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The plant you need to make your own home remedy for cancer, hepatitis-C & more may be growing in your back yard!  Read all about this proven remedy plus much more on how to naturally beat illness and live a longer, healthier and happier life.


Apricot Kernels

You have probably heard about the wonders of Vitamin B17, aka Laetrile. We have found a great source to recommend to everyone!

Young Living Essential Oils

The highest quality therapeutic-grade essential oils. Click on the image for more information.

Rose Laurel OPC Plus

Supreme immune booster from the makers of Sutherlandia OPC with 100 mg of pure oleander

The Best Colloidal Silver
on the Planet

Contains about 20 ppm of .9999 pure silver in de-ionized water.  Silver inhibits the growth of one-celled organisms, (such as bacteria and viruses) by deactivating the organism's oxygen metabolism enzymes. In turn, this destroys its' cell membranes, stopping the replication of its' DNA.

The Krill Miracle™

The Krill Miracle™

Concentrated Omega 3, 6 & 9, Many Times More Powerful than Fish Oil

Membrane Complex

A premium Dr. Hans Nieper formula containing magnesium, calcium and potassium that supports the following systems:

Cardiovascular, Lymphatic, Epithelial (skin), Digestive, Hormonal, Immune, Muscular, Nervous, Renal, Respiratory, Sensory and Skeletal.

75 Plant Based Minerals

Rockland's world famous plant derived minerals are now available in vegetable capsules. Each capsule contains 400 milligrams of approximately 75 minerals in their concentrated powdered form.

Sutherlandia OPC

The ultimate immune booster and modulator from South Africa

N-A-C Sustain - Click Image to Close


 An essential complimentary supplement for use with Sutherlandia OPC or Rose Laurel OPC Plus.


ClearLungs supports clear lungs and free breathing by supporting normal metabolic function, fluid balance, and normal tissue repair.

Omega 3 Plus™ (60)

Omega 3 Plus™ (60)



Daily Balance™ (120)

Daily Balance™ (120)

Joint Rescue™ (180)

Joint Rescue™ (180)

Nebulizer Kit

Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous earth is a natural dewormer/parasite eliminator as well at a detoxer of heavy metals, bacteria and viruses. It promotes healthy skin,hair, and nails, is a digestive aid and colon cleanser, helps lower bad cholesterol, regulates blood pressure and aids in relieving sore joints.

B-12 / Folic Acid Combo

Zeolite Minerals

Zeolites are naturally occurring volcanic mineral compounds with a negative magnetic charge and a unique crystalline cage-like structure which draws in many harmful toxins.




Blockbuster New Study: Vegetarians are Less Healthy Than Meat Eaters in Key Health Categories

(Natural News) Vegans take note: A blockbuster new study from Austria which is sure to send shock waves and generate massive denials among vegetarians has concluded that people who eat only vegetables are less healthy and have a poorer quality of life than people who include some meat in their diets. According to the study, people who avoid meat entirely have a 50% increased risk for both cancer and heart attacks.  Read More.


Grow Purple Corn and Join the Green Economy

by Barbara Minton
See all TBYIL articles by Barbara Minton

(The Best Years in Life) Purple corn is turning out to be one of the healthiest foods on the planet. It is loaded with phenolics and anthocyanin, and has an antioxidant rating higher than blueberries. The health benefits of purple corn are pervasive in the body, and it has a normalizing effect on many bodily systems. It can even shrink cancerous tumors. As the healing value of purple corn becomes apparent, researchers have jumped in to document its many benefits, and supplement companies have rolled out purple corn extracts. The only thing missing from all this is someone to put purple corn in the produce section of the local grocery stores.  Read More.


Discover and Ramp Up Your Second Brain

by Paul Fassa
See all TBYIL articles by Paul Fassa

(The Best Years in Life) Two heads are better than one is an old saying that relates to brainstorming with another. But scientific studies are discovering another aspect of increasing mental acuity and restoring or maintaining mental and emotional stability. It comes with acknowledging and nurturing your “second brain”.  But it's it's not in your skull, it's in your gut.  Read More.


