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A Quick Lesson In Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

(NewsTarget) EFT is a fabulous tool that I stumbled upon nearly four years ago. The technique involves tapping specific energy meridian points on the body and was brought to the world by Gary Craig. It is a painless, free method to get to the root of emotional and physical problems and releasing the unwanted emotions or beliefs that could be hindering healing.

EFT is quite simple. First you “tune in” to the problem at hand, and describe it in your own words as accurately as possible. It is good to rate the problem on a scale of 0 to 10 (0 meaning that it doesn’t bother you, or there is no pain, 10 being severe crippling emotional or physical pain). Begin by tapping on the first point, saying out loud or in your mind - 'Even though I have . . . ' Create a specific phrase, in your own charged language that very accurately describes the issue. For example instead of saying, “Even though I have this headache” why not be precise and say, “Even though I have this pounding headache on the right side of my head.” Use your intuition and your own words here!

Next, state a self-soothing statement such as “I love and accept myself” or “I am a good man” or “I am a wonderful woman” etc.

The final result would be something like “Even though I have this headache, I completely love and accept myself”. Go through the remaining points repeating this statement to yourself until the problem or pain doesn’t bother you any more, effectively reaching a 0 on the pain or problem scale. Other emotional issues may come up, or the pain may shift while you do this. Go with your intuition to change your problem statement while you tap.

The meridian points are: eyebrow (both ends), outside of the eye, underneath the eye below the pupil, under the nose and above the upper lip, below the lower lip / chin, collar bone, side of the body underneath the armpit, pinky side of hand (karate chop point).

Does it work? For me, and thousands of others, it certainly works. The intention to leave pain – physical or emotional – behind is a step towards healing. Someone who uses EFT wants to be the person without pain, and EFT lets him or her become that person effortlessly. The self acceptance, or acceptance of the situation at hand, is the first step to letting something go. We may not like the situation but accepting things as they are, and taking a deep breath, and tapping away goes a long way to soothe a troubled mind.

A great tool to use for a new diet, detox or exercise program

This is also a useful tool when starting any new diet, detox, or new exercise routine. You can tap away the fears of trying something new, you can tap away the discomfort of leaving behind coffee or sugar and you can tap away the mental stress. I love this tool, and use it every day. It is free, effective and produces results. There aren’t very many techniques out there that can claim this.

There is one problem with detoxifying the body, or starting a new diet that many will not like. When your body is denied some additive substances, such as sugar or caffeine, the body goes into withdrawal; and certainly the mind can suffer too! This is not a walk in the park for some. The only problem with it is those that suffer the most from withdrawal probably need to change their diet the most. But many who try a detox or new diet once and have an extreme reaction, tend not to want to be that uncomfortable again. This can easily be taken care of with EFT. Don’t let momentary discomfort stop you from having true health. You can be proactive with your EFT approach and “tap” before you start the detox or diet. In fact you can “mentally” tap any time you want. This is also a great way to get through a hard workout or get up in the morning to do that hard workout.

Until then, learn to tap and keep tapping. Like Gary says, “Try it on everything!” Your body and mind will soar.

About the author
Sarah is a Chemical and Materials Engineer by education. Through years of focused self-study, she has come to see the benefit of whole food nutrition and allowing the body to heal itself. Undergoing Field Center Facilitator Training, Sarah is passionate about being helpful to others, in any venue, in their quest for a better life. 11/18/2007 10:00 AM

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