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Healthy Recipes


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Beetroot Salad with Mandarin Sauce


This wonderfully healthy, colorful and delicious salad recipe comes to us courtesy of Barry Anderson aka Chef Barry Gourmet & Raw and the photo and ingredients come from the Garden Villa Phuket Thailand. With quotes throughout by Chef Barry.

To see the complete recipe write-up with plentiful health and nutrition notes from Chef Barry, see:

“Most chefs know that to make the recipe taste great its all in the sauce. The sauce is everything to make or break the recipe so special attention to taste and to the mix has to be carefully orchestrated.”

'It is always a good idea to taste and make adjustments when creating a recipe then transfer your mental notes to paper and not the other way around. This is how I work."


Sauce Ingredients:

One whole coconut (Earths largest seed)
Half a fresh lemon
3 Mandarin Oranges and more on the side
One cap of cold pressed Apple Cider Vinegar ( helps to give that tart flavor and is good for building hydrochloric Acid in the stomach for better nutrient absorption.) “I used Coconut Flower Vinegar”
Raw unfiltered honey for taste “I used coconut flower syrup”
2 mandarin oranges in sections and with out the seeds.
Some of your coconut water from the coconut that you just opened up. Fill the blender just below the fruit line.

Beetroot Salad Ingredients:

One whole fresh beet of course! Dice the beat finely on your cutting board.
One whole mandarin orange in sections and seeds removed.
One whole lime cut in quarters and seeds removed.
One Avocado with skinned removed with pit seed chopped.
One inch thick slab of fresh papaya ( Note that papaya's from Hawaii are GMO produced with Genetically Modified Organisms so when in doubt just use 2 more mandarins. Papaya is a good enzyme food that helps digestion of proteins.
One garlic glove
One egg size red onion chopped finely.
A half cup to a cupful of your favorite loose leafy greens
A quarter cup of your favorite sprouts “I used lentil sprouts shown in the photograph.”

(As always, choose organic content and fresh content as much as possible for the healthiest recipe.)



Mandarin Sauce Directions:

1. Blend the ingredients together then pour the contents into a mixing bowl.
2. Stir in your raw unfiltered honey or coconut syrup to taste.
3. Then add one cap of raw apple cider vinegar cold pressed and taste followed by adjustments.
4. Often I sprinkle natures original supplement bee pollen into the dressing.
5. Stir and taste to your satisfaction then your done for making your orange sauce.

Beetroot Salad Directions:

1. In a large mixing bowl add your chopped beet root , including the whole mandarin orange in sections with seeds removed.
2. Add one Avocado with skinned removed with pit seed removed and the flesh chopped finely.
3. First marinate your papaya in lemon lime juice and then add some chopped fresh papaya fruit to the mixing bowl. The citrus brings out the tangy flavor in all citrus fruits especially papaya.
4. Add in the diced crushed garlic clove.

Mix and toss well .

Putting it all together:

1. Now pour your orange sauce into your serving tray.
2. Then layer your mixed beetroot salad over top .
3. Then sprinkle some bee pollen over your salad
4. Then garnish with your chosen salad greens
5. Add some grated lemon zest over top
6. Garnish with a few lime quarters and your done and ready to enjoy.

“Eating well does not have to be complicated using ingredients from Nature only“

Recipe © copyright March 17 2013 Chef Barry Gourmet

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