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Baldness and Thinning Hair


Man has probably been using remedies for baldness and thinning hair since before recorded history - and there are certainly no end of remedies that have been used past and present.  It may be well worth noting that one commonly reported positive side effect from taking oleander supplements is thicker and faster hair growth.  Note: No one should attempt to use raw oleander, as it is quite toxic in raw form (though not so in proper supplement form).

To make your own remedy using items that have been reported to have the best success:

Mix a combination of one or more of the following oils:

  • grape seed oil

  • safflower oil

  • coconut oil

  • almond oil

  • olive oil

together with combinations of some, if not most, of the following extracts/tinctures:

  • moringa

  • avena sativa

  • amia

  • suma

  • mutamba

  • dong quai

  • rosemary

  • sage

  • fenugreek

  • ho sho wu

  • pine needle
    black willow

  • yucca root

  • horsetail

  • aloe

  • cayenne pepper

  • stinging nettle

and add MSM for superior penetration into the scalp.  Massage into the hair twice daily, and be sure to leave on overnight.

Oral Supplement Recommendations:

  • Avena sativa

  • Cayenne Pepper

  • Moringa

  • Real vitamin C

  • Blackstrap molasses

  • Vitamin B complex

  • Omega 3's

  • Silica

  • Trace Minerals

  • Chlorophyl extract (1/2 ounce three times a day)

  • Resveratrol (twice daily 100mg)

  • Oleander extract (capsule or liquid)

Other Herbal Remedies for Baldness and Thinning Hair: 

  • Mutamba bark.  A decoction of mutamba bark has been used for centuries in South America, particularly in the Amazon countries.  Don’t be too quick to dismiss this one, as mutamba bark extract was proven in Japanese "in vivo" studies in 2001 to 2002 to actually grow new hair.  Boil mutamba bark until well condensed. Apply once or twice daily to bald areas.

  • Avena sativa (Oat grass, Oat straw) may be the the best DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) blocker on the planet and is an inexpensive herbal grass product.  DHT binds itself to the cell receptors of the hair follicle and starves it of nutrients it would otherwise get from the blood. This starvation finally kills the follicle, which first begins to grow weaker, thinner hair. The less DHT in the body, the better your hair will grow, especially in the area where male-pattern baldness forms, though it will also work for women.  It can be taken orally in capsule or tincture form - and you can make your own tincture by tincturing it in vodka for six weeks.  You can also apply the tincture or else Avena sativa oil directly to the scalp.

  • Boil one cup mustard oil with 4 tablespoon henna leaves. Filter and bottle. Massage on the bald patches regularly.

  • Grind 1 to 2 lime seeds, and 1 to 2 black pepper seeds, apply to bald patches regularly.

  • Scrub the bald area with onions till it becomes red. Follow up by applying honey over patch.  Note: The 16th century herbalist Gerard recommends "the Juyce of onions annointed upon a bald head in the Sun bringeth the hair againe very speedily."

  • Cedarwood oil. After bathing or rinsing hair put a small amount of oil on the palms of your hands and work into your hair. Use your fingers to massage the oil onto your scalp. It really works and it makes you smell nice. Do not use a standard conditioner when you are using this treatment as it will make your hair oily. It is best if you put it on before going to bed so the scent will not be so strong during the day. Cedarwood also helps ease breathing problems and is good for the complexion.

  • Rub the scalp with one teaspoon oil in which raw mangoes have been preserved for over one year. Repeat treatment frequently.

  • Egg Whites.  Washing your hair with egg whites instead of shampoo and you should notice a dramatic improvement in how much hair you lose in the shower. It takes some time to get used to, but it gets just as clean.

  • Black willow bark and yucca root are have a history of use as remedies for baldness.

  • Herbal remedies increase circulation, disinfect the scalp and stimulate hair growth.

  • Rinse your hair with apple cider vinegar and sage tea. This helps hair grow. Catmint or chamomile infusions used as a final rinse can help with itchiness, a source of hair loss.

