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Denial Won't Protect You from Chemtrail Nano-Particle Toxins

by Paul Fassa
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(The Best Years in Life) A common phrase used for chemtrailing is aerosol spraying. Another is geo-engineering. Some claim the aerosol is sprayed from nozzles away from the engines, and others claim it's part of jet fuel. It could be both, but however the chemtrail is administered, the liquid used keeps nanoparticles from clumping together so they will remain as nanoparticles in the stratosphere and as they drift into the atmosphere.

That way the particles retain their nanoparticle size as they filter down into the lower atmosphere and into our lungs and vegetation. If you stubbornly “believe” chemtrails don't exist, I don't want to bother with your “scientific” rhetoric to deny the visibly obvious. But if you're open eyed and curious, here are some videos that display various chemtrailing activities.

The most common chemtrail toxic metals reported worldwide are aluminum and barium, discovered by collecting chemtrail residue from air filters, open water containers, creeks and ponds, rain water, and mountain snow. 

Chemtrail Aluminum Nanoparticles Concerns

Dr. Russell Blaylock is a retired neurosurgeon and author who's very outspoken on vaccine injury and neurotoxins such as MSG and aspartame. He admits that at first he was skeptical about chemtrail reports until he began noticing them himself.

One simply needs to observe the differences among high altitude aircraft between contrails and chemtrails. Contrails are short trails of ice particles from jet vapors that evaporate quickly and disappear. Conversely, chemtrails linger for hours stretching across the sky and fan out forming thin clouds. Chemtrailing aircraft often create visible crossing patterns in the sky.

Dr. Blaylock explains how nanoparticles can enter the brain and spinal cord quickly through the lungs and nostrils, and that nanoparticles are much more inflammatory to tissue than other forms of environmental aluminum. He sees a connection of chemtrails, beginning from around 1990, and their aluminum deposits to the rise of neurodegenerative diseases, especially among young people. He's talking about Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and Lou Gehrig's diseases, not autism spectrum disorders from vaccines, which Dr. Blaylock has also covered extensively.

Dr. Blaylock also expressed concern over the saturation of plant, crop life, and water with aluminum nanoparticles. He thinks chemtrailing must be curbed before it's too late to minimize the threat of constant aluminum toxicity surrounding us.

Many realize that aluminum causes neurological damage unless our immune systems can quickly react or if we are able to eliminate the aluminum toxins quickly. An aluminum toxicity expert, Dr. Christopher Exley, recommends a liter and a-half of silica laden Volvic mineral water daily for at least five days as a specific agent to detox aluminum.  He claims other sources of silica, such as horsetail herbal tinctures, are not as effective as this water. But I think (opinion) horsetail tinctures would work if you can't find Volvic water or its price is a turn-off.


Barium's Function in Chemtrails

According to international chemtrail residue reports, barium and cadmium are the most commonly reported chemtrail deposits. And what if our immune systems are suppressed? That may be the barium salts' purpose in chemtrails. Besides irritating lungs and causing serious heart problems or digestive issues from drinking barium contaminated water, barium can directly diminish the immune system.

Laboratory findings have concluded that barium interferes with our bodies' activation of T-cells, which are the attack cells against pathogenic microbes. If not directly involved with destroying pathogens, T-cells support other immune functions, including the destruction of cancer cells. This allows other chemtrail heavy metals and biological disease agents found in some chemtrail samples as well as in our food, air, and water to have a field day unless we do everything possible to maintain a strong immune system, including constantly detoxing.

Fortunately, here's one simple inexpensive way that barium can be detoxified, along with other heavy metals.

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Sources for more information:

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About the author:

Paul Fassa started looking into natural health to overcome his unhealthy lifestyle. Then he developed more interest as he researched his articles for Natural News and Align Life.

He is amazed at the ignorance of natural medicine and how beneficial foods and herbs are constantly ignored or vilified in order to promote toxic foods and meds by Big Pharma, the FDA, USDA, and the AMA, what he likes to call the "Medical Mafia".

His blog is - "Healthmaven: Escape from the Medical Mafia Matrix." His Natural News articles can be reviewed here:



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