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An Oleander and Natural Remedies Success Story Worth Sharing

Posted September 24th at the Oleandersoup Yahoo Health Group:

Good Day Dr. Marc:

Just wanted to let you know that I received OPC yesterday, on September 23, 2010.  It was shipped on September 13, 2010.  I thought that it would be helpful to note the travel time.  Me and my mother really appreciate U.  ...very much.

We are both doing well.  My mother is looking vibrant!  We both feel well and can notice improvements in our sleep, energy, calmness, skin, hair.  We are following the regiments of OPC, Oxygen Therapy, Dr. Hulda Clark Protocol, Bob Beck Protocol, Liver De-toxing, and eating nothing processed.  We are believers.  The last information on Alpha Lipoic Acid, Tumeric, and NAC has been followed and has been effective. 

I am about ready to do a parasite cleanse (Black Walnut, Wormwood, Cloves, Ginger Root, Uva Ursi, Goldenrod, and zapping).  I have done this before and it is great but difficult to complete correctly.  I would like my mother to have it as well to kill parasites, and other pathogens.  I am also taking Grapefruit Seed Oil occasionally.

I showed my mother the envelope from South Africa.  She smiled.  I told her how instrumental U were in resolving the pancreatitis, and gall stones. the way... is all gone.  Mainly it was resolved with liver cleanses, amino acids, juices and diet.  She is also off of the Cholesterol medicine, Simvastatin.  I have replaced that with 3 cayenne capsules and cooking with cayenne.

It is challenging to keep all of this protocol stuff organized, yet it is adventurous.  Following these protocols is extremely rewarding in a number of additional, ...more important ways:

1.  Faith is increased:  With faith, you can work through all negativity and doubts, with regard to healing and alternative medicine.

2.  Trust becomes easier and more precise:  Even in the alternative world, there is a lot of misinformation and corruption.  With Determination (#3) you learn from prior unwise choices and directions, what and who not to trust.  It ultimately becomes instinctive that you are magnetically pulled to truth, and trust comes easy.  It begins to become quite fulfilling to trust someone, as with U, Luella, Tony, Dr. Clark...  You become exhilarated by trusting...."in spite of..."

3.  Determination:   This journey is not for the weak.  You must be ignited and passionate in your pursuit of peace, health, and Love.  Faith carries you through.

4.  Connection is stronger:  To truly benefit from alternative healing, reaping all of the residual benefits, you must be connected to the universal flow of life.  This energy can be referred to as many things:  Divine, God, Spirit, The Universe, Aura, etc.  But is REAL-ER when you see it without definition, personification, or image.  Believing in and living in alternative healing gives you connection to this impenetrable energy.  An in pursuing it, U are blessed.  We are all blessed to be in this circle together.

We are so blessed by you and by all the other wonderful souls connected to U.

My dream is to one day visit you with my mother.  ...don't know how...  ...but I don't have dream.

Warmest Regards,


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Your hosts Tony Isaacs and Luella Isaacs

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