isaacs

(The Best Years in Life) Coloring boiled eggs has been a longtime Easter tradition. So has including plenty of milk chocolate and other sugar-laden candies. However, many of the food dyes commonly found on grocers shelves are synthesized from petroleum derivatives and even coal tar. This year, provide a healthier Easter for your children by making your own safe dyed eggs and opting for healthier substitutes for most or all of the candies.  Read More.

Fluoridated Water is Unhealthy to Consume and It Isn't Good for Teeth

by Paul Fassa

(The Best Years in Life) The unwarranted mass medication for dental health care effort is bogus. Don't buy into the propaganda that endorses it. How to avoid it is explained in the last section of this article.

First of all, several studies indicate that fluoridation does not reduce cavities. It eventually mottles teeth and destroys tooth enamel. Most if not all European municipalities do not fluoridate their drinking water, and their tooth decay rates are less than here in the USA where well over 70% of municipal drinking water is fluoridated.

Since fluoridation was introduced into our water treatment facilities, autoimmune diseases, neurological issues, docility despite outrageous governmental and economic criminality, and less discriminating intelligence have consumed our society.  Read More.


Improve Indoor Air Quality by Making Natural Cleaning Sprays

by Sárka-Jonae Millerr

(The Best Years in Life) Research by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has found that indoor air quality is two to five times as bad as the air outdoors. In some instances, it has been shown to be more than 100 times worse. Air pollutants indoors is considered one of the top five public health threats. These findings indicate that once released into your home, air pollutants mostly hang around where they can make you sick. You can improve your air quality with items such as houseplants, air purifiers, and crystal salt lamps, but these things only filter out some of the toxins and pollutants. Introducing fewer contaminants into your home in the first place could help improve indoor air quality. Ironically, the cleaning products you use, particularly sprays, introduce toxic chemicals into your air. By ditching the commercially-made cleaning sprays and filling new spray bottles with homemade solutions you can keep your surfaces clean without sacrificing air quality.  Read More.


Lipton, Luzianne and Losers - the Dangers of Drinking Tea

by Donna Voetee (AKA Granny Good Food)

(The Best Years in Life) Granny Good Food believes that Texans do not have blood. There is sweet tea, tea, or Big Red coursing through their veins.

Surprise, Texans also have joint pain, knee pain, back pain, elbow pain and hip pain. Stiff and achy all over. Hard to get up out of the chair to get a refill. Oh yes, and rank 12th in national obesity.  Read More.


Replacing Lost Hormones is the Greatest Gift You can Give Yourself

by Barbara Minton
See all TBYIL articles by Barbara Minton

(The Best Years in Life) Are you aging?  Whether you are a man or a woman, the first indication of the degeneration we refer to as aging is the beginning of hormone loss. Most people say this loss begins around age 40, but in truth, it can begin as early as the late 20’s, and it is a difficult passage no matter when it starts.  Read More.


7 Natural Treatments for Chronic Anxiety

by Jaime A. Heidel
See all TBYIL articles by Jaime A. Heidel

(The Best Years in Life) It is estimated that 18 percent of the American population has some type of anxiety disorder. As a matter of fact, anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the United States. If you're among those affected, you may feel as though your life is gradually spinning out of control.

Here are 7 ways to treat anxiety naturally:  Read More.


Treat Chronic Neck Pain without NSAIDs

by Jaime A. Heidel
See all TBYIL articles by Jaime A. Heidel

(The Best Years in Life) Millions of people struggle with chronic neck pain (cervicalgia). Are you one of them? If so, you may use NSAID pain relievers to treat it. While these over-the-counter drugs provide quick relief, they can damage your intestines and increase your risk of heart attack and stroke.

Chronic neck pain can be caused by stress, injury, poor posture, herniated disc, or degenerative disc disease. The methods outlined below can help reduce your neck pain safely and naturally.  Read More.


Understand the Great Importance of Hormones to Your Health

by Barbara Minton
See all TBYIL articles by Barbara Minton

(The Best Years in Life) Hormones are of supreme importance to your health and well being, because they are the master controllers of the entire body.  Nothing can surpass them.  No matter how many organic fruits and vegetables you eat, how many supplements you take, or how many hours you spend at the gym, you will not achieve the vibrant health you want unless all of your hormones are at optimal levels and in perfect balance.  The silence of the medical establishment on the subject of  hormones is a testament to their great importance.  When all your hormones are at optimal levels and in perfect balance, there is no need to be a customer for what they are selling.  Read More.


