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The Dangers of Falling Off the Good Health Wagon

by Robert Redfern

Dear Reader,

I trust the phrase ‘falling off the wagon’ is understood in all the countries around the world where this newsletter is read?

The ‘wagon’, in this North American expression, refers to the water wagons used to sprinkle water on the streets to keep the dust down. During the times of prohibition in the 19th century, men often climbed onto these wagons and took an oath that they would give up alcohol and drink only water.

This gave rise to the expression ‘to be on the water cart/wagon’; it was later shortened to ‘on the wagon’. When these individuals broke their pledge and started hitting the bottle again, they were said to have ‘fallen off the wagon’.

My Wagon…

My wagon is not a water wagon but a ‘Health Wagon’. If there was a single action that would improve your future health it is stopping all starchy carbs and other high sugar foods, drinks etc. As sugar is as addictive as alcohol (and some say as addictive as heroin) I do not underestimate the difficulty of this. I also do not underestimate the impact on you and your family’s future health.

For clarification, sugar by many other names is: 

Bread, pastries, biscuits, cookies, breakfast cereals, white rice, potatoes, parsnips, pasta, high sugar fruits, most snack and manufactured foods/sauces, soda drinks, beer (most other alcohol drinks), 99% of all processed fruit juices, ice cream, lollipops, sweets, chocolate (except Cacao – ‘Real Chocolate’), and many more. These foods are the cause of obesity and most diseases.

If you feel I am some sort of killjoy who delights in ‘taking candy from a baby’ then yes, I absolutely admit it. If I was in power…I would protect all children from the side effects and problems of consuming sugar!

The average sugar amount in foods consumed per day is officially claimed to be x35 teaspoons per person but I don’t think that includes bread and many of the other things listed above. It is likely to be much more than x35 teaspoons.

Can you imagine x35 teaspoons of sugar?

I explore the damage that comes from sugar…


Case 1 

This is a guy whose wife dedicated herself to helping him come back from a disease with a certain end (according to doctors). She gave him the full plan as shown in my eBook, ‘Lung Fibrosis Rehab’, and you can read their (unedited) story here:

"Hey Robert, wanted to give a shout out. You helped me through a very difficult time with my husband and his health. After doing what you recommended and a few additional things my husband has his health back. Short summary...In April 2013 he became ill and his oxygen level dropped to 82 so they put him on oxygen 24/7.

They said his pulmonary fibrosis had progressed and he also had histoplasmosis (a fungal disease in the lungs). By June, on Father's Day, he ended up in the hospital, CICU for 3 days and then a step down room for 3 and then was released from the hospital. That is when he finally agreed to take his health seriously. He is also a diabetic, temporarily taking units of insulin...which I believe he will be done with soon.

Firstly, we followed the special diet of mostly raw foods, some meat, but very, very limited. Completely removed sugar and all white bread, pasta, etc. He was doing great and then for some odd reason got worse for a short period. I believe his body was detoxing. Anyway, at this point he has seen his family doctor who is totally amazed at his health and A1C levels and the fact he is not on oxygen any more. He saw his pulmonologist and he also said whatever you are doing keep it up because we have NEVER seen anyone turn their health around so quickly and not have problems breathing anymore and get completely off oxygen.

The infectious disease doctor at Michigan State University took one look at him and could not believe how great he looked, he had lost weight too, and said that in 3 months time he had totally gotten rid of the histoplasmosis and when he first saw her in June she said he would be on the toxic medicine for at least a year or two. She said he didn't have it anymore and there was no reason for her to see him now. He is back to doing pretty much anything he wants to. We have noticed that when he does have sugar or white pasta, bread, etc he feels different and not in a good way. So THANK YOU very much for your help and guidance and putting us both on the right track.”

She was thrilled, he was thrilled, the doctors were thrilled.

What did he do next?

He fell off the ‘Health Wagon’ and started eating the same sugary foods that caused his lung problems. After 6 months of slog and getting well, it only took a few weeks to undo his great results and his problems came back fast, just because of his diet (he was still taking supplements).

Case 2 

Amira sent me over 60 help tickets over the last 9 months asking for reassurances for her very sick father’s slow recovery and to clarify the plan and diet. He is in his 80’s and it’s not an easy age to get someone to change their diet, even if it will save and give them back their life.

She reported he has 1. COPD (Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease). 2. Temporal arteritis. 3. Hypertension. 4. Previous TURP. 5. Glaucoma. There were times when he had fallbacks and she sent me tickets every day. I have edited some personal things out of her ticket below.

"Dear Robert, Greetings. I hope you and your family are doing very well. It has been a while since I was in touch with you. First I would like to say thank you very much now my father has a good quality of life. His health has improved a great deal. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping my father and myself to have a better quality of life."

Warmest regards, Amira

Are the people involved here extreme cases?

Yes, most people are not at death’s door when they contact me. Do you want to be at death’s door before you will take the steps to consuming a really healthy diet?

I realise I have the power of the food industry PR against me.

As I type this I am listening to the BBC news and a representative of the food industry is campaigning AGAINST lowering the huge amounts of sugar in jam.

Yes, that’s right. Campaigning against reducing the sugar. The reporter was putting up the weakest of arguments and it was very one sided.

Can I be accused of trying to take candy from a baby? I absolutely admit it and I will try to persuade you to also give up candy and the other sugar foods I listed above.

As a reminder for what really healthy foods are click here, take a look at the PDF's available

This is also my ‘good health journey’ and I invite you to join me with yours.

Ask me any question by clicking ‘Contact Me’ at the top, select ‘Robert’s Questions’ and then click Next>. Here your questions will come through to me directly and I will answer in the strictest confidence, as quickly as possible!

Take good care of yourself (because you are really worth it). Start cutting your sugar today,

Robert Redfern

Nutritionalist, Author & Broadcaster

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