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Few Know About this Inexpensive Natural Anti-Microbial and Anti-Fungal

by Paul Fassa
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(The Best Years in Life) Grapefruit seed extract (GSE) has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties without side effects. It is derived from crushing the pulp and seeds of grapefruit and is sold in liquid or capsule form. GSE has a high success rate for eliminating Candida, along with the right dietary approach, which would involve avoiding alcohol, sugar, and refined carbohydrates and starches.

Don't confuse GSE with grape seed extract. Grapefruit seed extact is less expensive. Capsules are suited for those who can't tolerate the bitter taste of GSE liquids. One capsule usually equals ten drops of the liquid. However, the liquid form offers many more uses that will be covered later in this article.

Adding strong probiotic foods, beverages, or supplements should be part of the Candida protocol's foundation as well. Consult with a holistic health practitioner to incorporate the proper diet and select the right probiotic.

After a week on that diet, drinking GSE extract may be added. Begin with 10 drops or one capsule between meals twice daily in water or juice. After three days, bump the dosage to 15 drops daily for seven days. Then use a 15 drop dosage three times daily for another two to three weeks.

"According to a study of 297 persons infected with Candida, only 2 failed to achieve satisfactory results after treatment with grapefruit seed extract, with the possibility remaining that maybe their diets were still not up to par." Details on the Candida protocol here.


The question of whether or not GSE kills beneficial bacteria has been answered with a “qualified” no. Qualified because it seems it doesn't, but no testing has been done to confirm this “no” according to a GSE site.

I discovered from a colloidal silver producer, Ben Taylor, whose third party tested Utopia Silver was considered a very high quality silver product, that colloidal silver kills everything in its path and it has no intelligence to determine the good guys from the bad (paraphrased). I then decided not to trust my belief that no side effects equates to probiotic bacteria are spared. So now I consume a probiotic one to two hours after orally ingesting silver or GSE.  By the way, Ben's stuff is less expensive than many products not rated as highly as his, and Utopia Silver can be ordered from this site.

Many use GSE for viral infections, colds, bacterial infections, and parasites. So my advice, without a Candida protocol that always demands high probiotic consumption, if you're ingesting GSE for any purpose, continue taking probiotics.

I say continue because you should already have been dosing probiotics either by homemade fermented foods, milk or water kefir, kombucha of pre-made supplements if you want to be in good physical and mental health.

Probiotic gut health or intestinal flora balance is ignored or underrated by mainstream medicine. It cannot be overrated. You decide which probiotic source is right for you after some level of research or consultation.

External and Environmental Uses for GSE

Here's an external application that's indirectly internal: Purifying dirty or otherwise non-potable water. Water collected from ponds or rivers should first be filtered to remove obvious sediment and other solid matter. Add 10 to 25 drops of GSE, depending on the water source, to each gallon of water. Shake and let it sit for a few minutes.

This GSE water treatment is considered effective for ridding amoebas and other parasites as well as most pathogenic bacteria. So carry a small container of GSE when you go camping or fishing.

Skin irritations can be treated topically with GSE. Treating acne is one of them. First moisten your face, then put a couple of drops of GSE on your wet hands. This should offer sufficient dilution to avoid irritation. Rub your wet hands with GSE onto your wet face with a circular motion. Let it set for a moment then pat dry.

But, never put undiluted GSE extract onto dry skin and always avoid getting it into your eyes. Other skin conditions can be treated with one to three drops of GSE in one tablespoon of water, depending on the sensitivity of the treated area. Those conditions include dandruff, nail fungus, ringworm, and several others.

This same dilution of GSE can be used as a mouthwash or in neti pots for nasal issues. Expect a tingling sensation to occur on areas where GSE is applied. Using highly diluted GSE as a douche for vaginal yeast infections topically requires GSE extracted by glycerin instead of alcohol.

GSE can be used as a disinfecting vegetable rinse. Add 20 drops into a large container or sink full of cold water and let fruits and vegetables soak for a just a short time. Adding 10 to 20 drops into a quart of water with a spray nozzle can be used to disinfect meat and poultry as well as table tops and cutting boards.

GSE as a hand washing antiseptic to prepare for surgeries in a San Paulo, Brazil hospital was discovered to be more effective than alcohol and special surgical hand soaps. A few drops of GSE in the laundry wash goes a long way toward disinfecting clothes. Check out the sources below for more details on GSE applications, and remember, it's inexpensive and has a long shelf life.

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Sources for Information:

About the Author:

Paul Fassa started looking into natural health to overcome his unhealthy lifestyle. Then he developed more interest as he researched his articles for Natural News and Align Life.

He is amazed at the ignorance of natural medicine and how beneficial foods and herbs are constantly ignored or vilified in order to promote toxic foods and meds by Big Pharma, the FDA, USDA, and the AMA, what he likes to call the "Medical Mafia".

His blog is - "Healthmaven: Escape from the Medical Mafia Matrix." His Natural News articles can be reviewed here:

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