FDA Approves Zohydro, the Deadliest Painkiller Yet

by Tony Isaacs
See more Health Secrets articles by Tony Isaacs

(Health Secrets) Zohydro is set to become the king of opiods as the FDA approves it in the face of overwhelming objections. Do we need another opioid?  Read More.


Big Trouble in Little Supplements: Risks of Overdoing It

by Sárka-Jonae Miller
See more articles by Sarka_Jonae Miller

(The Best Years in Life) Many people are worried about not getting the nutrients they need from a modern diet. You see cereals, breads, pastas, energy bars, sports drinks, and other products that are “fortified” or otherwise have added vitamins and minerals. The issue becomes that although most regular diets cannot possibly overdo it on nutrients, when you combine a multivitamin and enriched foods, you could. Those little pills could put you at risk for serious side effects.  Read More.


The Calcium Supplement Problem: As Serious as a Heart Attack

by Sayer Ji
See more articles by Sayer Ji

(The Best Years in Life) Osteoporosis is not caused by a lack of limestone, oyster shell or bone meal. Heart attack, however, may be caused by supplementation with these exact same "elemental" forms of calcium, according to two meta-analyses published in the British Medical Journal.  Read More.

Laughter is the Best Medicine Feature:

To see more of our often offbeat humor, click HERE.

Researchers Discover the Cause of IBS - It's in Your Gut, Not Your Mind

by Tony Isaacs

(The Best Years in Life) Doctors who have been telling IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) patients that it's all in their mind will have to rethink that approach after scientists finally discovered the problem really does exist. Researchers at Munich’s Technische University have located the cause of IBS and it is in the gut, not the mind. Specifically, it is the result of tiny inflammations in the mucosa of the gut, which upset the sensitive balance of the bowel. Read More.

Cancer is Getting Harder to Beat and Avoid

by Tony Isaacs

(The Best Years in Life) In recent years, statistical cancer death rates have been showing decreases for some cancers in some parts of the world, which has led some people to optimistically report that cancer is getting easier to beat.  Nothing could be farther from the truth.  Cancer is actually getting harder to beat as a result of three primary culprits: Cancer is actually getting harder to beat as a result of three primary culprits: 1) Our world is becoming increasingly toxic, 2) We are beset by existing and increasing radiation, and 3) Our food is becoming increasingly less nutritious.  Read More.


Radiation From Cell Phones Linked to Erectile Dysfunction

by Tony Isaacs
See other Natural News articles by Tony Isaacs

(NaturalNews) As reported in the Environmental Health Trust's latest newsletter, cell phones have now been linked to erectile dysfunction (ED). While numerous studies have shown that cell phone radiation leads to human sperm death and damage and decreased fertility, the new report of increased erectile dysfunction is sending shock waves through the men's health community. Read More.


Gunpoint Medicine Now Includes Vaccination Tyranny

by Paul Fassa
See all TBYIL articles by Paul Fassa

(The Best Years in Life) A young couple in Birmingham, Alabama were forced into vaccinating their newborn with the Hep-B (HBV) vaccination with threats of legally abducting their healthy newborn baby son and giving him away. Gunpoint medicine just got worse.  Read More.


Is Your Favorite Drink Dissolving Your Skeleton?

by Barbara Minton
See all TBYIL articles by Barbara Minton

(The Best Years in Life) If you eat a healthy diet most of the time you probably feel good about indulging in a Coke or Pepsi.  Almost everybody knows soda can lead to obesity, but if you're not obese what's the problem, right?  The truth is that if you are a soda drinker you have a lot more to worry about than obesity.  Soda consumption sets you up for a host of major diseases that can completely rob you of your health and happiness in the coming years.  Read More.

Ultimate Body Cleanse

The Best Years in Life's Top Rated Cleansing Program

How a New Workout Breakthrough, Herbal Supplements and Optimal Nutrition Can Double Athletic Performance

by Tony Isaacs

(The Best Years in Life) Athletes are always looking for an edge to boost their performance beyond their competition. Some have looked to new training techniques, while others have succumbed to temptation and resorted to illegal steroids and other performance enhancers. Now, it appears that a combination of new technology, proven natural plant extracts and optimal nutrition may outperform the banned substances and do so legally and safely.  Read More.