Fool Whip (The Dangers of Whipped Topping Products)

by Donna Voetee (aka Granny Good Food)

(The Best Years in Life) You can call it “Dessert Topping,” “Cool Whip,” “Whipped Topping,” or whatever you like. I call it Fool Whip. Here are the ingredients of one such product found in our local market:

• Water
• Partially Hydrogenated Palm Kernel Oil
• Corn Syrup
• High Fructose Corn Syrup
• Sugar
• Partially Hydrogenated Coconut Oil
• Sodium Caseinate
• Artificial Flavor
• Polysorbate 60
• Sorbitan Monostearate
• Guar Gum
• Xanthan Gum
• Soy Lecithin
• Glycerine
• Beta Carotene
• Partially Hydrogenated Soybean Oil

Read More.


The Many Aspects of Asthma

by Luella May
See all Natural News articles by Luella May

(NaturalNews) Asthma has reached epidemic proportions with over 22 million people suffering from this condition in the United States. It is also the most chronic condition affecting our children today. Although asthma can hamper an individual's lifestyle, it can be addressed safely and effectively by implementing Body, Mind, and Spirit techniques. Read More.

Putting the Measles Mania into the Proper Perspective

by Tony Isaacs

( As of the writing of this article we have had 155 cases of measles in the United States out of a total population of 320 million people, so naturally it is time to panic and mandate vaccinations for one and all! Yes folks, the next great health scare is here and the mainstream media and public officials left and right are awash with hysteria over the so-called “measles outbreak”. Now folks, let’s try putting the measles mania into the proper perspective.

Everywhere you look you find such hysteria and strident condemnations of parents who choose not to vaccinate. Public figures and talking heads on both the left and the right are calling loudly for such measures as mandatory vaccinations nationwide and prohibitions against unvaccinated students attending schools. One would think that we are facing a danger as bad as or worse than the most recent great scare – Ebola.

Before you fall prey to such hype and hysteria it is time to put measles mania in perspective.  Read More.


20 Non-Toxic Ways to Have a Fresh Smelling Home

By: Dr. Loretta Lanphier, ND, CN, HHP, CH

(The Best Years in Life) After doing a month of chemo in 2001, I became very sensitive to certain perfumes/smells/odors. For example, I used to wear a wonderful high-end perfume and now just about all perfumes make me feel ill. My husband has had to return several colognes because I just could not stand the fragrance. I have even found that many of the home fragrances do not set well with me and can actually make me sneeze. However, I love a nice smelling home – who doesn’t? We know that “smells” can lift the spirit and actually calm the soul. Below are some great non-toxic wasy in which to keep your home smelling clean and fresh all year long. Read More.


Many Breast Tumors Detected on Mammograms are Harmless

by Barbara Minton
See all TBYIL articles by Barbara Minton

(The Best Years in Life) Many breast tumors found on mammograms are harmless, says a recent study published in the New England Journal of Medicine.  This study concluded that during the past 30 years more than 1.3 million American women have been over diagnosed and over treated with the standard of care, which includes surgery, radiation, chemotherapy and drugs.  Read More.


Debunking a Leading Cancer Doctor's Advice on Mammograms, Anti-Oxidants and Daily Aspirin Use

by Tony Isaacs

(The Best Years in Life) Awhile back Fox News featured mainstream doctor Dr. David Agus, who is touted as one of the world's leading cancer doctors, who came on to discuss a recent study about mammograms and breast cancer as well as his book "A Short Guide to A Long Life". Though the recent study indicated that mammograms every two years were as effective as annual mammograms, Dr. Agus said that the "jury is still out" and advised those who were getting annual mammograms to continue to do so.

As if his advice on mammograms were not bad enough, Dr. Agus then proceeded to highlight two of the main tenets of his book on leading a longer life. The first was to avoid antioxidants and the second was to take daily aspirin to prevent heart attacks and cancer. Did I mention that Dr. Agus was a mainstream doctor?  Read More.


Florida Keys Might be Getting Millions of Genetically-Modified New Residents

by Sárka-Jonae Miller
See more articles by Sárka-Jonae Miller

(The Best Years in Life) British researchers are hoping to let millions of mosquitoes with genetically-modified DNA loose in a residential area of the Florida Keys in the spring of 2015. The US Federal Drug Administration is considering approving what would be an experiment to see if maybe these GM insects could act as a preventative measure for two viral diseases carried by mosquitoes: dengue and chikungunya.  Read More.


