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l     Water and white wine vinegar.  Stir one tablespoon. of white wine vinegar into a glass of water and sip slowly. Reported to work much better than peppermint or ginger.

l     Dill pickle juice.  Pour some dill pickle juice in a cup and sip it slowly. It should help get rid of the nausea feeling. Take one sip and then drink the rest of the juice. You only need to drink a half/cup full. It works wonders.

l     Lemon.  Simply smell a sliced lemon to help relieve queasiness.

l     Saltine crackers.  Eat a few saltines. The cracker absorbs excess in your stomach If you ever had chemistry you would know that the salt (sodium chloride) is an electrolyte, which should restore the body’s ability to conduct electricity, which will also help.

l     Coffee.   Drink coffee with no cream or sugar.

l     All natural peppermint oil.  Put one or two drops of peppermint oil on your finger and rub it on your gums and on your tongue until it is gone off of your finger. It helps almost instantly!

l     Coca Cola Syrup.  This can be found at any pharmacy. Pour one to two tablespoons over crushed ice and sip slowly. Nausea should be gone very shortly. Also safe to take during pregnancy. Children may take one to two teaspoons over crushed ice.

l     Kool aid. Just a glass of kool aid can help cure your nausea. And it does work!

l     Corn syrup.  When you are feeling a little nauseous use an old time great grandma’s remedy.  Take two tablespoons of corn syrup and that sick feeling should disappear!  It even works for morning sickness

l     Black toast (*very* black - like charcoal). Nibble it in tiny amounts when you're nauseated, and it will absorb stomach acids and help you to feel less nauseated. Activated charcoal tablets from a health food store will serve the same purpose.

l     After a bout of vomiting or diarrhea, two things: You need to restore your electrolyte balance (levels of sugar and sodium in the blood), and you need to replace lost protein. Drink sports drinks, like Gatorade or Powerade or similar (Pedialyte, Maxim Electrolyte), to restore your electrolyte balance. If the flavor is too strong, add water.  You can also freeze it to make ice cubes or popsicles to suck on when you're nauseated.  Another good thing to have after vomiting is egg-drop soup.  It helps to restore your electrolyte balance as well, but it also provides you with an easily absorbed protein (egg) in a bland dish. This should help you to feel stronger faster.

l     Fresh ginger root and a can of 7-Up or Sprite.  Put the ˝ teaspoon of freshly grated ginger in the soda pop and just drink

l     Table Salt.  Shake a small amount of salt onto you fingertip and eat. Works every time.

l     Lemon, chamomile, olive oil and water.  Make a drink from water, a little olive oil and lemon and drink one-two teaspoon every five minutes.

l     Chamomile & mint tea.  Mint settles the stomach and chamomile calms the nerves.

l     Rice and water.  Boil 1 to 2 cup of rice in one cup of water for about 10-20 minutes, then drain the water into a cup and sip it until all symptoms are gone.  Reported by many sources to be very effective.

























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