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Two Oleander HIV Success Stories from Africa

Part 9 of The Oleander Article Series

by Tony M. Isaacs
author of
Cancer’s Natural Enemy

Author's Note: This is an article I wrote some years ago, but just as timely and important today as it was then.

(The Best Years in Life) Those of you who have followed the reports and articles about the herbal supplement Sutherlandia OPC (which contains 80% oleander extract and 20% Sutherlandia frutescens) are familiar with the reports of it having virtually 100% success in reversing HIV symptoms and raising CD4 counts in South Africa (where they are now selling over 10,000 bottles per month at over 900 pharmaceutical outlets), including the limited double blind placebo controlled study at a Johannesburg HIV clinic where it was 100% successful in reversing HIV symptoms.

See, for example:

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Against this backdrop, I am happy to pass along two reports illustrating how powerful the herbal supplement has been against the epidemic of HIV in Africa.

The first story tracks the progress of a young girl in an African country outside South Africa after the Director of Research for the Country's Ministry of Health contacted the developer of the Sutherlandia OPC supplement and asked him to send some of his product ASAP to help with the young girl, who appeared to be spiraling rapidly downhill.

Following is the record thus far of the correspondence between the two, with the Director's name, the country, and the girl's name deleted to protect against any repercussions that might occur for treating the girl without the usual anti-retroviral drugs:

E-mails from Dr …….., Director of Research, …… Research Laboratory, Ministry of Health, …[name of African country].
20 Sept
I've read about the work done on Sutherlandia.opc and would like to get an opportunity to access this wonderful product. I am also a researcher who cherishes natural products as opposed to the toxic allopathic medicine. I have a patient whose CD4 count is 133. Please do help me by giving me information regarding how I can order that product. How I could make the payment, etc... 
22 Sept
My patient is an eleven year old desperate child whom I wouldn't want to put on the nasty toxic ARV's. I am a chemist by training in the area of synthetic medicine and later on got a PHD in herbal medicine. I am so sceptical about toxicity of ARV's. I am waiting to hear from you soonest and God bless you. In …..  I am in charge of the only research Institution for herbal medicine in the Ministry of Health. So if your medicine works like I know it will I will engage the Institution into getting it to many more patients to support your research work.
26 Sept
My patient is really badly off.  Is there any chance you could use DHL to expedite the process. I am so grateful for your timely response.
27 Sept
Thank you so much for the timely response because it seems my very first response never came through and I was getting worried. It seems you are going to be my girl's rescuer for she is deteriorating by the day due to the chronic cough that has defied all medicines (strongest antibiotics) you can ever think of. I am so afraid of PCP !!!!  When do you think I would receive them [the S/OPC capsules] if sent from that end on Monday? Forgive my anxiety but I am telling you if this girl pulls through this is going to be great testimony for your work.
29 Sept
I am here eagerly waiting for my parcel. I have tracked it and it is still on its way. This morning my patient woke up with difficult breathing, headache, stomach ache, and I really panicked. I took heart and gave her an antimalarial herbal and Diclofenac to let her go through her exams. Later on I took her for CD4 count evaluation and will brief you of the current results. By the time she starts on your product she will have a benchmark.
I've just received the results of the girl as shown below
CD4 = 98 cells / cmm
CD8 = 948 cells/cmm
CD3 = 1224
WBC 8.75
RBC 4.73
HGB 11.7