Are These 8 Personal Care Products Making You Fat and Sick?

by Barbara Minton
See all TBYIL articles by Barbara Minton

(The Best Years in Life) Before a female makes it out the door in the morning, it's almost certain that she has faced a barrage of toxic chemicals never faced by a woman in earlier times. Many of these chemicals lodge in the body and can become unwanted guests for life, wreaking havoc and causing disease and weight gain.  Read More.


Dr. Ken O’Neal and His Heroic Fight Against the Medical Establishment

by Paul Fassa
See all TBYIL articles by Paul Fassa

(The Best Years in Life) The mainstream medical establishment combines the AMA, the FDA, and the pharmaceutical industry (Big Pharma) into a medical practice group that has been appropriately termed the “Medical Mafia”.

The term medical mafia is applicable. Some call it medical tyranny, medical monopoly, or medical fascism. Regardless of the names, they operate the same way.

They lie, they cheat, and they let only medically trained persons play doctor who agree to pushing toxic drugs and procedures as cures, despite their actual statistical history of causing more harm than good. They are more interested in profits and power than healing. Read More.


Natural Weight Loss Supplements That Really Work

by Sárka-Jonae Miller
See more articles by Sárka-Jonae Miller

(The Best Years in Life) All weight loss plans have one thing in common: you have to start using up more calories than you consume to lose weight. Cutting back on calories creates a deficit so you can achieve fast weight loss, but eating less is challenging when your dietary choices are habitual. Weight loss supplements that suppress your appetite may give you a fighting chance for sticking to a healthy diet. Although not a long-term solution, certain supplements provide the assistance people need to get through a period of adjustment when beginning a natural weight loss routine. Read More.


How Too Much Calcium Can Break Your Bones - Part 2

by Sayer Ji
See more articles by Sayer Ji

(The Best Years in Life) These osteocasts are still much younger and active than the osteoblasts, which tips the scales in favor of increased bone turnover, resulting in a rapid decline in bone mineral density and bone quality later in life. This explains why Asians eating their traditional calcium-poor diet, for instance, have lower bone mineral density throughout their life, but reach peak bone mass later, showing slower declines than Westerners while experiencing their golden years.  Read More.


Reduce Risk of Heart Disease and Type 2 Diabetes by Eating Eggs

by Barbara Minton
See all TBYIL articles by Barbara Minton

(The Best Years in Life) Eat eggs to cut risk of heart disease?  It just doesn't sound right after all the years we have been told to avoid eggs.  But that's how food technology works.  Before it can get people to throw out the real foods that kept their ancestors healthy for hundreds of years, and substitute the fake foods created by food technologists, they have to create a campaign to convince you that those real foods are your enemies.  Read More.


Making your Home Safe in the 21st Century

Because Americans spend approximately 90 percent of their time indoors, it is crucial to make the home environment as safe as possible. Indoor pollutants have proliferated in recent years, often either because modern construction techniques and furnishings manufacturers utilize hazardous materials or because consumers do not know enough about the products they buy to make informed choices.

But safe, nontoxic alternatives exist for nearly every real need around the home, and the search for them may help consumers distinguish between what they really do need, and what may be "luxuries" that could compromise their families' health.  Read More.

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The TBYIL Radio Show for March 25th: The Return of NHF President Scott Tips

(The Best Years in Life) Don't miss our show for March 25th, which will feature an interview with National Health Federation (NHF) President Scott Tips. We will be talking about Codex Alimentarius, health freedom, the FDA, toxins - including toxins sprayed from the air by planes, RDA vitamin and mineral standards, vaccines and more.

Our show airs every Wednesday from 6 - 8 PM CST on BlogTalkRadio, the largest and best known internet radio host. Like our website of the same name, our show is a labor of love to spread the good word about living longer, healthier and happier lives naturally without getting trapped in the mainstream medicine box of managed symptoms for profit with unnatural side-effect laden drugs.

And, during the course of most shows we usually play 3 - 4 classic rock and/or country songs.

To find out more about our show, including information on this week's show and guest and upcoming guests and how to listen in, click  HERE.

Featured Recipe:

Beans and Greens Vegan Burrito Wraps

Add some green to your menu by adding cancer-fighting collard greens to your lunchtime wrap. Leafy greens, like collards, are packed with fiber and rich in cancer-protective carotenoids, vitamin K and the B vitamin folate. As a burrito shell, they add a crisp, refreshing taste to the bean, corn, rice and hummus filling. Enjoy this vegetarian dish as a brown bag at the office or with a side of soup for a quick and easy dinner.

Click HERE for the complete recipe.

See ALL of our healthy tasty recipes HERE.

