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Natural Remedies for Preventing and Treating Distemper

by Luella May

Recent increases in outbreaks of distemper around the country are cause for alarm among dog owners.  A dog that has been exposed to distemper will come down with the disease in less than five weeks.  There is one supplement that has shown to be effective in preventing distemper in dogs and cats, and should a pet contract distemper, there are natural remedies that, if caught early enough, are effective in speeding recovery.

Canine distemper is a highly contagious and serious disease that attacks the respiratory, gastrointestinal, and nervous system.  It is spread by airborne exposure, as well as coming into contact with fluids and secretions from an infected animal.


The question of how to protect a pet is a very important and controversial one.  Many pet owners opt for yearly vaccinations to insure that their dogs are protected from distemper and other diseases.  Yet, these yearly vaccinations put our dogs at risk for other types of serious illness.  Instead of actually boosting the immune system, the vaccinations actually serve to compromise our pets’ immune systems.  The reason for this is that they work in a very unnatural way that overwhelms and confuses the immune system and which results in increased susceptibility to infections.  Oftentimes, over-vaccination results in ear infections in dogs, bladder infections in cats, chronic tapeworm issues, and too often over vaccinating results in cancer.

There are natural and effective ways of strengthening the immune system.  The first way is by paying careful attention to their diet and providing the proper supplements.  Feeding dogs a raw diet results in a strong immune system.  Commercial foods which contain grains and harmful additives only serve to weaken their immune systems. 

A very important supplement given to pets in order to protect them against distemper and other diseases is colloidal silver.  If caught early enough, this supplement is also effective in eliminating the distemper virus from a dog (or cat’s) system.  Large dogs with distemper should be given four ounces daily, either in their drinking water or by oral syringe, and small dogs should be given two tablespoons daily.

Several other supplements can help aid a dog’s recovery from distemper.  Some of the best include:

*Vitamin C fights infection.  Give puppies and small dogs 250 mg every 2 hours.  Medium dogs should be given 500 mg every 2 hours, and large dogs need 1,000 mg every 3 hours.

*Probotics and digestive enzymes should be administered to dogs that suffer from severe diarrhea.  Canned pumpkin (not the pie mix) can also stop diarrhea.

*Herbs such as Echinacea and astragalus strengthen the immune system.

*The herb oat can be administered to strengthen and support the nervous system.  Either a tincture of oat or cooked oatmeal can be added to the dog’s food.

*Eye inflammation is very common in distemper cases.  To avoid permanent damage, mix 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt with a cup of distilled water.  Soak gauze in the mixture and use it to clean the eyes.  Then, put a drop of olive oil in each eye to facilitate healing.

*Homepathic remedies can help alleviate symptoms.  Such remedies may include distemperinum, pulsatilla, and arsenicum album.  It is preferable that a holistic vet examine the dog in question to determine which herb will be most effective.

*If the dog is running a temperature that is caused by distemper, it is important to withhold all food to insure that it does not develop encephalitis.  Only give the dog vegetable broth and water until its body temperature has been normal for one full day.



Your hosts Tony Isaacs and Luella May

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