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Amish Community Thwarts Medical Kidnapping; Finds Safer Cure for Child with Cancer

by Paul Fassa
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(The Best Years in Life) At the age of ten in 2013, Sarah Hershberger was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma. The Amish are not automatically averse to modern medicine, so when the Hershbergers were warned their daughter would die in months with chemotherapy, they simply went for it and signed up for a series of treatments that would cover a period of two years.

What the Hershbergers were not aware of when they signed the dotted line for treatments at Akron Ohio's Children's Hospital was that they were offering their daughter to the hospital for a new chemotherapy drug human phase trial.

The Conventional Treatment Was Too Much for Sarah

After the first round of chemo, Sarah's health took a downturn. She was in agony, begging her parents to not let them do chemotherapy on her anymore. After a few days of prayer and meditation, the Hershbergers decided to withdraw their daughter from that treatment. They told the doctors they were seeking a second opinion for a less toxic approach to cancer.

The Hershbergers found a naturopathic practitioner nearby, Angela Lowther, who offered her services and expressed her willingness to work with the hospital in an integrative manner that would assuage their aggressiveness. She was surprised at their adamant refusal.

But then again, neither she nor the Hershbergers knew the hospital would profit an estimated million dollars for doing the study by the books. So the hospital couldn't have any meddling from natural interventions because that would sully the trial results and leave them without that million dollars, which was obviously more important to the hospital than Sarah's welfare.


State Sanctioned Medical Kidnapping

Over the last few years, the words second opinion expressed by parents of cancer stricken children has prompted several incidents of medical kidnapping. Medical kidnapping is where hospitals use the local child protection services to take custody of the child or children, even those in their late teens, and force chemotherapy on them.

The courts tend to support those decisions, thanks to judges ignorant of alternative solutions and weak on their understanding of civil liberties and constitutional rights. But this time, Akron Children's Hospital couldn't get the local child protective agency to seize the child into its custody. Their officials and social workers had determined the Hershbergers were fit and loving parents of Sarah and her six siblings.

So the hospital appointed a guardian to take custody of Sarah and have her chemotherapy treatments completed. RN Maria Schimer was schedule as Sarah's guardian. Besides being a registered nurse, Maria is general counsel for the Northeast Ohio Medical University (NEOMED).

Seems she was used to help make sure the hospital and medical university would get paid for their human trial on Sarah more than protect her health and keep her from dying in a few short months as the oncologists were claiming would happen without chemotherapy.

The judge in the initial legal proceedings ruled that the hospital had no right to assign a registered nurse as her guardian who would sign off on their chemo experiment, a funded chemo drug trial that was not even disclosed to the local area media. Media coverage supported the hospital's efforts to ensure Sarah would be healed from her cancer. It's uncertain whether even the courts knew of the hospital's actual motivation. So kudos to that judge.

Time to Head South of the Border Where Medical Freedom Exists

But that ruling was overturned by an appeals court. So the Hershbergers decided it was time to flee the country. They knew that staying in the States would only lead to having Sarah and whatever family member accompanied her would have them extradited and returned to Ohio. This has happened to others who fled certain states to escape enforced chemotherapy.

Fortunately, Amish community members had knowledge of a clinic with a high success rate in Mexico that could treat her naturally, without chemo. So Sarah and her uncle traveled by bus to an undisclosed clinic somewhere in Mexico. In a few short weeks Sarah was cancer free. This despite the threats from doctors at Akron Children's Hospital that Sarah would be dead in a few weeks or months at best if she didn't undergo chemo.

Local Amish community bishop Isaac Keim may have been their source of inspiration and information. He had cancer and was told he would be dead in a few months if he didn't undergo chemotherapy. He refused, and after using more natural means he's doing fine. He pointed out there are several Amish who have refused chemo and gone on to live healthy lives.

In case you're wondering how all these Amish folks living such simple and down to earth lives are getting cancer, upon relating this story when it first broke to a non-Amish woman from that rural area, she commented: “That hospital [Akron Children's] killed my younger brother. He had leukemia. Lots of people come down with leukemia there.”

She went on to explain that there is an industrial pollution issue in that area, mostly mercury. Many well off communities in that area have expressed concerns over the industrial pollution and the high leukemia rates among local children. But virtually nothing has been done with the pollution issues.

After Two Years the Threat of Medical Kidnapping is Finally Over

Not only that, but thanks to the family's decision to use a clinic in Mexico, Sarah is healthy and cancer free and has been for two years now. The legal issues were covered by an actual Ohio based charitable group that provides free legal counsel to deserving cases of state civil liberty abuses, the 1851 Constitutional Law Center.

We made it clear to our opponents that they were in for a protracted battle over fundamental principles and constitutional rights; and that on each, they were on the wrong side,” said Maurice Thompson, Executive Director of the 1851 Constitutional Law Center.

Thanks to the huge outcry from alternative media readers and the legal efforts of the 1851 Center, the state appointed legal guardian in charge of ensuring Sarah got her two years of chemotherapy, relinquished her court appointed guardianship.

After months of stress that would have ruined the family farm had it not been for strong support from the Amish community and the 1851's intervention, the Hershbergers finally resumed their inherent rights of medical choice and continued their lives without harrassment. Someone else will have to be a human guinea pig for that Big Pharma chemo drug trial.

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