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Home care solutions provide gout pain relief for painful feet


by JB Bardot
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(The Best Years in Life) Oh, the pain. That agonizing, crippling, mind-numbing agony from chronic gout attacks that begs for immediate gout pain relief for burning hot, swollen toes, feet and ankles. The gout sufferer can change his diet, take medications, use herbs and alternative treatments, but anyone who has suffered the excruciating pains of gouty arthritis knows there are no quick fixes for joint pain relief from gout attacks. The next best thing is to provide a variety of home care aids to help the unfortunate patient cope during an attack while waiting for various medications and supplements to kick in.

Below is a list of home care solutions that can be easily implemented enabling a person disabled with gout to maintain his or her dignity and remain somewhat independent.

Foot Baths

Foot baths using Epsom salts soothe painful feet, relieve some of the swelling and inflammation and provide a natural remedy for gout. Add some organic apple cider vinegar for an additional soothing, natural gout cure.

Use lukewarm water in a footbath large enough to comfortably place both feet in the container. Add half a cup each of Epsom salts and apple cider vinegar to the water. Soak for 20 minutes as many times during the day as needed.

Making the Patient Ambulatory

Giving the gout patient a way to move around the house freely saves his dignity and allows him to help himself during a gout attack.

• Purchase a rolling secretary chair. Be sure it has a large enough seat to be comfortable and offers adequate back support. Check to be sure the wheels are secure and roll freely on floors. The chair should have five wheels for best balance. Be sure the chair seat height is adjustable. This is a great way to get around the house during gout attacks. Consider removing carpeting from the area where the gout patient spends most of his time and keeping floors bare to make movement easier. Chairs move easier on hardwood or vinyl floors. Measure to be sure chair will fit easily through doors and hallways. An individual can sit in a chair like this and scoot around with the foot that isn't hurting, allowing her freedom of movement.
• Remove high thresholds from doorways between rooms to allow for rolling chairs or walkers to pass easily. Replace with thin metal threshold strips that lay flush to the floor or smooth and leave the section flat without a threshold strip.
• Install a ramp to make it easier to navigate steps. If there are too many steps for a ramp, install a chair rail system on your stairs.
• Keep a cane on hand to help with walking when the gout sufferer is feeling unsteady. Using a cane is great to help steer and push the rolling chair when one's legs are too week to do so.
• Buy a walker with wheels and a seat -- called a rollator -- for those who suffer frequent gout attacks. These can take the place of rolling chairs, although not quite as comfortable. Always make sure they are equipped with easy-to-work hand brakes and that the walker will fit through doors, hallways and around furniture.


Provide Ways to Relieve Pressure on Feet for Gout Pain Relief

Make sure the person suffering from joint pain due to gout or arthritis has a way to relieve the pain by removing all pressure from the inflamed joint.

• Keep legs elevated on a stool that is the same height as the chair seat and place a pillow under the legs to relieve pressure on painful ankles and heels during gouty arthritis attacks.
• Wrap feet and ankles gently in a light weight cloth to keep warm and draft free.
• Purchase a blanket support for the foot of the bed to hold blankets high above the feet and lower legs. Reduce all pressure and contact from sheets and blankets which may create excruciating pain on gouty swellings.
• Buy special shoes or slippers that are at least one size larger. The sole should be flat and firm, not flimsy. A sturdy foot bed offers great support and joint pain relief and the larger toe box allows for swollen feet to slip in and out easily. Those with natural sheepskin linings are incredibly comfortable and soothing offering a safe, secure place for feet during painful gout attacks.

Shower Stools for Bathing

Standing in a shower during a gout attack is simply impossible. Supply a sturdy shower or tub chair for the patient so he can rest comfortably while bathing and maintain his dignity. This can also be used for foot baths taken in the tub. Be sure it’s heavy duty enough to support the person’s weight and the legs are adjustable.

Supplying a person with home care solutions and natural treatments for arthritis and gout during an attack makes life easier and helps healing to progress more naturally.

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Copyright 2012 Jean JB Bardot, all rights reserved worldwide

About the author:

JB Bardot is trained in herbal medicine and homeopathy, and has a post graduate degree in holistic nutrition. Bardot cares for both people and animals, using alternative approaches to health care and lifestyle. She writes about wellness, green living, alternative medicine, holistic nutrition, homeopathy, herbs and naturopathic medicine.

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