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After Thousands of Anecdotal Successes – Coconut Oil for Alzheimer's Getting “Studied”

by Paul Fassa
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(The Best Years in Life) Anecdotal doesn't mean unproven. Results can be obvious, if provided by those without vested interests in the products or procedures used. But seeing people getting healthier, healing, and reversing disease does inspire others to use or do whatever it was that created positive health effects on others.

And published studies do not establish proof of efficacy or safety much at all. Most medical product studies are done by pharmaceutical companies with their eye on the marketplace. And they pay the FDA to license it.

An international grassroots movement of folks with very early dementia or just brain fog trying coconut oil on themselves or helping relatives diagnosed with Alzheimer's started around 2010 when Dr. Mary Newport's revelations of how she save her husband from totally losing it with Alzheimer's using coconut oil. Then she added her bestseller on top of all that, Alzheimer's Disease: What if There Was a Cure?

The reports were of successful applications of coconut oil poured in from those who tried coconut oil for Alzheimer's and even early warning signs like chronic brain fog and forgetfulness. Yet mainstream medicine and the Alzheimer's Association won't recognize coconut oil as an efficacious aid for Alzheimer's or any type of dementia because there are no “peer reviewed studies”.

Finally, a recent peer reviewed study has been completed and published with another in progress with positive results.


This clinical trial was conducted in Spain, which explains why the study was done to begin with. Spain and other EU nations and middle eastern nations, including Israel, seem less restricted with what they can study without pharmaceutical funding. Spain and Israel have done considerable research and human studies on cannabis' medical applications, for example.

The Spanish clinical trial involved following Alzheimer's patients of varying ages and genders with and without diabetes diagnoses to determine if coconut oil consumption had any effect on reducing their Alzheimer's mental dysfunction.

They used cognitive testing before and after the clinical trial to determine changes. The intervention group was fed 40 ml of coconut oil daily, which comes to 2.7 tablespoons. Three tablespoons or more daily is recommended by experts, depending on dementia severity and coconut oil digestive tolerance.

The researchers noted “a statistically significant increase in test score ... and therefore an improvement in cognitive status, improving especially women's, those without diabetes mellitus type II, and severe patients.”

The Spanish researchers concluded, “this study, although preliminary, demonstrated the positive influence of coconut oil at the cognitive level of patients with Alzheimer's, this improvement being dependent on sex, presence or absence of diabetes and degree of dementia.”

Another clinical study, supported by private funding of course, on the effects of coconut oil for Alzheimer's has been underway in Florida. It was started in 2013 at the University of South Florida’s Health Byrd Alzheimer’s Institute, located in Tampa, Florida. Publishing for that study is expected in 2016. But word on the street is that there has been a high success rate.

Pharmaceutical Failures for Alzheimer's and Coconut Oil's Success

So far, not one pharmaceutical drug designed for Alzheimer's has been successful with anything but creating adverse side effects. That's why Alzheimer's is considered “untreatable”. Big Pharma has nothing to offer so nothing exists from the AMA perspective. And pharmaceutical companies will not invest money for studies on items that cannot be patented and approved by the FDA as proprietary drugs.

From Dr. Stephanie Steneff, MIT Researcher:
The brain represents only 2% of the body’s total mass, but contains 25% of the total cholesterol. Cholesterol is required everywhere in the brain as an antioxidant, an electrical insulator (in order to prevent ion leakage), as a structural scaffold for the neural network, and a functional component of all membranes. Cholesterol is also utilized in the wrapping and synaptic delivery of the neurotransmitters. It also plays an important role in the formation and functioning of synapses in the brain.

Coconut oil differs from most other saturated fats, essentially fats that remain solid at room temperature, because it contains medium chain triglycerides or MCTs. Unlike the more common long chain triglycerides (LCTs), MCTs are easily digested by the liver and converted to energy in the form of ketones.

Long chain triglycerides or fatty acids don't get readily converted into ketones that can be used by cells for energy. At least some, maybe many, LCTs or LCFAs wind up getting stored as fat.

Brain cells that have difficulty utilizing insulin for glucose wind up starving to death. Whole sections of the brain become useless as from the lack of energy caused by decreased glucose utilization. This similarity to diabetes 2 with it's cellular inability to process insulin, or insulin resistance, that is a major reason why Alzheimer's or any similar dementia is considered diabetes 3.

The solution for diabetes 3 is ketones derived from the liver's processing coconut oil MCTs. The ketones furnish brain cells with what they need regardless of insulin resistance that hampers glucose cellular metabolism. Ketones also increase blood circulation in the brain, a nice byproduct.

But ketones are easy come easy go. One needs to maintain a steady diet of healthy virgin coconut oil at the recommended pace of three or more tablespoons daily to maintain the cells energy levels.

The building blocks of brain matter are made from cholesterol. Coconut oil supplies that as well as the ketones that provide the brain energy despite insulin-glucose issues. With coconut oil, one gets the benefits of better brain structure and increased energy capacity.

Here's a guide that cuts through the confusion of choosing coconut oil.

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