She looks very weak. With that CD4 so low, is there any chance of pulling it up. I pray the medicine comes by Wednesday without fail.
2 Oct
I've just received your message of the package delivery signed for by my colleague. I happened to have gone about 300 miles away from my home District. I traveled back last night and as I was left with 150 KM to home, I got a phone call informing me informing me that my little patient was badly off, breathing with a lot of difficulty almost passing out!! Personally on getting that call I almost passed out for I was still so far away late at night with no way to rush to the girl. Eventually they treated her for Malaria (Quinine Drip) and as I talk she is better.
4 Oct
Thank you so much, I at last got the parcel and the girl has already started on the dosage. She started with the one cap as recommended, then two caps yesterday and today she is to continue per your recommendation. As I communicated last she had been compromised with a very high fever and without confirming the condition was assumed to be Malaria and She was put on Quinine drip and Duocoatem to follow afterwards in the hospital where she was admitted in my absence. She was also given ampiclox. Do you think Sutherlandia OPC will be strong enough to influence immunity to be able to fight that high level of the virus cause when I looked at the info you sent me, it seems as if the viral levels dealt with so far are mainly those above 200. Mine is 98, please advise.
5 Oct
The girl is fairly fine. She started on S/OPC on Saturday 03 / 10 /  when She was really in bad shape regarding the cough . She started with one, following day had two then one times three. To tell you the truth I've never in life known a cough so insensitive to any drug whatsoever!!! I hope I live to tell this story to the sick girl. Currently She has some slight improvement. This evening as I put her to bed, I noted that the cough was getting a little bit less wet and painful. The sound was that of slight improvement. She mentioned to me that she had a stomach ache, I didn't know whether this was the anticipated diarrhea for yesterday I gave her a little dose (One tablespoon) of fibre (Psyllium husks) to improve her bowel movement. She hates the stuff though.
8 Oct
Apart from some complaints of stomach upset now and again, the girl is visibly improving.
14 Oct
The girl is doing very well. I am even scared that the devil will hear me say this so I am tight lipped about it!!! I wish I could have an opportunity to talk to you on phone. It is unbelievable!!!!  Is it true She might just continue on the recovery course? Could it be she might be normal again. She is not so good at taking the Whey protein because she imagines it to be milk which she doesn't like to the extent that yesterday she vomited and she attributed it to that product (though for me I thought her stomach pain subsided after that).
15 Oct
The Girl is fine and so happy in a way I haven't witnessed in a long time!! The cough, though still there, has improved greatly.
17 Oct
My Girl is doing well just that the cough seems to be coming again though she is on Septrin double strength. (I informed her that the Septrin is working against my suggested protocol and should be discontinued immediately).
23 Oct
(By phone message) M. – the girl’s name – is fine.
27 Oct
Good News!!!! I repeated the CD4 count and it was 144 up from 98 !!! in 24 days. Got the results yesterday and I was extremely happy and amazed. I don't know how to thank you but would like to continue collaborating with you regarding this research agenda as long as it can benefit humanity.

The girl physically looks very ok I can see life bouncing back in her and the Dad is also very happy and amazed.

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The second story is the record of correspondence between Dr. Swanepoel and a woman from Botswana:

19 Sept

Dr Swanepoel,


I am very grateful for the  2 months’ supply of  Sutherlandia OPC gift. I am now reading the information that came with it and I will begin the supplement tomorrow morning for consistency. I will take as prescribed. I will however keep you posted of the positive developments in my health. I look forward to a new me.


I truly feel sad. The number of people dying from Toxic drugs outweigh those who just die from no intervention of toxic drugs and worse of all the death is a long agonizing paining one, that I nearly got my self. I am working with some media practitioners editor of the Mmegi news paper, I have asked them to get informed 1st before thy make any reports. They must be in a position to defend their reporting.  They are shocked why they should hear such things from me yet there are people doing research daily, since 1984.

I told him, as long as there is funding from pharmaceutical companies involved, there can never be public information that says anything contrary to ARVs.


I am working slowly but accurately to get the word out. It is pleasing to know that in Africa we have someone who is making something to combat HIV and AIDS IN A HUMAN FASHION. Doing it for the patient to heal.


Be Blessed always.

7 Oct

Hi Dr Marc Swanepoel


I am very excited to tell you I feel great, I notice I sleep more now which could be the cleansing of the filthy system that was stuff with drugs for the past 8 years.


I made a comment of how Sutherlandia OPC is helping me and people freaked out. I know for a fact than if something has no impact no one care about it but when it has impact and positive one people feel threatened.

27 Oct

Don’t think I am fooling you with this. Yesterday my husband came with 20 bags of cement. I carried with him to pile about 5 meters away from the car. Today I did the same. I am only remembering now that this is a miracle how I can lift anything that heavy when I could not even walk or lift a hand bag.  I am shocked at the results I am getting from {the mixture}. I am happy it is restoring me to my old self. I love working tough jobs, its something I grew up with but from 2002 after the ARVs I started degrading until I could not even lift my own foot.


I hope that readers found these stories as uplifting and encouraging as I did!.

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