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The Sure-Fire Acne Cure:

We all carry, both on the skin's surface and inside our pores, a safe level of many different types of bacteria. Among those is a Propionibacterium acnes, or fittingly enough, P. acnes for short. It likes to live on your skin's surface, but also deep in your pores. P. acnes can develop into an acne problem if the stage is set in four ways.

The art of the Acne Cure program lies in the fact that the four stages of your acne, although treated concurrently, is handled with its own medication, as if it were a separate disease. All work toward eliminating the bacteria P. acnes. So if you follow this program your acne doesn't stand much of a chance.


Step 1—Cleaning Away Excess Dead Cells

The first step in the Acne Cure program is to clean off the excess dead cells from the skin's surface while also killing any bacteria that may be entrenched there, ready to attack. This step must not dry out the skin.

The best ingredient by far for this preliminary cleaning and sanitizing is salicylic acid, a product that is widely available in commercial brands sold in your drugstore or supermarket. Besides being an excellent cleanser, it is anti-inflammatory and is a special form of antioxidant.

Choose a salicylic acid product with a 2% concentration. Make sure that it does not include any other active ingredients, especially glycolic acid.

Use salicylic acid twice daily for six weeks.

Step 2—Removing the Clog

Glycolic acid is a natural food product derived from sugar cane. It can manage the task of digging down into your skin and loosening and then removing the "cemented-in" plugs beneath the skin's surface.

When choosing your glycolic acid product, look for one that has between 8 and 10 percent active ingredient and contains no other active ingredients. Apply the glycolic acid cream in the morning after the salicylic acid treatment. Leave it on for a few minutes before rinsing with warm water. Continue for six weeks.

Step 3—Stopping the Disease Dead in Its Tracks

The reason the Acne Cure works is that, in addition to cleaning the surface of the skin with salicylic acid and loosening many of the surface "wads" with glycolic acid, it adds a third vital step, and that is to destroy the P. acnes bacteria within your pores with an antibacterial agent. Fortunately, there is such an agent, called benzol peroxide (BP).


1. Run an ice cube over the area you intend to treat.

2. Apply the BP (that you have kept cold in your refrigerator). Cool your hand with an ice cube, then place a small amount of the BP cream of lotion in your palm, and then apply it evenly across all areas of the skin that show acne. Apply cold packs to the area for 10 minutes. Wipe excess BP off with a dry cloth.

Step 4—Protecting Your Skin

Your acne should be cured after six weeks, but you need to keep your skin healthy and this involves using a moisturizing cream daily.

Click on the image above to see the incredible before and after photos for the new oleander-based skin cream breakthrough.

Other acne remedies:

 lLemon juice, tea-tree oil and aqueous cream. Before you go to bed, have a bath or a shower, making sure your face and hair properly to ensure all your pores are unblocked and there is no gel/hairspray or grease on your hair that will press against your face while you are in bed.   Next, apply to your face some lemon juice it all over (this will itch for a minute or two)

  • After that, rub in some pure tea-tree oil – no need to use too much, as it is powerful stuff.  Last, apply some aqueous cream (which turns out to be very inexpensive – around $6 for a 500g tub). Apply to your face like you would icing on a cake, leaving a thick layer of cream on. Leave this on all night, lying on your back if you must, or after about half an hour or so, rub all the cream on your face in.  If you want to help the cure along, eat three kiwifruit every day and about ¾ cup of raw carrots. Within a week, acne, spots, zits, redness and light scarring should improve tenfold.

l Oatmeal, vinegar, raspberries, one whole egg, salt.  Take a small bowl, pour some oatmeal into it, pour about a tablespoon of salt (depends on bowl size n how much oatmeal) squish up some raspberries and mix the salt, oatmeal, and raspberries then add a little bit of vinegar - approximately two  tablespoons.  Add in the egg and mix up with a spoon until it makes a red, pasty mix. Wash face with an exfoliating scrub, i.e. apricot scrub or use a loofah to exfoliate.  Steam your clean face.  Then apply the mixture thickly onto face.  Immediately you should feel it tingling and drying up. Leave on for about 30 minutes or until the mixture is somewhat dry and starts to crumble off. Rinse off with cold water.

l  Honey & cinnamon.  Every night, take three tablespoons honey + one tablespoon cinnamon and make a paste.  Put it on the affected area and apply it in circles. Leave it on while you sleep and wash it off in the morning.  In two weeks, your acne should be completely gone. It removes oil and makes your face smooth and, best of all, acne free.

l  Lemon Juice, hydrogen peroxide, aspirin, aloe vera, and echinacea & goldenseal dried herbs or tea.  Mix in a bowl or container the lemon juice, hydrogen peroxide, a few aspirin and the echinacea w/goldenseal (you can also use the tea and pour the herbs in the bowl). Mix it together and use this solution as an astringent.  Apply w/ cotton balls or tissue and leave it on your face to dry. Once it dries, put aloe vera on your skin. Do this twice daily after you wash your face.

l  Fresh basil Leaves.  Take one small handful of fresh basil leaves (you can buy a fresh bunch at most grocery stores). Let the leaves simmer in two cups of water for about 15 minutes, take the mixture and put it into the refrigerator to chill, apply the mixture to you face with a cotton ball, you can apply to the troubled area, or the whole face 2x a day for one week.  Gets rid of acne and also helps with any existing scarring.

l  Egg white.  Dab a little egg white on the pimple and leave it on over night or sometimes apply it all over your face or affected area.   You'll notice results the next morning.  Pimples/zits are reduced or gone, and your skin feels great!

l  Visine.  For times when you just need a quick cover up, use a little Visine to take the red out...just one or two drops on the pimple, and in a few minutes it's less red and it makes concealing it with make up easier.

l  Orange peel pounded well with water. Applied to affected acne areas

l  Cucumber leaves or grated pieces. Apply to area for acne cure.

l Cucumber and water mixed in a blender and applied to skin for 30 minutes.

l Rub the pimple (acne) with a fresh cut clove of garlic.

l Toothpaste.  To get rid of a pimple, apply a dab of toothpaste and leave on overnight.

l Drinking at least one liter of water a day to impart a healthy glow to the skin

l Clove based face mask or a paste of Fenugreek (Methi) leaves applied overnight on acne and washed off next morning.

l Soak a cotton ball in cider vinegar and add salt to the cotton ball. Apply to infected area and hold there for as long as you can. This should instantly reduce the swelling. Works well for large cystic acne as well.

l  Zinc supplements or a multi-vitamin with zinc.  A common side-effect of Zinc deficiency is acne.



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