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GMO Fake Science Rules and Suppresses Real Science

by Paul Fassa
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(The Best Years in Life) Attorney Steven Druker's book Altered Genes; Twisted Truth exposes how the biotech industry managed to bulldoze it's way into prominence with the usual methods, lying, cheating, and bribing, indirectly of course. Their ability to corrupt and infiltrate agricultural and environmental agencies is made easy by the “revolving door system” between corporations and government agencies.

The Obama administration and White House are run by Monsanto and other biotech companies. Several biotech, mostly Monsanto former executives, lobbyists, top scientists, and former contracted attorneys are or have been in key agricultural government positions.

Among the former attorneys are Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, Hillary Clinton (Rose Law Firm, Arkansas) and Michael Taylor, who has been through the corporate (Monsanto) government (FDA, Food Safety Czar) revolving door more than anyone! More here.

Druker documents all his assertions and quotes uncorrupted scientists who are not bought by the GMO corporations, which are actually manufacturers of toxic materials using genetic engineering to sell more poisons by creating crops that can tolerate their toxicity

You could call it callous disregard for the safety of animals and humans as well as its destructive affect on the environment. Monsanto and its co-conspirators in the biotech industry managed to use their highly incomplete science to gain acceptance by the government and media.

Real scientists who maintained their integrity in reporting the long term negative effects of genetically engineered agriculture have been ignored, marginalized, or had their careers ruined.

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GMO Dissenters Called “Anti-Science” While Their Real Science is Concealed

Dr. Puztai had his own research lab in Scotland's Rowett Institute for 36 years and was a highly regarded plant biologist. That ended when he reported the truth about his findings on GMO potatoes. He was the first victim of tyranny from GMO industry influenced political and academic connections to Monsanto.

Despite the honesty and rationality displayed by excellent books, terrific documentaries, and independent studies on the subject GMO dangers, government officials and most of the mainstream media (MSM) parrot the biotech industries propaganda unrelentingly while ignoring the likes of Steven Druker, Jeffrey Smith, author of Seeds of Deception and others who are trying to expose the factual dangers of GMOs.

Another British scientist marginalized Such is Mae-Wan Ho PhD, co-founder and director of the Institute of Science in Society in London, England. This institution's title is burdened with the unfortunate acronym ISIS, but it was founded in 1999 before the formation of Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) in order to isolate her and other like-minded scientists from the conformity of university academia.

She and ISIS are against agricultural genetic engineering. Mae-Wan Ho is one of the very few who cite the dangers of the main transfer gene in GMOs, the 35S CaMV promoter taken from the cauliflower mosaic virus.

Ho indicates that this promoter is active across many organisms, including humans, and that it has a "recombination hot spot" where it tends to break and join up with other DNA, resulting in potentially disastrous genetic recombinations with life threatening consequences for many living forms.

In California, an associate professor at UC Davis introduced his testimony to the dangers of 35S CaMV promoter with the understanding that this was probably going to cost him his future professorial tenure, but it had to get out. He understood that expressing his clear and accurate understanding of this fatal flaw blocks generous biotech research funding meant to by “scientific” conclusions for the University of California college system.

Agro Ecologist Don Lotter, PhD, explained that the biotech industry “assumed” the 35S CaMV promoter gene would be degraded in the gut. The promoter gene is the catalyst for genetic splicing and reformation. But it was discovered later that it didn't degrade in the gut. But that discovery was kept secret.

Lotter also explained how the biotech industry took the early genetic explanation of one gene for one protein and ran with it. But that theory, not fact, was eventually proven wrong. They were off and running with a flawed premise.

The two papers Lotter had published in 2008 are available as pdfs in the sources section below. You won't see them reviewed or mentioned by mainstream media or much online either, unfortunately. Interestingly, Roseboro's interview of Lotter ended with:

K. Roseboro: “What type of agricultural approaches do you think will solve the world's food production challenges?”

D. Lotter: “The IAASTD (International Assessment of Agricultural Science and Technology for Development) report said that we can produce food using agro-ecological methods and successful green revolution methods. The report didn't include transgenics. The report was signed by 60 countries, but the US didn't sign it.”

A Massive Paper That's Been Ignored Lists Several Animal Studies

Mae-Wan Ho has 16 studies and farm animal cases listed in her paper. She also elaborates greatly on more with what is true and dangerous about GMOs and the poisons used to protect them, completely debunking all biotech claims. Due to space restrictions, I'll place only six of them here with my emphasis’s in bold. But you'll find here complete paper here in a pdf linked within this abstract.

  1. A paper just published in 2013 reports significantly higher rates of severe stomach inflammation in pigs fed a mixed GM corn and soybean diet for 22.7 weeks compared with pigs fed an equivalent non-GM control diet: 32% compared to 12%. Female pigs on the GM diet also had uterus heavier by 25% on average.

  2. A 2-year lab feeding trial reported in 2012 found rats of both sexes exposed to Roundup and/or Roundup-tolerant maize not sprayed with herbicide were 2 to 3 times as likely to die as controls and to develop large tumors, of mammary glands in females and of kidney and skin in males. In other words, the GMO without the herbicide was also harmful in every respect. Pituitary disease was up more than 2 fold in females and liver and kidney diseases up1.5 to 2 fold in males on GM maize alone that was not sprayed with herbicide. These effects appeared after the 90 day period legally required for safety tests on GMOs, thereby exposing the inadequacy of the regulatory regime. (Note: This was the Seralini GMO toxicity trial that created an uproar.)

  3. A Danish farmer found excessive illnesses and deaths in his pigs fed GM soy meal including chronic diarrhea, birth defects, reproductive problems, bloating, stomach ulcers, weak and smaller piglets, and reduced litter size. These were entirely reversed when he put them on a GMO-free diet.

  4. A meta-analysis pooling all available data on 19 feeding trials carried out for 90 days on GM soybean and maize, both glyphosate tolerant and Bt crops representing 83% of commercialized GMOs—a period inadequate for detecting the most serious health impacts—nevertheless found significant disruption of liver and kidney functions.

  5. Professor emeritus Don Huber of Purdue University warned of “pathogen new to science” associated with glyphosate tolerant GM crops and livestock fed on them, causing unprecedented deaths and infertility.

  6. Between 2005 and 2006, senior scientist Irina Ermakova at the Russian Academy of Sciences reported that female rats fed glyphosate-tolerant GM soybeans produced excessive numbers of severely stunted pups and more than half of the litter dying within three weeks, while the surviving pups were completely sterile. This last study corroborated Dr. Apad Pusztai's GM potato findings in Scotland, for which he was fired, as well as plant specialist professor Don Huber's findings with real life farmers reporting increased still births among farm animals fed GMO feed, for which he was vilified.

The actual science is not “in” with GMOs. It is being ignored, and suppressed for control and profit.


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About the Author:

Paul Fassa started looking into natural health to overcome his unhealthy lifestyle. Then he developed more interest as he researched his articles for Natural News and Align Life.

He is amazed at the ignorance of natural medicine and how beneficial foods and herbs are constantly ignored or vilified in order to promote toxic foods and meds by Big Pharma, the FDA, USDA, and the AMA, what he likes to call the "Medical Mafia".

His blog is - "Healthmaven: Escape from the Medical Mafia Matrix." His Natural News articles can be reviewed here:


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