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First, you should cut down on your sugar intake. Excessive sugar can help cause depression, nervous anxiety and spurts of energy followed by extreme fatigue. Caffeine products (such as coffee, non-herbal tea, cola, and some medications), cigarettes and alcoholic beverages may also contribute to nervous anxiety, depression and highs and lows of energy.


L- tyrosine has been effective for many people in reducing or eliminating depression in very short order (often in less than one hour!  Take 100 to 500 mg twice daily on an empty stomach.

Eat foods with lots of omega-3 fatty acids.  Research studies have shown that omega-3 fatty acids can help symptoms of depression as well as bipolar disorder. For people who do not like fish, fish oil supplements are available in health food stores.

Eat chocolate! The natural occurring substance in chocolate called PEA, for short, has been found to elevate endorphin levels and act as a natural antidepressant.

Oregano may ease that depressed, heavy-hearted feeling.

If you have a juicer, whip up half a glass of watercress and a half a glass of spinach. Throw in some carrots to make the juice sweeter. Then, bottoms up and spirits up!

Eat 2 ripe bananas a day to chase the blues away. Bananas contain the chemicals serotonin and norepinephrine, which are believed to help prevent depression.

While running a warm bath, prepare a cup of chamomile tea. Add the used tea bag to the bath, along with a new one. If you use loose chamomile, wrap the herb in cheesecloth before putting it in the bathtub to avoid a messy cleanup. Once the bath is ready, take your cup of tea into the bath with you and relax in the tub.

To lighten a heavy heart, drink saffron tea and/or thyme tea that has been sweetened with honey.

Sniffing citrus essential oils every hour you're awake may help you get out of a funk. You can buy lemon or orange oil at a health food store. Do NOT take the oils internally.

Cheer yourself up by wearing rose colors - pinks and scarlets. The orange family of colors are also picker-uppers.

Making love can help people overcome feelings of depression.

If you're mildly depressed, simply change your physiology and your emotions will follow suit. In other words, do the physical things you do when your happy - and you'll feel happy. Smile! Laugh! Jump up and down! Sing! Dance! Get dressed up!

Juices seem to be calming to the nerves. Throughout the day, sip apple, pineapple, prune, grape or cherry juice. Make sure the juice has no added sugar or preservatives, and drink it at room temperature, not chilled.

Chop a large onion into very small pieces and add a tablespoon of honey. Eat half the mixture with lunch and the other half with dinner. Onions contain prostaglandin, which is proven to have stress-relieving effect.

St John's Wort - for mild to moderate depression, this herb lives up to its hype. More than 40 scientific studies have verified the traditional use of this herb for depression. It works as well as prescription drugs and has significantly fewer side effects. In all the studies though it took up to 2 weeks to have any effect. In some people it can take up to a month. Typical dosage: 900 mg of capsules standardized to 0.3 percent hypericin per day in divided doses, with meals (including a dose at bedtime if you are suffering from insomnia)

Oats - This is the same plant that goes into your morning oatmeal. It is a wonderful tonic for the nervous system, having generalized nourishing and soothing qualities. The plant is traditionally used not only for depression, but also for anxiety, stress, fatigue, and debility.

When buying dried oats for tea, look for pale green to yellow seeds, rather than something that looks like straw. Typical dosage: 3 cups of tea per day (steep 1 Tbsp of dried seeds in 1 cup of how water for 10 - 15 minutes.

Lavender - This beautiful, fragrant herb has a gentle relaxing and nourishing effect on the nervous system, while lifting the spirits and easing depression. It promotes refreshing sleep as well. It's essential oil can be applied to the body, inhaled, or added to bath water.
Typical dosage: 1 cup 3 times per day (steep 1 tsp of flowers in 1 cup of hot water for 5 minutes)

Gingko - This amazing herb is beneficial for treatment of the cardiovascular and nervous system. It enhances blood supply to the brain and improves nerve cell function. It enhances memory and other intellectual functions. Gingko can be an excellent treatment for depression especially in the elderly. Typical dosage: 40 - 60 mg of standardized extract capsules 3 times a day.



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