Natural Ways to Wake Up Energized

by Sárka-Jonae Miller
See more articles by Sarka_Jonae Miller

(The Best Years in Life) If getting out of bed in the morning is tough for you, research says there are things you can do to wake up feeling more refreshed. And once you're awake, a few simple tweaks to your wake-up routine could give you a burst of energy without coffee or other stimulants.  Read More.


Clean Your Air and Brighten Your Day with Houseplants

by Tony Isaacs

(The Best Years in Life) People have long known about the psychological benefits of brightening their homes and offices with decorative houseplants. What many may be overlooking are the physical health benefits of having plenty of these plants to remove harmful pollutants from the air and replace them with fresh oxygen.  Read More.


Another Direct Casualty of the War on Cancer Cures – Jimmy Keller

by Paul Fassa
See all TBYIL articles by Paul Fassa

(The Best Years in Life) The only war with which the cancer industry has been winning is their war on natural cancer cures. It even goes international with hired bounty hunters going into South America and Mexico to kidnap true healers and railroad them through kangaroo courts in the United States. This is what happened to Jimmy Keller.

That war's direct casualties are the courageous, independent individuals, whether MDs, holistic practitioners, or laypeople who have discovered safe, effective cures for cancer that have better results than “orthodox” medicine's chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery.  Read More.

Toxicity of Herbicides Increased Exponentially by Hidden Ingredients

by Barbara Minton
See all TBYIL articles by Barbara Minton

(The Best Years in Life) Roundup is the flagship product of Monsanto, and the most widely used herbicide in the world.  Monsanto claims its genetically modified crops are engineered to withstand heavy spraying of Roundup. According to Monsanto, glyphosate is the "active ingredient" in Roundup, and for that reason, it is the component of Roundup that is assessed by regulatory authorities for safety.  But new data is surfacing that shows Monsanto is pulling another fast one on us.  Read More.


Are Your Supplements Early Birds or Night Owls?

by Sárka-Jonae Miller
See more articles by Sarka_Jonae Miller

(The Best Years in Life) More than fifty percent of adults in the United States take dietary supplements, but many people don't consider when is the best time to take them. Among the most popular supplements – including multivitamins, B-complex vitamins, calcium, and vitamins C, D, and E – are ones that offer more benefits when taken in the morning while others are best taken at night. Some vitamins and minerals should also be taken with meals.  Read More.


We Are Under a State Enforced Medical Tyranny

by Paul Fassa
See all TBYIL articles by Paul Fassa

(The Best Years in Life) In the full length documentary “Burzynski, the Movie”, a Romanian expatriate patient-witness for Dr. Stanislau Burzynski's defense during one of his many medical system's bureaucratic backed “hearings” asserted that the tyrant Stalinist dictator Nicolae Ceausescu in Romania never interfered with anyone's choice of medical treatments. But now, he continued, “in free America, cancer treatment choice is not allowed.”

By the way, Mexico has tons more inexpensive health freedom than the USA, Canada, New Zealand, or Australia. An American MD and acupuncturist told us while we living in Mexico that health freedom or choosing treatments of one's choice is written into their constitution. That's why there are so many excellent so called “alternative” cancer clinics south of the border. Too bad our founding fathers didn't specifically include that in the Bill of Rights.  Read More.


Four Big Reasons to Eat a Banana Everyday

by Caroline Petvin

(Health Secrets) Have you ever snacked on a banana at work and gotten the smug look from your co-workers that says, “Don’t you know how many calories there are in a banana?” It seems that lots of women, all very intelligent and well educated, would forgo eating bananas because they’ve heard that bananas are extremely fattening.

Let’s put that particular truism to bed and give ourselves permission to eat one of the most wonderful foods on the plant. Here are the incredible health benefits of bananas, one of nature’s truly finest fruits. To read more, click HERE.

