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Robert Redfern's Health Blog

The Causes, Prevention and Solutions for Gum Disease

by Robert Redfern

Dear Reader,

There are so many important topics that I could write about (partly because I get so many questions) and it really is difficult to decide what to cover. Usually something triggers the thoughts and then the rest becomes easy. Today’s topic, cleaning teeth, applies to your whole family. At first this seems a simple topic but believe it or not, by getting it right you may save your life - and not just your teeth!

This came from a question that I have edited - at first it seemed to have nothing to do with teeth, but please read it:

  Dear Robert,

Six months ago, I went for a breast half-body thermography, as I didn’t want a mammogram. The thermographer interpreted the results of the thermographs, and because there were signs of chronic inflammation at the bases of the carotid arteries and some other inflammation, (possibly to do with periodontal disease/inflammation?), she suggested Serrapeptase (as well as an anti-inflammatory diet). I was already on the supplements, but have now let myself run out of everything and am wondering what I should take going forward. I am female, 56 years old.

Mrs S.T.


Just to remind you, thermography is a method of using a highly sensitive heat camera that takes a photograph to identify breast and other diseases around the body. In this case it identified vascular disease in the carotid artery (neck) and the probable cause is periodontal (gum disease).

It has been well known for many years that heart attacks are often caused by an infection that entered the heart muscle via diseased gums. What is becoming clear with new research is that blockages in the arteries and particularly the carotid artery may contain the same infection. Therefore it is likely this infection could be a factor in the creation of the blockage.

My personal opinion with this infection is that it won’t do much harm in a healthy circulatory system but takes the opportunity to thrive when it finds an existing inflamed area in the artery, with a ready-made supply of food (high glucose). This then adds to the inflammation problem, accelerating the process of damage to the endothelium lining of the artery, necessitating a faster protective layer of cholesterol and calcium. This eventually forms the blockage to dangerous levels.

To be clear, diseased gums are the perfect entry for infection into the blood stream. In an inflamed high sugar system it will do serious harm

How do you keep the bad infections out of your blood stream?

Simply, you need to heal the damage and keep gums healthy.


Gum disease is caused by:

  1. Eating carbs and other high sugar foods/drinks.

  2. Not using spiral brushes between your teeth at the time of brushing.

  3. Not using a mouthwash to clear any infection causing the inflamed gums. Hydrogen peroxide from the pharmacy is a good choice.

Gum Disease is easily healed by:

  1. Stopping eating carbs and other high sugar foods/drinks completely.

  2. A Probiotic mixed into your foods to populate the mouth with protective friendly bacteria to keep the gums healthy.

  3. You will also need a Serrapeptase capsule, opened onto a spoon, to chew as this helps to clear the inflammation.

  4. There are studies that taking CoQ10 will help heal gum disease on its own but I strongly say this is optional compared to the first two things.

  5. Using spiral rubber brushes and a mouthwash.

  6. Introducing Coconut Oil into your diet to kill the bacteria that cause gum disease (use this for frying at high temperatures, as it’s much better than other oils). You can also rub this into your gums. This is great for all the family.

  7. Lastly, 1st Line Immune kits, 1 or 2 kits every 3 months to provide the first line of immune protection.

Make sure you look after your teeth and gums to help keep infection out of your body.

Please ask me questions on any of the above by clicking ‘Contact me’ at the top, select ‘Robert’s Questions’ and then click Next>. Here your questions will come through to me directly and I will answer in the strictest of confidence. 

Take good care of yourself,

Robert Redfern

Nutritionalist, Author & Broadcaster

PS. Remember to check out my eBooks here

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