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Natural Ways to Combat Snoring

by Danielle Ward

(The Best Years in Life) Suffering from sleep related problems and impaired sleep could result in a variety of harmful illnesses. Lack of sleep can create havoc on the body and result in severe hormonal imbalances as well as stress. Stress manifests physically in the body in the form of ailments. One major sleep related problem is snoring.

What is snoring?

When you’re breathing and airway gets partially obstructed while sleeping, this obstruction results in snoring. Snoring is a harsh, rumbling and coarse sound that occurs while you are sleeping.

What causes snoring?

As hilarious as a snoring father may seem to a child, snoring may in fact be a symptom of a severe underlying illness. Several factors can result in snoring:

  • A cold

  • Anatomy of the mouth and sinuses

  • Consumption of sleeping pill or even alcohol before bed time

  • Excessive body weight/obesity

  • Obstructed nasal airway

  • Long soft uvula

How do I naturally combat snoring?

There are a variety of simple and quick ways to naturally combat snoring, some of these include:

  • Modifying the sleeping position: Sleeping on your back can be one of the causes of snoring. The vibrating sound caused while sleeping is often due to the collapse of the tongue and soft palate to the back wall of the throat. This collapse occurs particularly when one sleep on their back. To combat snoring, changing your sleeping position is recommended. Instead of lying on your back at night, sleep on your side. If you automatically tend to roll over on your back, consider investing in a body pillow, which will ensure that you sleep on your side. Alternatively, a quick home remedy to prevent you from rolling on to your back is to tape 2 tennis balls on your back. So every time you roll over to your back, you are bound to roll right back to your side.

  • Lose Weight: For all those who have suddenly gained large amounts of weight, consider losing some of those extra pounds. Weight gain can trigger snoring, particularly if you weren’t a snorer before and have recently started snoring after the weight gain. Weight gain around the neck results in the throat’s internal diameter getting squeezed, which further results in snoring.

  • Avoid fluids of any kind 2 hours before bed: Drinking fluids before bedtime results in frequent awakening to relieve the bladder. This can cause sleep trouble. Besides this, consumption of alcohol or a sedative before bedtime results in relaxation of the throat muscles, which reduces the body’s defense mechanism against airway obstruction, resulting in snoring? Thus avoid any kind of fluids before bedtime including alcohol to ensure that your sleep does not get disrupted and you don’t end up snoring.

  • Nasal strips: Adhesive strips widen the area of the nasal passage, resulting in reduced snoring. Nasal strips also assist in preventing blockage of the airway, resulting in reduced or virtually no snoring.

  • Treat nasal congestion or obstruction: A deviated septum results in limited airflow through the nose, resulting in snoring. Ask your medical practitioner today on how to resolve the problem of your deviated septum, through surgery or otherwise.

  • Some additional effective ways to combat snoring is to have a regular exercise routine and maintain a healthy diet.

What are the health risks of Snoring?

Some of the underlying illnesses of snoring include:

  • Sleep Apnea: Sleep Apnea is a dangerous and lethal sleeping disorder (if left untreated for prolonged periods of time). The symptoms of sleep apnea are pauses in breathing while sleeping. Each pause can last up to a minutes and sleep apnea also results in snoring. There are 3 types of sleep apnea. The airway of a person suffering from sleep apnea gets obstructed.

  • Snoring may also result in higher chances of a heart attack or stroke. Prolonged sleep apnea that has been left untreated has proven to show a spike on blood pressure levels, which results in the enlargement of the heart further resulting in a heart attack or stroke.

  • Reduced oxygen levels in the blood, which result in hypertension and constricted blood vessels in the lungs.

Is it normal to snore?

Absolutely not! Snoring is not normal, for the longest time snoring was never considered as a serious health issue, however it is. Besides the fact that you may be suffering from an illness, snoring also indicates towards a very poor quality life. Snoring can result in low oxygen levels in the blood, heart attacks and strokes if left untreated for a long period. On a less serious note, snoring is an indicator that there is something not right in your body somewhere, be it excessive weight, alcoholism or even addictions to sedatives.

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About the author:

Danielle Ward is a professional blogger and fitness expert who writes for, covering topics around health, fitness, nature, science, adventure and more.


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