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The plant you need to make your own home remedy for cancer, hepatitis-C & more may be growing in your back yard!  Read all about this proven  remedy plus much more on how to naturally beat illness and live a longer, healthier and happier life.

Sutherlandia OPC

Cancer and HIV fighter and immune booster from South Africa

OPC Plus

From the makers of Sutherlandia OPC with 33% more oleander extract

The Best Colloidal Silver
on the Planet

Contains about 30 ppm of .9999 pure silver in de-ionized water.  Silver inhibits the growth of one-celled organisms, (such as bacteria and viruses) by deactivating the organism's oxygen metabolism enzymes. In turn, this destroys its' cell membranes, stopping the replication of its' DNA.

RM-10 Mushroom Immune Defense

Garden of Life's proprietary blend of 10 mushrooms , plus Cat's Claw and Poten_zyme selenium. Use referral code XOT949  for $5 off your first order.

SenTraMin 75 Powdered Plant Derived Mineral Capsules

Rockland's world famous plant derived minerals are now available in vegetable capsules. Each capsule contains 400 milligrams of approximately 75 minerals in their concentrated powdered form

Cell Forte Max3

Triple-strength Cell Forté® MAX3 features an exclusive combination essential for regulating healthy cell development and delivering life-changing results. Cell Forté dramatically increases natural killer-cell activity and boosts the cells' defenses. Maitake has been shown  to nutritionally support the growth of healthy cells. Cat's claw is clinically studied to benefit both the natural and acquired immune systems, plus enhance critical B- and T-cell effectiveness.

The Krill Miracle™

The Krill Miracle™

Concentrated Omega 3, 6 & 9, Many Times More Powerful than Fish Oil

Membrane Complex

Membrane Complex is one of Dr. Hans Nieper's formulas containing magnesium, calcium and potassium that supports the following systems:

Cardiovascula, Lymphatic, Epthelial (skin), Digestive, Hormonal, Immune, Muscular, Nervous, Renal, Respiratory, Sensory and Skelatal.

Vitamin D3


Garden of Life Primal Defense

A natural blend of 12 species of probiotics and Homeostatic Soil Organisms (HSOs).  Guards against cachexia, helps support normal gastrointestinal balance of good and potentially harmful bacteria, and maximizes the benefits of a healthy diet by supporting normal absorption and assimilation of nutrients in the gut. Use referral code XOT949  for $5 off your first order from iHerb.


Olive Leaf Extract?

Olive Leaf Extract

Powerful Support Against Symptoms of Viruses and Bacterias

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The Best Years in Life

Beating & Preventing HIV/AIDS

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Testimonials From People Who Have Used Oleander Based Supplements for HIV/AIDS

Following are unsolicited testimonials in chronological order which have been collected by Naturopathic PhD Marc Swanepoel since June, 2008 from people who have used the oleander based supplement Sutherlandia OPC from South Africa for HIV/AIDS. Please note that this is not intended as a solicitation to purchase SOPC (though we recommend it most highly), but rather as examples of how oleander has been successful with many people around the world.  Plus, people are always asking for testimonials and success stories.

In addition to the SOPC supplements from South Africa, one can make their own oleander extract at home - see and - as well as purchase a similar supplement, OPC Plus (which is made by the same pharmaceutical manufacturing company that makes SOPC), from the Utopia Silver Supplement Company in the United States.

HIV/AIDS Testimonials

Dear Marc, you might remember, I was talking to you about our gardener John not so long ago. John suddenly became very ill and we consequently found out that he was HIV pos with a CD4 count of 16. To tell you the truth, at the time I really feared that he had gone to a point of no return and would not make it till the end of that week. He had trouble breathing and his kidneys started to fail. He had been on ARVs for about 3 days by the time we started giving him the S-OPC+NAC/vit C. This past Friday (week and a half later) he was released from hospital and is doing quite well and getting a little stronger every day. I am sure the ARVs are doing their bit but I am also totally convinced that the S-OPC is playing a big part in his recovery. In about a month time I would like to have his CD4 count assessed again so we can see, if we are on the right track. I have hope again that he will see his children grow up... Thank you so much for your product and your advice.

