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Nutritional Weight Loss Tips from Holistic Chef Barry - The Grain of Truth Problem

by Holistic Chef Barry

(The Best Years in Life) We have choices to make in everything including our chosen diet plan that has been more or less highjacked by the process fake food industry.

In order for the big process food multi national giants to make profit over you and over everyone else they had no choice but to remove all of the essential elements of life from every grain and seed on planet Earth to make a dead long shelf life product devoid of the natural enzymes and antioxidants that Nature provides.

Their finished selling product that is left in the end is missing natures essential nutrients for your good health named 1- the Germ about 10 percent of the seed or grain which is the life force of every seed and grain responsible for germination of all life. 2- The Endosperm which takes up about 90 percent of the seed or grains inside body . And 3- the outer husk or dietary bran that is the essential missing organic element in all processed foods.

Often Natures organic vitamins and minerals taken out of the processed fake product is replaced with synthetic versions invented in some lab most often in a foreign country. America is consuming 80 percent of the world supply of synthetics including GMOs Genetically Modified Organisms with out any studies by the FDA or any agency for long term human safety . Yes we are being experimented on through our food supply for profit.

The starchy stripped foods if you can even call it food? Is sold to you for retail marked up prices that can sit on a supermarket shelf indefinitely for years .

On top of this is the undigestible protein Gluten that causes so many problems of unexplained symptoms in the general population that is almost impossible to diagnose from Main Stream Medicine today. Over time this simple carbohydrate starchy foods stripped of all life will accumulate inside your body and cause overweight and obesity if left unchecked.

The slow and insidious journey is not even noticed by most people including myself . I was so busy with my career chasing the American Dream to make it as a professional Cartoon Animator for all the major Hollywood studios so many years ago that I neglected my health and body for the love of success and money and all material wealth.

Living with morbid obesity fatness for 10 years with all the associated pain with symptoms and self low esteem I was feeling hopeless and not believing back then that I had any way out of the mess that I was in.

My most addictive additive in the process fake food industry to completely eliminate from my diet was refined white sugar and sodium chloride ( Table Salt ) that this commercial refined industry is adding to everything across the board to make you eat more and your body will never be satisfied. The simple carbs turn to sugar and the sugar turns to fat in your body.

I see it all the time ! Many health websites are slamming the meats eggs and dairy for obesity . Sorry but this is incorrect and I will explain a lot more to you in my up coming free New Years gift to you entitled "The World's Most Powerful Weight Loss Program Ever!" For 2014, 20 pages plus written by Barry Anderson aka Holistic Chef Barry soon to be published some time in January of this year .

Remember about the 3 mentioned essential ingredients of 1-Germ.2- Endosperm and 3- Fiber that the corporate big food giants are stripping out of our foods to make the end product sell better to you having a long shelf life that does not require any refrigeration or short expiry date on the product .

They turn around and take these left over by products and re sell it back to you for even more profit. Example would be the blackstrap molasses left over from the sugar cane industry used for making refined white sugar. The endosperm is used in other products and live stock feed. And the fiber is resold to you as bran for additional profits for them . Very convenient and profitable for the process food industry to separate all this good food from Nature and to capitalize on separate parts of nature instead of selling you Nature in its entirety and in its wholeness to you .

Your solution is to eat less of their detrimental foods or even better boycott them all for your better health like I do today For most people it will be a difficult journey to take and believe me I know what it feels like but it is one journey worth taking for losing your excess weight and for feeling better about your self.

Your Weight Loss Expert and Life Partner Holistic Chef Barry

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About the author:

Holistic Chef Barry is the moniker chosen by holistic chef Barry Anderson, who hails from Phuket, Thailand - where he is the ownder and manager of the Garden Villa Phuket.

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