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The Dangers of Genetically Modified Foods

Genetically modified foods are created by people "playing GOD without the credentials." tm

A TBYIL guest article by John Robbins

Nothing that I have seen in my lifetime could ever equal the destruction to our food supply as this technology. Since the lawyer for Monsanto, Michael Taylor became the food czar at the FDA, the flood gates have opened for this insanity to be labeled SAFE. Once that happened, NO TESTING IS REQUIRED. You can genetically modify a food in your basement and then go out and sell it as a safe product. The proteins are mutating in the soybeans and NO ONE KNOWS what the result will be.

We do know that allergies have more than doubled since the introduction of GMO's. 70% of all the processed and packaged foods in the Mausoleums where dead food is held in state (groceries) are GMO now. There is NO labeling in America, unlike the rest of the world. No label, no traceability. You get sick, how do you know it was the GMO food? YOU DON'T. Thank you FDA. 93% of all soybeans and products containing soybeans are GENETICALLY MODIFIED. 85% of corn is GMO now. We were told by these idiots that call themselves "scientists" that NO gene transfer was possible that they would be destroyed by gastric juices. But the one, single test ever done to determine this with 7 people who had colostomy bags, showed that contrary to what we were told that the gastric juices would kill these altered genes DID NOT HAPPEN. They found altered genes in the colostomy bags! ! ! So now, your intestinal flora that is 80% of your immune system is getting altered genes of proteins no one knows what they are and your body is cannot recognize them. People are having their gut bacteria transform into a pesticide factory. Does this sound like good science to you?


Farmers all over Canada and North America have been intimidated by Monsanto. Instead of collecting their seeds as 80% of the world farmers have done for centuries, they are now having to buy seed each year that are genetically modified. This is a result of patent infringement because Monsanto won a legal battle to "PATENT LIFE." This is not supposed to be able to happen. But Clarence Thomas, the supreme court justice was a lawyer for Monsanto. What do you think his vote was cast for in the 5 to 4 decision to allow Monsanto to patent life?

The rest of the world has rejected GMO's because they tested the garbage and found the truth, unlike what is happening in America. Thank you FDA.

This is NOT about changing a gene in a product, it is far more divisive and devious. It is about controlling our food supply for PROFIT, not your health. Aspartame was Monsanto's first product and it is genetically modified. We know of 92 side effects the FDA has identified with this product. Literally 100's of thousands of problems have been reported to the FDA of serious illnesses and problems associated with that junk, but the FDA is mandated to promote genetic engineering so that product is still on the market today.

The only debate about GMO's is political. It is not about health because we all know that GMO foods are destructive, damage the body and are setting all of us to be at the whim of a few corporations controlling this technology. And these people are NOT nice people.

Genetically modified foods are not only NOT HEALTHY, but they are causing huge problems, but since only in America, no testing is being done on them, the claims are that no tests show GMO's as causing problems. What a bunch of political mumbo jumbo and blatant disrespect for humanity.

Those who produce or otherwise favor GMO's have stated that BT corn has some better characteristics to it. What a bunch of non-descript double talk. 39 Filipinos living next to a BT corn field developed skin, respiratory, intestinal reactions and fever while the corn was pollinating. Blood tests verified that their blood had an immune response to the BT. BT-corn is now classified as an insecticide. Yummy.

European restaurants call genetically modified foods "Franken foods." This is a policy statement from one U.K. cafeteria in 1999: "In response to concern raised by our customers, we have decided to remove, as far as possible, genetically modified soy and maze from all the food products served in our restaurant. We will continue to work with our suppliers to replace GM soy and maze with non-GM ingredients. We have taken the above steps to ensure that you, the customer, can feel confident in the food we serve." That statement was in reference to the cafeteria at Monsanto's U.K. headquarters. I think that is very revealing that the very people that work at Monsanto do not want to eat GMO foods.

If anyone thinks GMO foods are just fine after doing a little reading of good solid scientific papers that are becoming prolific in the scientific community now, they must be either naive or have another agenda they are pursuing other than good health.

Jefferey Smith is hated for his research and disclosures of the truth about GMO foods around the world, but he is beginning to win the battle against BIG MONEY and the terribly corrupt corporations like Monsanto that has no conscience whatsoever. A very good video to watch is "The Future of Food" by Lily films.

About the author:

John Robbins is a nutritonal researcher as well as a natural health advocate and author. John is also a Certified Nutritional Therapist with a B.A. in Biology and Chemistry and a QRA Practitioner. His research into ways to grow more nutritious and safe foods has produced startling results which he expects to include in an important new book later this year.


Your hosts Tony Isaacs and Luella May

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