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The plant you need to make your own home remedy for cancer, hepatitis-C & more may be growing in your back yard!  Read all about this proven remedy plus much more on how to naturally beat illness and live a longer, healthier and happier life.



Apricot Kernels

You have probably heard about the wonders of Vitamin B17, aka Laetrile. We have found a great source to recommend to everyone!

Young Living Essential Oils

The highest quality therapeutic-grade essential oils. Click on the image for more information.

B-12 / Folic Acid Combo

Selenium Synergy

Selenium Synergy® contains the most effective selenium compound Methylselenocysteine, combined with BroccoMax® (rich in sulforaphane glucosinolate), Vitamin B2 (as riboflavin) and Vitamin E (as d-alpha tocopheryl succinate). Each serving of Selenium Synergy® contains 200 mcg of selenium from methylselenocysteine. Vitamins B2 and E are important to the metabolism of selenium.

CoQ 10


Co-Q10, an important antioxidant found in high concentration in human heart and liver, is part of the cells’ electron transport system, needed for ATP (i.e energy) production within the cells.


Rose Laurel OPC Plus

Supreme immune booster from the makers of Sutherlandia OPC with 100 mg of pure oleander

The Best Colloidal Silver
on the Planet

Contains about 20 ppm of .9999 pure silver in de-ionized water.  Silver inhibits the growth of one-celled organisms, (such as bacteria and viruses) by deactivating the organism's oxygen metabolism enzymes. In turn, this destroys its' cell membranes, stopping the replication of its' DNA.

The Krill Miracle™

The Krill Miracle™

Concentrated Omega 3, 6 & 9, Many Times More Powerful than Fish Oil

Membrane Complex

A premium Dr. Hans Nieper formula containing magnesium, calcium and potassium that supports the following systems:

Cardiovascular, Lymphatic, Epithelial (skin), Digestive, Hormonal, Immune, Muscular, Nervous, Renal, Respiratory, Sensory and Skeletal.

75 Plant Based Minerals

Rockland's world famous plant derived minerals are now available in vegetable capsules. Each capsule contains 400 milligrams of approximately 75 minerals in their concentrated powdered form.

Sutherlandia OPC

The ultimate immune booster and modulator from South Africa

N-A-C Sustain - Click Image to Close


 An essential complimentary supplement for use with Sutherlandia OPC or Rose Laurel OPC Plus.


ClearLungs supports clear lungs and free breathing by supporting normal metabolic function, fluid balance, and normal tissue repair.

Omega 3 Plus™ (60)

Omega 3 Plus™ (60)



Daily Balance™ (120)

Daily Balance™ (120)

Joint Rescue™ (180)

Joint Rescue™ (180)

Nebulizer Kit

Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous earth is a natural dewormer/parasite eliminator as well at a detoxer of heavy metals, bacteria and viruses. It promotes healthy skin,hair, and nails, is a digestive aid and colon cleanser, helps lower bad cholesterol, regulates blood pressure and aids in relieving sore joints.

B-12 / Folic Acid Combo

Zeolite Minerals

Zeolites are naturally occurring volcanic mineral compounds with a negative magnetic charge and a unique crystalline cage-like structure which draws in many harmful toxins.


Echinacea Tincture

												Naturals Dr. Ken's MiracleTransdermal Magnesium 

Utopia Naturals Dr. Ken's MiracleTransdermal Magnesium Oil.

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How to Get Rid of Fatty Liver Disease

by Loretta Lanphier, NP, CN, HHP, CH

(The Best Years in Life) Keeping your liver healthy and strong is one of the most important steps you can take to maintain overall wellness. This critically hard-working organ, which is located in the right abdominal area, has been called the “laboratory of the body,” and for many good reasons. Researchers estimate that the liver performs over 500 functions in the body.  Read More.

Laughter is the Best Medicine Feature:

To see more of our frequently updated and often offbeat humor, click HERE

Five Essentials for Fighting Ebola and Flu

by Barbara Minton
See all TBYIL articles by Barbara Minton

(The Best Years in Life) What is the best way to fight Ebola and infections of all types? Authorities around the globe agree the answer is to strengthen your immune system. The state of your immunity makes all the difference between whether you remain strong and healthy or become compromised enough to invite infection.

The immune system is a collection of molecules, cells and organs with complex interactions that form an efficient system able to protect a person from invasion from outside the body, and altered cells in the body that may be cancerous. It is your lifeline.  Read More.


