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Edema is swelling that is caused by fluid trapped in your body’s tissues. Edema happens most often in the feet, ankles, and legs.

Common Causes of Edema are:

Low potassium levels

Congestive Heart Failure

Lung, kidney, and thyroid diseases


Edema can occur as a result of gravity, especially from sitting or standing in one place for too long.  A way to test for edema, even if there is no swelling is to press the suspected area.  Ankles are usually the first area affected.  If you leave an indentation, edema is present.

If congestive heart failure is present, mix one teaspoon of cayenne pepper in half a cup of lukewarm water.  You can use cayenne capsules if this is too difficult.

Exercising in a swimming pool is very effective.  The water temperature should be 80 to 90 degrees. 

Avoid diuretics.  Though diuretics are effective for flushing out excess water in the people with the heart, kidney or liver disease, they can also cause rebound edema. Continuous usage will activate the salt and water retaining hormones and when stopped, these hormones are activated and cause water retention.

Avoid salt and processed foods, pizza, fast foods, junk food, sodas, etc.  Avoid table salt, as the
sodium content causes the body to retain water.

Mustard oil is an effective home remedy for edema. Take some warm mustard oil and rub it on the affected areas. Soak 2 teaspoons of mustard seeds in water and apply the solution to the affected areas. Apple cider vinegar helps to remove excess fluid in the body cells and cavities.

Supplements which may help edema are magnesium, potassium and bromelain.  Magnesium deficiency has been associated with edema and it is variously estimated that anywhere from 70 to 95% of us are deficient in magnesium.

Exercise as much as possible.   Exercise has been shown to reduce the water retention by flushing out the water and salt through sweating, higher respiration and increased urine flow. Walking is excellent exercise.  If there is shortness of breath while moving, do stationary exercises, such as pointing your toes downward, then raising them up as high as possible.  This pumps up the calf and foot muscles.  Raising your arms will also help.

Increase fluid intake.  Water moves through the kidneys and bladder thus diluting the urine. It becomes easier for the kidneys to flush diluted urine out along with the salt contained in it. Plain water is the best option, since juices, sodas and colas have salt content.

Sip on herbal teas.  Many herbs are slightly diuretic.  Parsley is the best known one - and it has the added benefit of helping remove toxic heavy metals. Take two teaspoons of dried leaves for each cup of boiling water and steep for ten minutes.  Drink three cups a day.

Lie down with your feet up.  This will allow the fluid collected in the legs to go to the circulatory system and from there to the kidneys for excretion.

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