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"Bananas May Provide a Key to Preventing the Spread of HIV"

"Moist and Delicious Gluten-Free Banana Bread"


Heal Your Intestinal Tract Naturally - It is the Key to Good Health or Death

by Barbara Minton

(Health Secrets) Many health experts will tell you that good health begins in the gut. Many health experts say that death also begins in the gut.

A key to good intestinal health is maintaining a good balance of good intestinal flora (bacteria) verus bad intestinal flora. We all have some of each kind, it is the balance we have that is key. Depletion of good intestinal flora can be the beginning of death.

Find out why that is so and much more in this AlignLife Health Secrets article by natural health author Barbara Minton by clicking HERE.

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"Study finds that anxiety may originate in your gut, not in your head"

"Researchers Discover the Cause of IBS - It's in the Gut, Not Your Mind"


Research Indicates That the Herb Astragalus May Reverse Aging

Scientists have documented a major key to reversing aging and the herb astragalus has two compounds which have the potential to prevent aging and actually reverse it according to the key that the scientists have found.

To find out more and get the link to the complete article, click HERE.

If You Want to Get Well Faster, Let Fever Kill Off the Pathogens!

The development of fever is one of the body’s greatest defense mechanisms. Suppressing fever often leads to prolonged illness or worse. To find out more and get the link to the complete article, click HERE.


Virologists Engineering H5N1 Flu Virus to Make it More Deadly to Humans

by Barbara Minton
See all TBYIL articles by Barbara Minton

(The Best Years in Life) Two Dutch virologists are deliberately trying to re-engineer the H5N1 virus.  Their goal is a flu virus that will be much more virulent and deadly to humans than the original version. They claim their research is aimed at vaccine development and the betterment of mankind, but 56 leading scientists have now voiced their opposition against this research, primarily for fear that the mutated virus could escape the laboratory either accidentally or purposefully.  Author and political commentator G. Edward Griffin questions what forces with lots of money would risk a global deadly flu pandemic, and suggests it could be the same companies that are developing a must-have vaccine against it.  If he is correct, billions in profits will be made on the backs of human misery and death.  Read More.


The Saga of Rick Simpson's Attempt to Cure with Cannabis Oil

by Paul Fassa
See all TBYIL articles by Paul Fassa

(The Best Years in Life) A few years ago, a small Canadian community's success with curing cancer naturally was crushed, forcing its provider into exile in Europe. Rick Simpson had discovered a cure for himself and then had shared it at no cost with others in the small rural town of Maccan, Nova Scotia.

Canada provides a tax based single-payer medical system. So paying for mainstream treatments was not the issue. Since the medical monopoly's treatments rarely cure and have nasty side effects, efficacy without side effects was the only issue.

Rick offered results without side effects, and the Maccan residents took advantage. The results were amazing with even cancer patients. There are always problems promoting alternative cures. But here was an additional obstacle. The cure was hemp oil with the illegal substance THC.  Read More.


Make Your Own Natural Products to Style Your Hair Without Chemicals

by Sárka-Jonae Miller
See more articles by Sarka_Jonae Miller

(The Best Years in Life) It isn't vain to take a little pride in your appearance, but if you're trying to live a healthy, natural lifestyle you don't want to spritz and smooth chemical-based hair products into the sensitive skin on your head and near your face. You don't have to. There are simple, easy-to-make products that will smooth frizzy hair and hold your style in place. You can even customize your products to your type of hair, all without spending a lot of time or money, or using toxic products.  Read More.


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Featured Recipe:

Healthier Colored or White Frosting

This recipe results in sweet and delicious frosting for cakes, cupcakes, brownies and other pastries and is much healthier than typical store bought frostings or frostings made with refined table sugar or powdered sugar (confectioners sugar). Included are natural food items you can use to make colored frosting without the potentially dangerous commercial food dyes/food colorings.

See the complete recipe HERE.

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Silver Aloe Skin & Scalp Bar

The world's first Advanced Colloidal Silver Skin Care Bar, fortified with the anti-bacterial action of Colloidal Silver, the regenerative qualities of Plant Derived Minerals and the healing properties of Aloe Vera.