Two Movies that Portray Monsanto and Big Pharma Getting Outed by Little Guys

by Paul Fassa
See all TBYIL articles by Paul Fassa

(The Best Years in Life) I'm talking fictional dramas based on underlying realities, the kind that make your cheer for exposing Monsanto and Big Pharma to any extent in very entertaining ways. Both were released before 2010 and both are available as hard rentals and streaming videos on just about any movie platform. They are “Michael Clayton” released in 2007 and “The Constant Gardener”, released in 2005. Both of them are favorites of mine that I go back to from time to time.  Read More.


Mutants Show We’re Reaching the Chemical Pollution Tipping Point

by Paul Fassa

(Health Secrets) During the past few years, rising chemical pollution has added up to a warning of extinction for all life. It’s time for a realty check on the future. Read More.


Man-Caused Changes to Our DNA Threaten Our Present Health and Our Future Survival

by Tony Isaacs

(The Best Years in Life) Thanks to toxins, radiation, poor diet, genetically modified food and unhealthy lifestyles, human DNA and gene expression are being changed in unnatural and unhealthy ways. In effect, we are turning ourselves into genetically modified organisms and the modifications are threatening our present health and our future viability as a species.

Scientists are increasingly discovering how our DNA is being changed by outside agents and how the changes are being passed sideways to other humans as well as downwards to future generations. In one example of the dangers of DNA changes, a European study found that DNA from GMO corn was incorporated into those who consumed it and was subsequently passed down for several generations.  Read More.


Get a Grip! The Benefits of Grip and Wrist Training, and How to Do It

by Sárka-Jonae Miller
See more articles by Sárka-Jonae Miller

(The Best Years in Life) Only the most dedicated exercisers consider working out their hands and forearms, but wrist and grip training offers many benefits, most that have nothing to do with bodybuilding. For example, you'll be able to open jars without asking for help. If that isn't enough, these exercises will allow you to give better shoulder rubs and will reduce the chances of injuries like carpel tunnel syndrome.

Since yours wrists don't actually have muscles, you have to strengthen the muscles in your hands and forearms. A simple way to do that is to get a flexible resistance bar, which is a short, lightweight exercise tool that is actually a lot of fun.  Read More.


Peanut Allergy Therapy Shows Huge Success Rate

by Barbara Minton
See all TBYIL articles by Barbara Minton

(The Best Years in Life) Peanut allergies can be resolved by simply eating regular small doses of peanut protein, using a procedure known as peanut immunotherapy. This was the finding of researchers at Cambridge University Hospitals in the U.K. The study was the largest of its kind worldwide, and the results have been published this year in the prestigious Lancet. This is very good news, as peanut allergies are an increasing problem, especially among young children in whom the tiniest trace of peanut can trigger anaphylaxis, a constriction of the airways that can be fatal.  Read More.


Fruits That Stop Cancer

by Barbara Minton
See all TBYIL articles by Barbara Minton

(The Best Years in Life) Scientists have discovered five fruits that are effective in stopping cancer.  Each has a specific cancer fighting component that shrinks tumors, and keeps cancer cells from proliferating. Unlike the drugs of mainstream cancer treatment, these components are not specific to one form of cancer, but are able to treat many forms of cancer successfully.  Read More.


Easy Ab Workout With an Exercise Ball

by Sárka-Jonae Miller
See more articles by Sárka-Jonae Miller

(The Best Years in Life) Ab workouts can get stale quickly as muscles strengthen ad adapt. To counter this eventuality, try adding an exercise ball to the mix. These inflatable balls are inexpensive and come in medium to extra large sizes to match people's heights. Be sure you read the box and buy the right size. Also, use a measuring tape to ensure you inflate the ball to the exact size it is meant to be for safety purposes.  Read More.


Chinese Herb is Amazingly Effective Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatment

by Barbara Minton
See all TBYIL articles by Barbara Minton

(The Best Years in Life) At least 1.3 million adults in the U.S. have rheumatoid arthritis, a serious autoimmune disease in which the body mistakenly attacks its own joints. It’s probably safe to say that of this number, very few have ever heard of any effective treatments other than the dangerous drugs of mainstream medicine. This may be about to change, as a new study has shown that extract from an Eastern herb, commonly known as thunder god vine, can be as effective or more so than the drugs now used to treat rheumatoid arthritis, and without the danger or high price tag.  Read More.


