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(The Best Years in Life) Please do not laugh at this one but we are human and not machines! It is imperative that we listen to our bodies and make the proper corrections in time before all the damage is done.

For example at our Computer terminal or desk or lab top we must take lots short or even better long breaks preferably in the out of doors to protect our health from the following aliments.

When you sit at your computer for extended long periods of time your blood thickens becomes more sticky becomes you tend to drink less water for hydration and your lymphatic system is becoming sluggish and working less efficiently .

In hospitals patients that are bedridden have lymphatic systems shutting down completely and therefore an earlier demise for the patient is so unfortunate.

All joints and tendons become stiff and blood circulation is stagnate as well. Back pain from poor posture occurs resulting in pinched nerves and a good Chiropractor can relieve and make the adjustments but prevention is better than the cure.

When you work at your computer late at night you are robbing your self of melatonin the sleep hormone and this can create insomnia for you if you continue with this kind of habit.

What does Holistic Chef Barry do to prevent these impending chronic self inflicted conditions of the body caused by ongoing extended periods of sitting and working at the computer?

Chef Barry some times uses his hand phone alarm to tell him when to quit !! Yes some writers and Internet marketers and related fields of people become so focused in their work that track of time is lost and the damage is done and ongoing.

Every hour or at the most 2 hours Chef Barry shuts down his computer and leaves the upstairs office room to go out side into his garden.

Time spent away from the computer depends on how long he has been at the computer. It is a judgment call. Listen to your body!

How does Chef Barry spend his short breaks.

Walking the Dog (Named Lucky)
Creating a new culinary gourmet recipe in my Thai Earth Kitchen
Going for a nice steam sauna room experience in Land & Houses Park community club house . A nice 7 minute walk through floral garden parks to get there.
Working in the garden.
walking and jogging in the park. Interval training
Rebounding on a mini trampoline with light weights
Stretching and yoga moves in my out door garden pavilion
Call me crazy but I may dance to some music in my birthday suit in complete privacy of my garden Lol

Holistic Chef Barry

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About the author:

Holistic Chef Barry is the moniker chosen by holistic chef Barry Anderson, who hails from Phuket, Thailand - where he is the ownder and manager of the Garden Villa Phuket.

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