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Natural Help to Relieve and Eliminate Hemorrhoids

by Tony Isaacs

Hemorrhoids are painful and swollen veins in the lower portion of the rectum or anus and can be either internal or external. Internal hemorrhoids occur at the beginning of the rectum just inside the anus. External hemorrhoids occur at the anal opening and may protrude outside of the anus.

Hemorrhoids result from increased pressure in the veins of the anus which causes the veins to bulge. Frequently hemorrhoid sufferers also have weak veins. The most common cause of hemorrhoids for men is straining during bowel movements. For women hemorrhoids are often caused by pregnancy and childbirth. Hemorrhoids may also result from constipation, sitting for long periods, poor posture and infections. In some cases they may be caused by diseases such as cirrhosis of the liver.

Symptoms of hemorrhoids include anal itching, pain or aches in the anal area (especially while sitting), pain during bowel movements, one or more hard lumps in the vicinity of the anus and bright red blood on toilet tissue, in the stool, and/or in the toilet bowl.

To avoid hemorrhoids:

• Eat a healthy diet which includes plenty of fiber.

• Avoid sitting for too long at a time and maintain proper.

• Keep your weight down to prevent strain.

• Drink plenty of water to keep hydrated and reduce constipation.

To help with some of the problems associated with hemorrhoids:

• Wear cotton undergarments.

• Avoid toilet tissue with perfumes or colors.

• Try not to scratch the area.

• Sit down in a bathtub with warm water or else a sitz bath.

• Use stool softeners to help reduce straining and constipation.

Here is a fast natural remedy that may help you conquer hemorrhoids:

1. Start drinking water and do it slowly. If you gulp down water you’re going to urinate most of it out.

2. Take supplemental iodine and cayenne pepper to help strengthen veins. Cayenne also rebuilds stomach tissue and iodine is also good for irritable bowel and other conditions which may aggravate hemorrhoids.

3. After you've relieved yourself put very warm water in a sitz bath (not so hot that you burn yourself but it should be a little uncomfortable). Put the toilet seat up and place the sitz bath on the toilet itself (it should come with instructions) and make sure you have a towel within reach

4. Gently sit on the sitz bath and remain for five minutes. At the 4 minute mark reach in the bath with your hand and clean yourself off. After 5 minutes get up and dry yourself off and thoroughly wash your hands.

5. Next, grab a dry face cloth, place two ice cubes in the cloth. Find a comfortable place to rest and place the cloth against the anus. Hold it there for 5 minutes.

6. Repeat the sitz bath and ice cube procedures three more times.

7. Keep doing this until everything is healed. It normally takes a day and a half or so and you should feel dramatic results at the end of the first day.

Other items that can help with hemorrhoid problems are:

• As reported by noted MD Jonathan Wright, a mixture of 20 drops of SSKI (potassium iodide) and one ounce of flaxseed oil applied at bedtime works wonders.

• Wash two to three dried figs very well & soak in a glass of cold water overnight. Have them first thing in the morning and again in the evening. Hemorrhoid problems may be gone in two to three weeks.

• Mix two teaspoons each of fresh lime juice and olive oil and apply on effected area.

• Vitamin E oil applied to affected area as often as needed.

• Fresh mint leaves juice, lemon juice and honey taken orally three times a day.

• Drink boiled mashed ripe banana in one teacup milk two to three times daily.

• Vitamin B6 can help in just a day or two if hemorrhoids come from a B6 deficiency.

• Apply a crushed onion, which has been skinned and roasted, to dry and bleeding piles.

• Liquid Blistex.  Though not a natural item, liquid Blistex is soothing & relaxing, works much faster than Preparation-H and doesn’t have the awful embarrassing smell.

• Red tomato.  Slice a red tomato and place on hemorrhoids for about one hour. Repeat for several days as needed.

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