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A Simple 30-Day Program for Getting Rid of Toxins, Nourishing Your Body and Restoring a Healthy Gut

by Tony Isaacs

(The Best Years in Life) As the late great French scientist Antoine Bechamp told us well over a century ago, toxins are the root of almost all disease - especially so when toxins are combined with unhealthy cellular terrain. Likewise, it is also true that good health (or ill health) begins in the gut. Would you like to eliminate toxins, nourish your body and establish a healthy gut? You can - all it takes is the right plan and a bit of effort and time.

Days 1 - 7

Begin by switching to an all organic diet of mostly vegetables (mostly raw or juiced) and for at least the first 3 days take a couple of ounces of quality colloidal silver daily. Then stop the colloidal silver (or reduce it to a couple of tablespoons a day) and take a quality probiotic each day. Be sure to also drink plenty of purified/filtered water every day. If you do these things, you will likely eliminate up to 90% of the toxins in your body as well as most of the unhealthy flora in your gut after only one week. You will also go a long way towards better nourishing your body and establishing a healthy gut flora mix.

Note: If you have a condition such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Chrohn's Disease or Ulcerative Colitis, you may wish to take the larger doses of colloidal silver for up to a week - making sure you also take a quality probiotic each day several hours apart from the colloidal silver.


Days 8 - 30

Thereafter, continue your organic diet as much as possible and avoid processed meats, other processed and junk foods and table sugar and make one day each week a single-item fast day (such as watermelon from one week to the next). Doing so will get rid of most of the rest of your toxins - especially if you stick with an organic diet and work in some of nature's most potent natural detoxifiers such as cilantro, chlorella, parsley, apple pectin, lemon juice, etc. Note that if you have issues with weight, a weekly fast die will also help shrink your stomach so that you will feel full with less food when you return to eating.

If you want to do a serious toxin elimination program, do juicing and coffee enemas for at least a solid week. Each day, drink 6 to 8 tall glasses of freshly juiced healthy vegetables (such as beets, carrots, celery, lemons, etc.) and also do multiple daily coffee enemas to help open the bile ducts so that the toxins will be properly eliminated from the body and your liver will not be overwhelmed.

It would also be a good idea to pay attention to protecting, restoring and cleansing your liver to help it cope with the increased toxic load when toxins are being cleansed. Milk thistle is an absolute must and selenium and alpha lipoic acid are highly recommended.

A final note: Since it is virtually impossible to get the optimum amount of nutrients the body needs on a regular basis from diet alone, it is highly recommended that you take a quality, organic, whole-foods derived all-round nutritional product such as IntraMax to have the very best health possible.

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Tony Isaacs is a member of the National Health Federation and the American Botanical Council. He is a natural health advocate and researcher and the author of books and articles about natural health including "Cancer's Natural Enemy." Mr. Isaacs articles are featured at The Truth About Cancer, the Health Science Institute's Healthiertalk website, CureZone, the Crusador, Health Secrets, the Cancer Tutor, the Silver Bulletin, the New Zealand Journal of Natural Health, and several other venues. In addition, he hosts the Yahoo Oleandersoup Health group of over 3500 members and the CureZone Ask Tony Isaacs - Featuring Luella May forum. He is also the local moderator of the CureZone Cancer Alternatives forum. Tony and his partner Luella May host The Best Years in Life natural health website where their motto is "It's never too late or too early to begin living longer, healthier and happier lives."



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