  • Aloe, nettles, stinging nettle, birch leaves and watercress are excellent blood and skin cleaners. Drink 1 tbsp. of juice of stinging nettle, birch leaves and watercress, mixed in a glass of water to cleanse the blood.

  • Licorice extract may help prevent hair loss.

  • Used as a tea, parsley strengthens the kidneys. A tea made from raspberry and blackberry leaves is also good for they kidney.

  • Horsetail is a good source of silica. Silica helps to keep hair strong and looking shiny and sleek. To shampoo hair, steep 2 tbsp. horsetail in 4 oz. hot water and add to a baby shampoo.

  • Massage scalp regularly with tinctures of stinging nettle, birch, horsetail and rosemary for hair growth stimulation, to disinfect the scalp and to increase blood circulation.

  • Rosemary or stinging-nettle may help combat dandruff, a source of hair loss. Put a large handful of rosemary into a pan and cover with water. Simmer for 10-15 minutes and leave to cool. Strain the mixture through a sieve into a jug containing a few drops of wheat germ or any oil. Use this as a rinse after you have washed your hair with a very mild shampoo. Finally rinse thoroughly with tepid water.

  • Arnica, marigold, rosemary, or southernwood is also useful for hair loss. For best results, massage infused oil into the scalp.

  • A tea of marshmallow and burdock is good for dry hair. To make the tea, add 1 tsp of marshmallow and 1 tsp of burdock to a cup of hot water.

Ayurvedic Herbs:

  • Brahmi

  • Jatamamsi

  • Dashamoola

  • Bhringaraj

Ayurvedic Antistress Tea:  Mix equal proportions of jatamamsi and brahmi. Steep 1 teaspoon of this mix in 1 cup of hot water. Drink 2 or 3 times a day to relieve stress, which is a cause for hair loss.

Chinese Herbs used for Baldness and Thinning Hair: 

  • Psoralea seeds: Eat 3 to 9 grams of the seeds daily. A study examining the effects of psoralea extracts and exposure to ultraviolet light in forty- five bald men found that, within six months, hair was completely restored in 36 percent of the cases and there was a significant restoration in another 30 percent.

  • Oyster and clam shell. Crush and decoct into a tea to increase kidney qi.

  • Mulberries: The Chinese doctors believe that mulberries are an excellent tonic for the kidneys, liver, and blood.

Oriental Formulas: 

  • Bupleurum and Dragon Bone Combination: Effective for round alopecia. Good for those of strong constitution and nervousness.

  • Cinnamon and Dragon Bone: For round alopecia. For weak person with vertigo.

  • Siler and Platycodon Formula: For delicate physique and alcoholics or the constipated.

  • Traditional oriental tonics tone liver and kidneys and promote new hair growth. They include herbs such as:

    • Polygonum

    • Lycium fruit

    • Chinese foxglove root

    • Chinese yam

    • Cornus

Nutrition and Vitamins for Baldness and Thinning Hair: 

  • Hair loss occurs when the diet is inadequate in the B vitamins - especially B6, biotin, inositol and folic acid; and the minerals magnesium, sulfur and zinc. The B vitamins, especially B5 (pantothenic acid and B3 (niacin), are especially important for hair growth.

  • Certain essential amino acids are found to control the thinning and thickening of hair in laboratory animals. For example, when rats were fed a diet deficient in magnesium, they lost their hair in bunches. The situation was even more serious with some other B-vitamins. When rats were fed a diet low in biotin or inositol, they became hairless! This nutrient-deficient condition was found to be reversible. When the rats were fed a diet that was rich in B vitamins, it resulted in the complete restoration of hair.

  • Heavy intake of vitamin supplements, in some cases, has resulted in stimulating hair growth. Men deficient in vitamin B6 often lose their hair. When they are deficient in folic acid, some men became completely bald! As in case of animals, when normal intake of theses vitamins was restored, the hair also returned in most instances.

  • Taking large doses of vitamin A (100,000 IU or more daily) for a long period of time, on the other hand, can trigger hair loss, but stopping the vitamin A will reverse the problem. As in case of deficiencies, often the hair grows back when the cause is corrected.