Ultimate Body Cleanse

The Best Years in Life's Top Rated Cleansing Program

Cleanse and reset your health with what we believe is the best and most complete cleansing kit to be found. Cleanse and detoxes the liver, gallbladder, kidneys, blood AND parasites all at the same time!

Featured Remedy:

Use Vanilla and Other Natural Remedies to Relieve and Prevent Headaches

(The Best Years in Life) For many people, vanilla may the key for eliminating headaches. Vanilla extract contains eugenol, an essential oil that has antiseptic and analgesic properties and which helps unclog blood vessels.

The ancient Egyptians discovered that vanilla beans would cure a headache almost every time regardless of how serious the duration or intensity. Though they did not discover why vanilla worked, they found that it was three times more effective than their previous best treatment, turmeric.

One headache sufferer reported that nothing had worked for his constant headaches of 40 years until he turned to vanilla. He drank a tablespoon of pure vanilla extract in 8 ounces of water before going to bed and the next morning the usual headache pain was only half its normal intensity. Two days later it was gone completely and hasn’t returned in over a year.

If vanilla does not do the trick, here are some other natural headache remedies to try: Read More.

Silver Aloe Skin & Scalp Bar

The world's first Advanced Colloidal Silver Skin Care Bar, fortified with the anti-bacterial action of Colloidal Silver, the regenerative qualities of Plant Derived Minerals and the healing properties of Aloe Vera.

Get rid of germs, sanitize, shower, shave and brush your teeth and gums to eliminate plaque and gum disease all with just one great product! Luella May and I swear by it!

The Best Years in Life Natural Resources Pages

(The Best Years in Life) This website has grown from its humble beginnings to over 3500 pages of natural health articles, remedies, healthy recipes and other features to enable our readers to live a long, healthy and happy life naturally and avoid the mainstream medicine trap of managing symptoms with side-effect laden unnatural drugs. Our articles section alone has several hundred articles now. To help our readers locate articles which may be related to their own health issues or those of their loved ones, we have created several resource pages with links to related articles on several topics - and will be creating more such pages as time goes by. Here is what we have thus far:

The Best Years in Life Cancer Alternatives Resource Page

The Best Years in Life Natural Heart and Cardiovascular Resources Page

The Best Years in Life Natural Bone Health Resources Page

The Best Years in Life Anti-Aging and Longevity Resources Page

The Best Years in Life Natural Mental and Memory Health  Resources

The Best Years in Life Natural Skin and Hair Care

The Best Years in Life Healthy Recipes


Active C Tabs™

Active C Tabs™

Bone Matrix™

Articles by Natural Health Author Barbara Minton

Barbara is a school psychologist and the author of Dividend Capture, a book on personal finance. She is a breast cancer survivor using bioidentical hormone therapy, and a passionate advocate of natural health with hundreds of articles on many aspects of health and wellness. She is the editor and publisher of AlignLife's Health Secrets Newsletter.

To read articles by Barbara Minton, click Here

Articles by Natural Health Author Paul Fassa

Paul Fassa sees the struggle for health freedom and the need for improving and preserving our food supply as key issues in today’s crazy world. He has contributed hundreds of article to Natural News, Align Life, and Natural Society.

To read articles by Paul Fassa, click Here

Articles by Natural Health Author Sayer Ji

Sayer Ji is an accomplished natural health author and the founder of the world's largest, evidence-based, open source access, natural medicine database:

To read articles by Sayer Ji, click Here

Articles by Natural Health Author Sárka-Jonae Miller

Sárka-Jonae Miller is a health and fitness expert. She began working in the fitness industry in 2000 while pursuing a BS in journalism at Syracuse University. She became certified as a personal fitness trainer and group exercise instructor in 2003. She has also received training in massage therapy.

To read articles by Sárka-Jonae Miller, click Here

Articles by Natural Health Author Jaime A. Heidel

Jaime is a professional freelance writer with a passion for natural health and wellness. Her website, I Told You I Was Sick, was created to help those living with chronic pain and illness find natural ways to heal.

To read articles by Jaime A. Heidel, click Here


intraKID is the deluxe and most all-inclusive liquid nutritional supplement available for children.

Chromium GTF

GTF Chromium is a complex known as Glucose Tolerance Factor and is made by fermenting nutritional yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) with chromium. GTF Chromium facilitates the transport of glucose into cells by insulin.

Cell Forte Max3

Triple-strength Cell Forte MAX3 features an exclusive combination essential for regulating healthy cell development and delivering life-changing results. Cell Fort? dramatically increases natural killer-cell activity and boosts the cells' defenses.


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