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Chlorella Can Fight Cancer More Than Most Know

by Paul Fassa
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(The Best Years in Life) The reason cancer cells become a big problem is that they refuse to die on cue. Non-cancerous cells die off on schedule to make way for new replacement cells with a process known as apoptosis. So this means that to end cancer, cancerous cells must either be killed off by external chemotoxic agents or restored to a level of normalcy that allows them to undergo apoptosis.

Chlorella is a tiny single celled blue-green algae that contains a nucleus and enormous amounts of bioavailable chlorophyll along with a plethora of nutrients, essential fatty acids, polysaccharides, and human growth factors.

In recent research, chlorella has shown the ability to induce apoptosis in cancerous cells, making it a potent natural fighter of cancer. Extract from Chlorella vulgaris is what was used. This extract is available online from health product retailers, if not in stores then online.

Anti-cancer effects of chlorella extract revealed in 2010 study

The study was conducted at the Department of Biochemistry at the University of Kebangsaan in Malaysia, and published in the journal Clinic. Its purpose was to confirm known reports of chlorella’s anticancer properties and further analyze the mechanics of how it stops cancer from proliferating.

In order to achieve a specific analysis of the biochemical activities involved between Chlorella vulgaris and cancer cells, researchers used in vitro methods for their testing. “In vitro” is Latin for “in glass.” So this trial was strictly a test tube and Petri dish matter.

They doused both cancerous liver cells and normal liver cells with Chlorella vulgaris extract (CVE) to examine the process of inducing apoptosis, which involves creating DNA damage as a precursor.

This was to determine whether or not the damaging effects on cancer cells would affect normal cells, which are already programmed normally for apoptosis. In other words, was the DNA damage cancer-cell specific or would it affect normal cells too?

Their results showed a 70% increased apoptotic rate in liver cancer cells compared to normal cells. Anti-apoptotic proteins in cancer cells were inhibited by chlorella, while normal cells’ apoptotic programming was left intact.

This study demonstrated how chlorella can help stop cancer proliferation in the liver. Chlorella also tends to generally help detox the liver and support liver regeneration.


What about other cancers? Well, some say cancer is cancer, and others claim that some agents work on some cancers, while others don’t. But when it comes to food, which single cell micro-algae like chlorella actually are, most approaches appear to work on several cancers.

Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD, of the Klinghardt Academy explains that chlorella is a great preventative, but CVE should be used with plain chlorella for medicinal therapeutic purposes, especially regarding cancer. He even includes dosage recommendations in one of his newsletters.

So high doses of chlorella coupled with chlorella extract looks like a good approach as an adjunct with other natural cancer remedies that include what the Cancer Tutor calls the “cancer diet.”

Chlorella is an excellent daily supplement

Most people taking chlorella prefer the tiny tablets, but the powder is the most cost effective if you can handle the taste, which is not as bad as spirulina for many of us. Mixing the powder with green smoothies or mixing it well with strong lemon or lime water and gulping it down works for me. A tablespoon yields around five grams (5,000 milligrams).

Chlorella’s immune boosting and detoxification properties are well known. In our toxic, polluted environment, we all need to be constantly detoxing and boosting our immune systems. Chlorella offers much in both those areas at 3 to 5 grams daily.

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