  • Essential fatty acids (flaxseed oil, primrose oil, and salmon oil are good sources) improves hair texture. Prevents dry, brittle hair.

  • Raw thymus glandular stimulates immune function and improves functioning capacity of glands.  Dosage: 500 mg daily. Caution: Do not give this supplement to a child.

  • B-Vitamins - B vitamins are important for the health and growth of the hair. Foods rich in B vitamins include beans, peas, carrots, cauliflower, soy beans, nutritional yeast, bran, nuts and eggs. Take a vitamin B-complex and supplement it with the following additional B-vitamins for best results.

  • Vitamin B3 (niacin) - 50 mg 3 times daily.

  • Pantothenic acid (vitamin B5) -100 mg 3 times daily.

  • Pyridoxine (vitamin B6) -50 mg 3 times daily.

  • Biotin - Biotin is very important for hair health. It is needed for healthy hair and skin, and may even prevent hair loss in some men. Eat plenty of foods high in biotin and/ or take it in supplemental form. Good food sources of biotin include brewer's yeast, brown rice, bulgur, green peas, lentils, oats, soybeans, sunflower seeds, and walnuts. You can also use hair care products containing biotin.  Dosage: 50 mg 3 times daily.

  • Inositol - Inositol is vital for hair growth.  Dosage: 100 mg twice daily.

  • Vitamin C- Vitamin C aids in improving scalp circulation. It is important to maintain capillaries that carry blood to the follicles.  Dosage: 3,000-10,000 mg daily.

  • Vitamin E - Vitamin E increases oxygen uptake, which improves circulation to the scalp. It improves health and growth of hair. Since hair health is tied to the immune health, vitamin E is believed to stimulate hair growth by enhancing the immune function.  Dosage: Start with 400 IU daily and slowly increase to 800-1,000 IU daily.

  • Zinc - Zinc stimulates hair growth by enhancing immune function. Dosage: 50-100 mg daily. Do not exceed this amount.

  • Other Nutrients That May Help Hair Health:

  • Coenzyme Q10 - Improves scalp circulation. Increases tissue oxygenation. It is also very important for heart health. Take 60 mg daily.

  • L-Cysteine and L-methionine

  • Two amino acids believed to improve quality, texture, and growth of hair. They help prevent hair from falling out.  Dosage: 500 mg each twice daily, and on an empty stomach.


Diet and Food Therapy for Baldness and Thinning Hair:

  • A wholesome diet, rich in silica, calcium and iron, will help reduce or prevent hair loss. Green, leafy vegetables, especially sea vegetables, are good mineral sources. Raw oats provide silica. Dried fruits and cherry juice are rich sources of iron.

  • For women, thinning hair or hair loss can be a sign of a problem in the gastrointestinal tract. It could be a sign of insufficient stomach acids; It could also mean a deficiency of protein, zinc and other nutrients. Taking two acidophilus tablets after or between meals (four to six tablets per day) for two months will help.

  • For men, balding process can be slowed down by taking a low-fat diet. Some scientists postulate that the male pattern baldness is tied to increased testosterone levels during puberty. A high-fat, meat-based diet raises testosterone levels, and that may adversely affect hair follicles. For example, in Japan, male pattern baldness was very rare prior to World War II when the diet was lean and healthy. The Japanese now consume a more fatty, Westernized diet. Baldness is now increasing substantially among Japanese men. Eating low-fat foods may not stop hair loss; but it might help slow down the hair loss.

  • Anemia is one of the most frequent causes of hair loss. Eat plenty of iron-rich foods, like liver (Avoid if you are pregnant) and other organ meat, whole grain cereals, dark green leafy vegetables, eggs, dates, and raisins.

  • The hair is comprised mostly of protein. To encourage hair growth, adhere to a diet rich in protein. A recommended diet for this purpose includes calves liver, brewer's yeast, wheat germ, and two tablespoons of granulated lecithin. Along with protein, these foods are also high in B vitamins, an important nutrient for hair.