Ebola Protection Protocol; Panic Not Necessary

Article & Commentary by Ben Taylor

Protocol created by Dr. Ken O’Neal, MD, ND

There is some reason to think that this whole Ebola scare may be another false flag ploy to scare people into accepting draconian mainstream medical solutions and eventually a new drug or vaccination that will simply fill the bank accounts of the Pharma-Industrial Mafia. In any case, we believe it is happening by design, not simply by natural occurrence. This protocol is intended to give the people who don’t automatically buy the lies of this mafia drug cartel an option that is real and viable based on real science rather than the quackery and tyranny of government and its drug company manipulators.  Read More.


Mammograms: Four Decades of Violence Against Women

by Barbara Minton

(Health Secrets) Almost any woman who has undergone the torturous compression and radiation of her breasts wonders instinctively about the damage mammograms really do. But the instincts of women have long been devalued, and most just assume they are being silly. After all, the medical establishment would never do anything to harm, right? All the propaganda about mammograms reducing the risk of death from breast cancer makes us continue to doubt what our common sense is telling us, even in the face of overwhelming evidence that radiation causes all types of cancer including that of the breast.  Read More.


How Toxic Heavy Metals Became Sprayed all over America

by Ethan Huff

(Health Secrets) How did it come to pass that our farmland has been contaminated for generations? Here’s what’s behind heavy metals in our lives today.  Read More.


Avoiding Toxins and Removing Them from Your Body

by Luella May

(The Best Years in Life) Today’s society is filled with a myriad of modern conveniences. A simple visit to a department store or supermarket fills our every need. It is a no-fuss world with everything packaged neatly, ready for use. Even the foods we eat are prepackaged, necessitating only insertion in a microwave and, voila! we have a ready made meal. Unbeknownst to many, however, these wonderful modern conveniences come with a price: they often contain toxic ingredients which can seriously compromise our health.  Read More.


Breast Cancer Deception – Hiding the Truth Beneath a Sea of Pink

By Tony Isaacs

(The Best Years in Life) It's Breast Cancer Deception month again. That's right, I said deception - because Breast Cancer Awareness has been a huge cover-up from the day it was started by a leading producer of carcinogens, the Imperial Chemical Company (now AstraZeneca). Read this in-depth exposé to find out how attention has been directed away from the true causes and culprits of cancer and how many of the major culprits have joined the movement as major sponsors.  Read More.


Travel-inspired Core Workout for the Abs and Back

by Sárka-Jonae Miller
See more articles by Sárka-Jonae Miller

(The Best Years in Life) For people who travel frequently for work or for some other reason have to find creative ways to exercise. Considering how much it costs to bring heavy luggage on a plane, traveling with a set of dumbbells isn't the answer. Fortunately, there are several exercises you can do to keep your core muscles strong using only your luggage or your bodyweight.   Read More.

October is Vaccine Injury Awareness Month

by Paul Fassa
See all TBYIL articles by Paul Fassa

(The Best Years in Life) Yes, that's what October should be about. Observance of Vaccine Injury Awareness Month started in October of 2010. The idea is to crack the walls of willful denial and ignorance that allow Big Pharma to not only get away with one of the biggest hoaxes in medical history, but to enforce compliance for dozens of vaccinations from birth to adulthood.

Unfortunately, most of CDC's vaccination schedule occurs from birth to six years of age, before a child's immune system is completely developed. That's where most of the damage is done, not just with full blown autism, but several other major chronic conditions such as seizures, paralysis, learning disabilities, and asthma.  Read More.


Does Your Child have a Sensory Processing Disorder?

by Barbara Minton
See all TBYIL articles by Barbara Minton

(The Best Years in Life) Children and adults who are unable to interpret and organize sensory stimuli in a meaningful and consistent manner are at a disadvantage in almost every situation in which they find themselves. This disadvantage is so profound that it has a name, Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD). This disorder has nothing to do with innate intelligence, but it can impact the development of innate intelligence over time. Many children who are born with average or above average intelligence find themselves unable to successfully integrate the tremendous amount of stimuli that is constantly being sent from their environment. The reasons for this are often physiological.  Read More.


Eliminate These and Eliminate Cancer

by Tony Isaacs

(The Best Years in Life) Mainstream medicine attempts to beat cancer by cutting out, poisoning or burning it away.

A better way to fight cancer is to address the root causes which enabled cancer to gain a foothold in the first place. Take these away and you can both beat cancer and prevent it from returning.  Read More.

Ebola Exposure - Important Measures You Should Take

by Tony Isaacs
See other Natural News articles by Tony Isaacs

(Natural News) However likely or unlikely it is that Ebola will spread to our shores, it is a good idea to be prepared for it or any other deadly viral outbreak. My latest article at Natural News.  Read More.