Get rid of germs, sanitize, shower, shave and brush your teeth and gums to eliminate placque and gum disease all with just one great product? Well, here it is - Luella May and I swear by it!




100% Organic MicroComplexed? IntraCELL? Level IV Technology ~ 415 Nutrients All-In-One, Perfect Whole Foods & Phyto Nutrition ~ Super Energizing ~ All Natural Defense. The Most Scientifically Advanced, Clinically Proven, Health Promoting Organic Nutritional Supplement Available Today!

Featured Remedy:

The Ultimate Cancer Fighting Juiced Bloody Mary

by Tony Isaacs

(The Best Years in Life) This potent and tasty juiced Bloody Mary combines some of the most potent cancer fighters on the planet. Drink a couple of glasses a few times a week to help keep cancer at bay or drink several glasses every day to help fight and defeat your cancer.


red beets
baby spinach
garlic (2-3 cloves)
cayenne (as much as you can comfortably drink)
whole lemon
tumeric root (or add powdered tumeric if you can't find tumeric root)

(As always, choose organic content and fresh content as much as possible for the healthiest recipe. Also, wash all fruits and vegetables before cutting or adding to the recipe.)

1. Juice the above ingredients in a quality juicer such as one of the Omega juicers (I use the Omega Vert 350HD).

2. Add fresh ground black pepper, tumeric powder (if you cannot find tumeric root to juice) and Himalayan salt to taste after making the juice. Then, plop in a celery stalk and perhaps a couple of green olives and enjoy!


1. As a cancer preventive, enjoy a couple of glasses several times a week. As a cancer fighter and detoxer, drink 8 or more tall glasses per day for at least a week with no other food consumed and then continue drinking several glasses a day along with a healthy diet and other cancer-fighting supplements thereafter.

2. For a sweeter morning version, substitute apples for the tomatoes and also add ginger..

Active C Tabs™

Active C Tabs™

Bone Matrix™

Articles by Natural Health Author Barbara Minton

Barbara is a school psychologist and the author of Dividend Capture, a book on personal finance. She is a breast cancer survivor using bioidentical hormone therapy, and a passionate advocate of natural health with hundreds of articles on many aspects of health and wellness. She is the editor and publisher of AlignLife's Health Secrets Newsletter.

To read articles by Barbara Minton, click Here

Articles by Natural Health Author Paul Fassa

Paul Fassa sees the struggle for health freedom and the need for improving and preserving our food supply as key issues in today’s crazy world. He has contributed hundreds of article to Natural News, Align Life, and Natural Society.

To read articles by Paul Fassa, click Here

Articles by Natural Health Author Sayer Ji

Sayer Ji is an accomplished natural health author and the founder of the world's largest, evidence-based, open source access, natural medicine database:

He is also the co-author of the book The Cancer Killers: The Cause Is The Cure with New York Times best-seller Dr. Ben Lerner and Dr. Charles Majors. His writings and research have been published in the Wellbeing Journal, the Journal of Gluten Sensitivity, and have been featured on,,,, and

To read articles by Sayer Ji, click Here

Articles by Natural Health Author Sárka-Jonae Miller

Sárka-Jonae Miller is a health and fitness expert. She began working in the fitness industry in 2000 while pursuing a BS in journalism at Syracuse University. She became certified as a personal fitness trainer and group exercise instructor in 2003. She has also received training in massage therapy.

To read articles by Sárka-Jonae Miller, click Here


intraKID is the deluxe and most all-inclusive liquid nutritional supplement available for children.

Chromium GTF

GTF Chromium is a complex known as Glucose Tolerance Factor and is made by fermenting nutritional yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) with chromium. GTF Chromium facilitates the transport of glucose into cells by insulin.

Cell Forte Max3

Triple-strength Cell Forte MAX3 features an exclusive combination essential for regulating healthy cell development and delivering life-changing results. Cell Fort? dramatically increases natural killer-cell activity and boosts the cells' defenses.


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