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A new skin cancer remedy that hasn’t been outlawed (yet)


by Paul Fassa
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(The Best Years in Life) Despite the fact that there are safe and effective topical remedies for skin cancer, the only recourse for most until the past few years has been to undergo the medical mafia’s treatments or break the law.

The medical mafia is that network of AMA, FDA, and Big Pharma. They conspire to eliminate effective and safe remedies in order to force their ineffective, toxic, but patented procedures enabling their inventors to get wealthy in a few years off of royalties and enriching Big Pharma from their international sales.

Your options for skin cancer within the medical mafia are topical chemotherapy creams that often harm healthy skin or surgery that disfigures and scars for life.

Outside the medical mafia there are safe and effective solutions, but you’d have to travel to the Bio-Medical Clinic in Tijuana, Mexico to get Harry Hoxey’s herbal solution or go to Ecuador for Greg Canton’s Cansema salve since his company is no longer allowed to ship it into the U.S.

There have been a few other such stories of healers hounded to death, imprisoned, or exiled by the medical mafia for curing skin and other cancers. But I’ll save all that for a book someday.

Perhaps the most effective skin cancer remedy is the most illegal. It’s Rick Simpson’s hemp oil, with THC cannabinoids. He used it topically to cure his skin cancer, which the Canadian medical system couldn’t handle.

Then he discovered other uses for other diseases, even cancer, by ingesting a drop of this highly condensed oil once or twice a day.

Rick never charged for helping his Nova Scotia small town neighbors who couldn’t be cured conventionally. He even tried to sway the Canadian medical system to use it. But alas, Big Pharma couldn’t patent it, so they threatened Rick with prison if he didn’t stop helping his neighbors free of charge.

Besides, think of all the money various factions of the cancer industry would lose if an inexpensive cure already existed. Rick openly realized they don’t want a cure. More on that saga here.

Good News: A Safe and Effective Solution is Available Legally

Enter UK physician and biochemist Dr. Bill Cham, MD, PhD. He discovered that many Australian rural veterinarians were using a folk remedy derived from the Australian Devil’s Apple plant to cure farm animals’ skin cancers.

Dr. Cham observed this and decided to use his PhD biochemist skills to analyze the active compounds of the Australian Devil’s Apple plant remedy. He isolated the phytonutrient glycocides and glycoalkaloids contained Devil’s Apple as the active anti-cancer compounds

The glycoalkaloids penetrate cancer cells selectively and destroy them. Normal cells are left alone. Then he discovered that these same compounds were in eggplant to a lesser degree. He used eggplants, which were more available in England, to create his BEC-5 ointment.

BEC-5 has proven highly effective for non-melanoma cancers like Basal cell carcinomas (BCC), and potentially malignant cancers like Squamous cell carcinomas (SCC), Keratosis, Keracanthomas, and sun spots. Currently, there are no BEC-5 claims for the more rare and dangerous melanoma skin cancer.

Dr. Cham claims a high, safe cure rate, 80% or more if applied correctly and long enough with non-melanoma skin cancers from his own clinical testing. Detractors claim there are no published reports in medical journals. Well, here’s a pdf report from a London, England dermotology study.

Dr. Jonathon Wright has endorsed Dr. Cham’s BEC5 product, and even sold it online from his clinic. It is sold on line as Curaderm skin cream for a little over $100 per tube. Pricey, but only a very little is applied each time.

For sure, there is some controversy around Dr. Cham and his product. What would you expect from an invasion on the medical mafia’s toxic monopoly? Everything you need to know about the BEC-5 cream, with some interesting videos, including one of Dr. Mercola on the Oz show, is available on this site.

Do It Yourself Solution

The homemade remedy involves a solution of vinegar and eggplant that extracts the same phytonutrients found in Devil’s apple and the BEC-5 cream. This is provided for educational purposes only. I’m sure the cream is your best choice. But if your situation is mild, here’s what you can try.

There are forum reports of success with this home made version. Some have used white vinegar, while others recommend raw organic apple cider vinegar. Get a medium sized eggplant and grind it up.

Put that into a glass jar and fill it up with the vinegar. Place the jar into the refrigerator. After around three days with the white vinegar, the liquid should turn to a brownish gold color. That indicates it's ready to use. Apple cider vinegar is already a similar color, but three days seasoning in a refrigerator should be enough.

Apply it directly to warts, blemishes, and minor tumors often with a cotton ball, or secure the soaked cotton onto the tumor with tape. Treatment may take a few weeks or more. The commercial BEC5 cream also works on warts and other skin conditions.

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About the Author:

Paul Fassa started looking into natural health to overcome his unhealthy lifestyle. Then he developed more interest as he researched his articles for Natural News and Align Life.

He is amazed at the ignorance of natural medicine and how beneficial foods and herbs are constantly ignored or vilified in order to promote toxic foods and meds by Big Pharma, the FDA, USDA, and the AMA, what he likes to call the "Medical Mafia".

His blog is - "Healthmaven: Escape from the Medical Mafia Matrix." His Natural News articles can be reviewed here:

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