The Weekly Holistic Chef Barry Anderson Blog

Lifestyle and Nutritional Tips from Holistic Chef Barry

by Holistic Chef Barry

(The Best Years in Life) Please do not laugh at this one but we are human and not machines! It is imperative that we listen to our bodies and make the proper corrections in time before all the damage is done.

For example at our Computer terminal or desk or lab top we must take lots short or even better long breaks preferably in the out of doors to protect our health from the following aliments.  Read More.


10 Tips for Good Digestion – The Foundation of Good Health

by Paul Fassa
See all TBYIL articles by Paul Fassa

(The Best Years in Life) These tips are not meant to merely reduce tummy aches and acid indigestion. Why do you think chronic diseases are rising? It's not from insufficient pharmaceuticals or germs. It's because of bad digestion with crappy diets.

The gut, gastrointestinal (GI) tract, is the basis for good health or the creator of chronic disease. This has been a healthcare staple of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and even more so with Ayurveda, India's ancient medicine. In order to make it easier for Big Pharma to garner obscene profits, modern medicine has strayed far from this premise.  Read More.


Additives in Bread Linked to a Host of Health Problems

by Barbara Minton
See all TBYIL articles by Barbara Minton

(The Best Years in Life) Are there unhealthy additives in the bread you eat? Many people looking for better health are paying attention to fruits and vegetables, but there's more to it than that. Some of the worst dietary insults to health are found in other categories of food, one of them being bread. When you pick up a loaf of your favorite bread, turn it over and read the ingredient list. You may be in for a shock, even if you are buying breads that give the impression they are made with "healthy" grains.  Read More.


Can Exercises Give You Firmer, Bigger Breasts?

by Sárka-Jonae Miller
See more articles by Sárka-Jonae Miller

(The Best Years in Life) If you're a child of the 80s, you may recall a funky, butterfly-shaped piece of exercise equipment that women would push together with their arms in hopes of getting bigger breasts. Although a completely ridiculous idea, the hope that by targeting the chest with strength training a person could somehow go up a cup size. If you can get big biceps with weight lifting why not a big rack?  Read More.


"Codex Alimentarius and Health Freedom"

The Best Years in Life Interview with Scott Tips, President and General Council for the National Health Federation

by Tony Isaacs

(The Best Years in Life) Most people are not aware of Codex Alimentarius, though it is a subject and a movement that is vital to all of our health. On September 24th our radio show featured an outstanding interview which I was privileged to conduct with Scott Tips, the President and General Counsel for the National Health Federation who has participated in more Codex meetings than any other health-freedom activist. We discussed what the Codex Alimentarius is and how it may affect our health and health freedom. I think this is the best interview I have conducted to date and also one of the most important ones. To get the link to listen to the interview, click HERE.

See more natural health articles Here.

The TBYIL Radio Show

(The Best Years in Life) Our show airs from 6 - 8 PM CST on BlogTalkRadio, the largest and best known internet radio host. Like our website of the same name, our show, is a labor of love to spread the good word about living longer, healthier and happier lives naturally without getting trapped in the mainstream medicine box of managed symptoms for profit with unnatural side-effect laden drugs.

Each week during the first half hour of the show I normally introduce new additions to our 3,500 plus page website of the same name as well as briefly discussing one or more selected health topics.  During the second half hour, Luella May takes over to discuss a health topic of her choice and then we are joined by one or more special guests for the last hour of the show.

And, as usual we also usually play 3 - 4 classic rock and/or country songs during the course of the show. :)

To find out more about our show, including information on this week's show and guest as well as upcoming guests and how to listen in, chat or call in click HERE.

Featured Recipe:

Hearty Chicken Soup with Dumplings

Warming soups are wonderful when the weather turns colder. Here is a healthy and hearty delicious recipe for one of America's all time favorite dishess - chicken and dumplings. Includes a ton of healthy ingredients plus it can be made both GMO and gluten free.

See the complete recipe HERE.

See more of our healthy tasty recipes HERE.

Ultimate Body Cleanse

The Best Years in Life's Top Rated Cleansing Program

Featured Remedy:

A Mexican-Apache cold cure as reported by the great great granddaughter of Geronimo:

"My father, Crisosto Pena, a Mexican Apache, believed that chili could cure anything. He said that it was packed full of vitamins and therefore a cure-all, especially for colds.