  • European studies have found that soy protein reinforces hair and stimulates its growth. In one study,  The hair growth increased by 15 percent. Due to the link between unfermented soy and breast, stomach and other cancer, use only fermented soy products such as tempeh and miso. Other good sources of protein are: low-fat cheese, eggs, fish, beans, brewer's yeast and yogurt.

  • Another important nutrient for hair health is silica. Studies in the former Soviet Union have shown that silica therapy slowed hair loss. Organic silica added to shampoo was found to help prevent baldness, stimulate healthier hair growth and assure beautiful shine, luster and strength. Some scientists claim that they have effectively stopped further hair loss by adding silica to their shampoo. This can be applied externally to re-grow already lost hair.

  • Silica is found in the outer coverings of potatoes, green and red peppers and cucumbers. Bean sprouts are also high in silica. Eat whole foods including sprouts.

  • Vitamin C improves the absorption of iron. Include a good serving of fruits and vegetables in your diet.

  • Vitamin E is important for healthy hair growth. Eat avocados, nuts, seeds, and olive oil on a regular basis.

  • If hair loss is due to thyroid dysfunction, eat more foods rich in vitamin A and iodine. Eat vegetables such as carrots or spinach in unrefined, cold-pressed seed oils such as flax, walnut or pumpkin seed and sea salt. Take turnips, cabbage, mustard, soy beans, peanuts, pine nuts and millet if there is a deficiency of iodine.

Caution: Excessive intake of Vitamin A can cause hair loss.

Foods to build spleen/pancreas:

  • Brown rice

  • Oats

  • Sweet rice and mochi (pounded sweet rice)

  • Root vegetables, such as carrots, rutabagas, parsnips, ginger, turnips, and onions

  • Winter squash

  • Black beans

  • Pumpkin

  • Black pepper

  • Brown rice syrup

To build or strengthen the blood:

  • Seaweed (wakame, arame, hiziki), when consumed daily, can prevent hair loss for many.

  • Microalgae

  • Vegetables

  • Beans

  • Whole grains

  • Nuts and seeds

  • Leafy, green vegetables

Foods to Avoid:

  • Cold foods and drinks

  • Sugary foods and drinks

  • Fatty foods

  • Animal protein

  • Tofu

  • Salt

  • Dairy products

Beneficial Essential Oils for Hair Loss:

  • Bay

  • Cedarwood

  • Grapefruit

  • Jojoba oil

  • Lavender

  • Lemon

  • Rosemary

  • Roman Chamomile


How to Use Essential Oils for Hair Loss:

  • Add 2 drops of the essential oil either to the rinse water or to a good vegetable oil. Massage it well into the scalp. Wrap the hair in plastic wrap; place a warm towel around it. Leave it for 2 to 3 hours, or overnight. Shampoo the hair as usual, using a mild shampoo (avoid medicated shampoo), so that you do not damage the sebum balance.

  • Essential Oils for Stimulating Circulation and Improving the Hair Health

  • A blend of bay and lavender essential oils stimulates the scalp and helps hair health. Add six drops of each oil to four ounces of a warm carrier oil such as almond, soybean or sesame oil. Massage the mixture into the scalp and allow it to absorb for 20 minutes. Add three drops of bay essential oil to the shampoo you regularly uses and wash the hair with this shampoo.

  • Essential Oil Blend for Hair Growth:

  1. 1. Thyme essential oil - 2 drops

  2. 2. Atlas cedarwood essential oil - 2 drops

  3. 3. Lavender essential oil -3 drops

  4. 4.Rosemary essential oil -3 drops

  5. 5. Jojoba oil - ½ teaspoon

  6. 6. Grapeseed oil - 4 teaspoons

Add the first four ingredients into a small glass jar. Mix well. Now add the remaining two ingredients. Mix thoroughly.  Massage this mixture into your scalp for at least two minutes every night. Wrap your head in a warm towel after treatment.  Dermatologists at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary in Scotland gave 43 people, suffering from a rare autoimmune disorder that causes patchy hair loss, the essential oil blend described above and asked them to rub it into their scalps daily. After seven months, 19 regrew as much as half of their hair, while a few regrew almost all of their hair back. The study was reported in the November/December 1999 issue of Health magazine. The researchers speculated that this remedy may also help other types of balding, including midlife thinning for men.

