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Magnesium Makes Drugs Look Good!

by Carolyn Dean, MD ND

(The Best Years in Life) Here’s what I wrote in The Magnesium Miracle about the antagonism between magnesium and drugs.

“Ironically, one of the foremost magnesium experts, Mildred Seelig, M.D., began her research career in the 1960s working for drug companies. It was there she first noticed that many of the side effects of drugs were actually magnesium deficiency symptoms. It seemed to her that many drugs cause increased demand for and utilization of magnesium—for example, by creating acidity in the body, which then draws on available magnesium from the cells to try to neutralize the acid and minimize its toxic effects. Other drugs seemed to deplete magnesium from the body or, conversely, manifest their positive effects because they pulled magnesium from storage sites and increased the level of magnesium in the blood.”

So, in effect, when you take a drug, magnesium, like the true heroine she is, will rush in to help offset the drug damage. In doing so, you can experience some magnesium benefits. IN FACT, the so-called “beneficial” effects of many drugs may be due to this flood of magnesium. Of course, that can only happen for so long before a person’s magnesium stores are totally depleted. THEN, after 6-8 weeks the drug side effects really take hold. Sounds familiar doesn’t it. Drug companies MUST know this. They were told by Dr. Seelig in the 60’s what was happening. But they obviously didn’t listen to her. That’s why she quit and went full-time into magnesium research.

The following commonly used drugs can create magnesium deficiencies.

• Common diuretics (for high blood pressure)
• Bronchodilators, such as theophylline (for asthma)
• Birth control pills
• Insulin
• Digitalis (for some heart conditions)
• Tetracycline
• Corticosteroids (for asthma)
• Cocaine
• Nicotine
• Drugs containing fluoride

There are 15 classes of drugs and thus hundreds of prescription drugs using fluoride as an active ingredient. Prozac contains fluoride, which means that Prozac depletes magnesium every day that you take it. And if you’ve read The Magnesium Miracle you know that magnesium deficiency causes anxiety and depression.

How crazy is that –taking a drug that for a problem that is made worse by taking that drug! And the horror is that hundreds and hundreds of drugs have fluoride as part of their chemistry. Cipro is a drug that can cause tendon damage and magnesium can help heal that damage. I’ve written about this in the past. However, the basis of the damage in the first place is probably because Cipro is a fluoridated drug and causes magnesium depletion that puts your tendons at risk.

I hope most of you are awake enough to hear this wake up call to take care of your health and take magnesium and RnA Drops. Go to my Recommended Supplements link to see the various types of magnesium and where to get them. My Online Wellness Program is the perfect way to guide you toward a healthy lifestyle that keeps you out of the hospital and out of doctor’s offices. To help feed your kids good food that they will eat: Get Jennifer Hawkins: Healthy Kids Cookbook.

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Dr. Carolyn Dean, The Doctor of the Future

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Dr. Carolyn Dean

Dr. Dean's not only a medical doctor, but also a naturopath, herbalist, acupuncturist, nutritionist, lecturer, consultant, author. Dr. Dean has been in the forefront of health issues for over 30 years. Click here to read more about her work experience.

She graduated from Dalhousie Medical School in 1978, holds a medical license in California and is a graduate of  The Ontario College of Naturopathic Medicine – now the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine (CCNM) in Toronto. She served on the board of Governors of the CCNM for six years. For more information on her education click here.

Dr. Dean has authored or coauthored over thirty books, including How To Change Your Life With Magnesium, Future Health Now! Encyclopaedia, Death by Modern Medicine: Seeking Safe Solutions, The Magnesium Miracle, The Yeast Connection and Women’s Health, IBS for DUMMIES, IBS Cookbook for DUMMIES andHormone Balance. For a complete listing of her published work click here.

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