"One day he returned from work and found his wife and five children in bed with the flu. He felt so bad for them that he took out the bag of hot chili pods and soaked them in hot water for 15 minutes. Then he put them into a grinder and ground them with the water they were soaked in. He gave each one of his family members a spoonful with a piece of tortilla. About an hour later the family was moving about. The children were out playing around, and his wife was cooking dinner.

"From that day on, I too believe that chili is a cure-all, especially for colds. As a preventive medicine, you can mix the chili with garlic and onions. It not only tastes good, but also keeps colds away."

Told by I.M. Crisosto Pena, daughter of Crisosto Pena, and great great granddaughter of Geronimo.

Silver Aloe Skin & Scalp Bar

The world's first Advanced Colloidal Silver Skin Care Bar, fortified with the anti-bacterial action of Colloidal Silver, the regenerative qualities of Plant Derived Minerals and the healing properties of Aloe Vera.

Get rid of germs, sanitize, shower, shave and brush your teeth and gums to eliminate placque and gum disease all with just one great product? Well, here it is - Luella May and I swear by it!

Note: Temporarily Out of Stock while the manufacturer moves to new facilities.

The Best Years in Life Natural Resources Pages

(The Best Years in Life) This website has grown from its humble beginnings to over 3500 pages of natural health articles, remedies, healthy recipes and other features to enable our readers to live a long, healthy and happy life naturally and avoid the mainstream medicine trap of managing symptoms with side-effect laden unnatural drugs. Our articles section alone has several hundred articles now. To help our readers locate articles which may be related to their own health issues or those of their loved ones, we have created several resource pages with links to related articles on several topics - and will be creating more such pages as time goes by. Here is what we have thus far:

The Best Years in Life Cancer Alternatives Resource Page

The Best Years in Life Natural Heart and Cardiovascular Resources Page

The Best Years in Life Natural Bone Health Resources Page

The Best Years in Life Anti-Aging and Longevity Resources Page

The Best Years in Life Natural Mental and Memory Health  Resources

The Best Years in Life Natural Skin and Hair Care

The Best Years in Life Healthy Recipes



100% Organic MicroComplexed? IntraCELL? Level IV Technology ~ 415 Nutrients All-In-One, Perfect Whole Foods & Phyto Nutrition ~ Super Energizing ~ All Natural Defense. The Most Scientifically Advanced, Clinically Proven, Health Promoting Organic Nutritional Supplement Available Today!

Active C Tabs™

Active C Tabs™

Bone Matrix™

Articles by Natural Health Author Barbara Minton

Barbara is a school psychologist and the author of Dividend Capture, a book on personal finance. She is a breast cancer survivor using bioidentical hormone therapy, and a passionate advocate of natural health with hundreds of articles on many aspects of health and wellness. She is the editor and publisher of AlignLife's Health Secrets Newsletter.

To read articles by Barbara Minton, click Here

Articles by Natural Health Author Paul Fassa

Paul Fassa sees the struggle for health freedom and the need for improving and preserving our food supply as key issues in today’s crazy world. He has contributed hundreds of article to Natural News, Align Life, and Natural Society.

To read articles by Paul Fassa, click Here

Articles by Natural Health Author Sayer Ji

Sayer Ji is an accomplished natural health author and the founder of the world's largest, evidence-based, open source access, natural medicine database:

He is also the co-author of the book The Cancer Killers: The Cause Is The Cure with New York Times best-seller Dr. Ben Lerner and Dr. Charles Majors. His writings and research have been published in the Wellbeing Journal, the Journal of Gluten Sensitivity, and have been featured on,,,, and

To read articles by Sayer Ji, click Here

Articles by Natural Health Author Sárka-Jonae Miller

Sárka-Jonae Miller is a health and fitness expert. She began working in the fitness industry in 2000 while pursuing a BS in journalism at Syracuse University. She became certified as a personal fitness trainer and group exercise instructor in 2003. She has also received training in massage therapy.

To read articles by Sárka-Jonae Miller, click Here


intraKID is the deluxe and most all-inclusive liquid nutritional supplement available for children.

Chromium GTF

GTF Chromium is a complex known as Glucose Tolerance Factor and is made by fermenting nutritional yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) with chromium. GTF Chromium facilitates the transport of glucose into cells by insulin.

Cell Forte Max3

Triple-strength Cell Forte MAX3 features an exclusive combination essential for regulating healthy cell development and delivering life-changing results. Cell Fort? dramatically increases natural killer-cell activity and boosts the cells' defenses.


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