  • Oils of arnica, lavender, rosemary or calamus stimulate healthy hair growth. Rub into hair before washing.

Caution: Avoid rosemary oil if you have high blood pressure. Keep lemon and grapefruit doses low if you have sensitive skin, as they may be slightly irritating.

Massage for Baldness and Thinning Hair: 

  • Massage improves circulation, which in turn improves the health of your hair and scalp. A few drops of vitamin E oil massaged into the scalp is recommended to strengthen fragile hair and help prevent dry, flaky skin.

  • Give yourself a daily massage for 5-10 minutes to stimulate circulation, which is vital for healthy hair growth. Using your fingers (knuckles), work over the surface of the scalp, temples and back of the head, applying pressure in circular movements. Yoga exercises such as headstand is another excellent way of stimulating blood flow to the hair follicles.

 General Common Sense Recommendations:

  • Rinse your hair with a vinegar solution if you have dark hair or with diluted lemon juice if your hair is fair. This treatment gives the hair an extra shine.

  • Massage half a cup of warm olive oil or coconut oil well into the scalp after washing your hair. (To warm the oil, let it stand it in a bowl of hot water. Do not heat the oil on the stove.) Wrap your head in a towel, leave it there for a half hour, then shampoo again, and rinse. You can also use almond oil or jojoba oil for the massage. This increases circulation and encourage healthy hair growth.

  • Take a deep breath of fresh air. Inhale three times and hold the third breath. Massage the scalp and slowly exhale.

  • Include brown rice, bulgur, green peas, lentils, oats, soybeans, sunflower seeds, and walnuts in your diet. They are good sources of biotin. (Biotin is important for healthy hair and skin. It may even prevent hair loss in some cases.) Brewer's yeast is also a good source of biotin.

  • Avoid foods containing raw eggs. Raw eggs are high in a protein that binds biotin and prevents it from being absorbed. (Cooked eggs are OK.)

  • Lie head down on an inclined board fifteen minutes a day to allow the blood to reach your scalp. Massage your scalp daily for 5-10 minutes to stimulate circulation.

  • Use natural hair care products. You may be allergic to artificial ingredients found in some products.

  • Be gentle on the hair. Do not use a brush or fine- toothed comb. If practical, allow your hair to dry naturally rather than using a hair-dryer.

  • After washing, towel your hair dry and then use your fingers to shake it gently. Avoid any styling until your hair is completely dry.

  • Keep the use of heated hair appliances to a minimum. Overusing them will damage the cuticle and leave your hair dry and brittle.

  • Disentangle your hair only when it is completely dry. Hair is weakest when it is wet and most pliable when it is damp, so trying to pull a comb or brush through it at this stage could result in damage to the hair. Use a conditioner; it helps to prevent the tangles from forming in the first place.

  • Minimize applications of hairspray, mousse or gel. These weaken the hair and dull its texture.

  • Chlorinated water or salt water can damage hair. Rinse the hair immediately after swimming. Shampoo as soon as possible. Use a good conditioning and moisturizing treatment before and after the application of the shampoo.

  • Use good-quality hair brushes and combs. Buy a pure bristle hairbrush. Before buying, make sure that the ends of the bristles are rounded, and not sharp, by tapping the brush against your hand. Harsh nylon bristles and sharp teeth may damage the hair and scalp.

  • Do not wash your hair every day. Most shampoos strip the hair of natural oils. Some conditioners leave an oily residue that sits on top of the hair, attracting dirt.

  • Use baby powder or fine talcum powder as a dry shampoo. Shake a small amount into the roots of the hair, leave for a minute, and then brush it out thoroughly.

  • A hair analysis will show toxic levels of mercury and other harmful substances in the body that can cause hair loss.


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