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A TBYIL Guest Article



6 Reasons Why People Give Up Exotic Birds & How You Can Help

A TBYIL Guest Article by Sloan McKinney

(The Best Years in Life) Birds make excellent pets for many people, especially those who may not have the proper setting for a more traditional companion animal like a dog or a cat. For example, some folks might not have the time to walk a dog or have enough room for them, either inside or outside their home. Those living in smaller spaces like apartments and townhouses may opt for a bird instead of a four-legged friend.

When it comes to considering a bird as a pet, some people don’t weigh the pros and cons of having these caged animals as a part of their lives and end up giving them away. There are even cases of people who pay to have birds removed from their dwelling due to annoyances that come from nesting that can cause structural problems or complaints of excessive noise.

Some birds, like parrots or some cockatiels, who often repeat words and phrases, are highly intelligent and more exotic varieties are also capable of speech. While this may seem clever and adorable, having family and friends over while a bird embarrassingly lays out an expletive ridden rant is another story. This is just one of the many reasons some people opt to give up their feathered friend and here’s six more:

1. FOOD - Often people think that feeding an animal bird seed would be relatively inexpensive, but depending on the breed, there’s more than just a bag of food for these animals well-being. Just like any living thing, they should be fed a well-balanced diet that includes species-specific commercial produced pellets, fruits, veggies, and sprouted grains.

2. COST - There’s not only food and the cage, but there’s also accessories like dishes and drinking devices to consider along with toys and treats. They’ll also have to see a veterinarian on a regular basis just like a dog or cat.

3. CLEANING - Sure you’ll have to clean their cage on a regular basis, but this mess isn’t confined to the cage itself. Feathers, bits of food, water and some of their “business” will end up in areas around and underneath the cage.

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4. TIME - If you think you don’t need to spend very much time with them, think again. Birds are very social creatures and need to spend at least an hour a day (or more) outside of their confines.

5. NOISE - Although the chirping of birds may not bother you, squeaking, squealing and squawking may bother your neighbors, especially if you live in an apartment, a multi-unit building, duplex or other location where your share walls with other tenants.

6. LIVES - Many exotic birds have very long life spans while others may only live a few years. Be sure you know how long your feathered friend is expected to survive or make arrangements for their care if they’re likely to outlive you.

Help Finding Homes

If these examples don’t ruffle your feathers, perhaps you’d be interesting in adopting an unwanted bird yourself. While you may not be in the market to adopt this kind of pet, perhaps you know an individual who may enjoy this type of companionship. If you come across a feathered friend in need of a good home, post their information online and see if you can help find them a new place to live.

If you do know a friend or family member that’s interested in getting a bird, make sure they know everything involved with their care. Consider sharing this message with them so they understand everything they’re getting into when it comes to having a bird in their lives and home.

Berkey Water

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About the author:

This article was provided by Sloan McKinney, a freelance writer/editor, specializing in social media and pop culture, two things that she finds endlessly entertaining. You can find this entrepreneur, Sloan, on her Google+ profile page.


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