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     Hives are caused by mast cells dumping histamine into the skin’s blood vessels. This may be in response to allergies or chemicals. Poor gut flora tend to increase the number or allergies and chemical sensitivities that people have. Indeed, there seems to be many people with the “yeast syndrome” who experience hives.

     Use of larger amounts of a quality colloidal silver and pro-biotics will eliminate bad bacteria  and yeast conditions such as Candida and help replace it with good internal flora.  For more information, see Yeast Infections

Poor absorption of minerals can also be part of the problem. In particular, low magnesium will make you more susceptible to hives. Magnesium stabilizes mast cells. Thus more magnesium may reduce the amount of histamine that is released and may help prevent hives.

More remedies:

l     The moment you feel yourself start to break out in hives, take 1,000 mg of vitamin C and 500 mg of pantothenic acid. The combination of these supplements helps your body produce antihistamines, which fight hives. If the hives don't disappear after the first dose, take another dose every 10 minutes, up to three doses. The high vitamin C dose may cause diarrhea. Reduce your dose if this occurs.

l     Tea Tree Oil.  For hives, rinse the skin with cool water, and massage Tea Tree Oil into affected area three times daily.

l     Oatmeal.  A ten-minute soak in a lukewarm oatmeal bath can help relieve itching.

l     Rubbing an ice cube for a few minutes will constrict the blood vessel, prevent further blood leakage, and shrink the hive.

l     Stay cool and wear loose clothing, including shoes.

l     Do not eat tomatoes, shellfish, strawberries, or citrus fruits while you have hives.

l     Parsley.  Parsley inhibits histamine and can be blended into carrot juice to taste better.

l     Nettle.  Nettle in capsules contains enough histamine to help and not enough histamine to harm, while containing other substances that help heal hives. Take this three times a day.

l     Jewelweed.  Jewelweed can stop itching instantly when applied topically.

l     Apple cider vinegar.  Wash the skin several times a day with vinegar water: 1/4 quart apple cider vinegar to two quarts water.

l     Vitamin C and vitamin B-12.  Vitamin C and vitamin B-12 will help ease hives from allergic symptoms and prevent recurrences. Beta Carotene is particularly effective for hives caused by the sun.

l     Evening primrose oil.  Two 500 mg capsules three times daily.

l     An antihistamine (cold or allergy medicine, but read the label to be sure this is listed) will help relieve hives.

l     A hive that doesn't go away after 24 hours or leaves a bruise behind is not a normal hive. For that, a doctor should check for thyroid disease.

l     Hives around the eyes or in the mouth, or difficulty breathing, are signals to get to an emergency room. (Hives in the throat can cause the throat to swell and close, bringing on suffocation.)

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