E. T. – 24 Nov 09

Dear Marc, our gardener is doing better every day. To tell you the truth, thinking a few weeks back, I would have never believed he would recover like this.

E. T. – 9 Dec 09


I want to thank u 4ur OPC HERB. My C.D 4 Count went up from 199 to 251 within 1.months and half. Your medicine works wonders.
L. L. – 25 March 2010


Marc my name is Derek Dunlap and I live in the United States. My cd4 count was 200 with a Viral load of 250.000. After taking your Sutherlandia OPC product for only 90 days my cd4 is now 458 and my viral load is 9000. WOW is all I can say. God is so good. Thank you so much for a great product.

D. D. – 9 June 2010


I started on your Sutherlandia OPC on Nov 15 of last year for my HIV condition, taking 2 per day. At that time,my cd4 was 192,with a vl of 2580.My January 2010 lab results showed a cd4 0f 510 with no vl. My May 2010 results was cd4 of 371.I am wondering why my cd4 results went down. I did have a ct of my head about 2 weeks ago, because for the last 2 months or so, I have been having headaches. The ct results showed a 'spot' on my right frontal bone area, as my Dr. described it. My Dr thinks it may be a cyst that may need draining. I am scheduled for a bone scan this upcoming Friday to confirm that. I mention this because I am wondering whether this may be a reason that my cd4 count went down. In view of this, I have increased my OPC to 6 per day.

W. L. – 16 June 2010


I am doing very well, stronger than before and the medical doctor can't believe it that I refused to use ARV's and I did'nt die. Instead I gained weight and became more energetic than before. It’s now 4-months and I haven’t visited the doctor because am healthy.

Thanx 4ur good work of saving lives. Be blessed.....Good day.

L. L. – 12 July 2010


Your stuff is doing well in KZN. Some people have told me of their instant recovery from being bed-ridden to walking. I’m taking the stuff myself and my cholesterol level dropped from 7.2 to 4.7

S. K. – 13 July 2010


I am a former purchaser of the S/OPC. I had purchase it for a friend who is HIV/AIDS infected. When she started the product she was already wasting, with skeletal frame and sunken eyes. She took the S/OPC for 6 months and I was amazed to see the significant improvements in her appearance. Unfortunately she left the country and I haven't heard from her since. I do not know if she is still purchasing and using the product. I hope she is. While she was here I did the purchasing for her.

Anyway, I was so impressed with what I saw that I started passing the news around to whom ever will listen.

M. J. - 2 Sept 2010


Good Day Dr Swanepoel

I am very well.

There is another kid 9 years old. She was a walking skeleton on ARVs, still is. I give her the S/OPC powder (two capsules) mixed in water once a day and pick up the hydration in the body. I cannot tell you what she is like now. Two weeks and she is looking like a small girl should. Her fluffy hair has improved, the death in her face has jumped over the fence and left her.

I look at her with pain that she is made to know and believe that ARVs are her way out and that she will die in the long run. It is going to take building the body and the soul for this young girl to have hope.

The most grateful thing I have about meeting you is that what you did for me, you are able to do unto others who you have not met. That is the biggest blessing that God has given to your scientific creation.

I always say scientists and doctors who practice the truth like yourself, are holding the missing piece of the puzzle that God gave only to them. Through them the rest shall see the puzzle complete.

God Bless you. I will get the girl to see the whole picture of the puzzle. I am doing for her free but you are paying the cost..

Thank you

O. M. P. – 06 October 10


I am still going strong and I think this is working for me. I was using NAC, and Sutherlandia OPC and my count is going up - still not on medication. Your advice and of course the medication is really good and keeping me going. I really feel  healthy.

M. M. – 10 January 2011


We are really doing very well.  My mother has had multiple labs.  Nearly every test on her labs are normal.....about 95% in range.  Of the 5 % out of range, it is only a point or two off....within the margin of error.  Her labs look like that of a healthy 50 year-old, though she is 92.

As for me.  I feel and look great!  I am so confident that I am not a slave to lab reports.  I have not had HIV labs done in over a year.  Again, I feel and look great!

K. V. – 29 January 2011


(Before ordering) One of my siblings has developed an itching skin, it's becoming rough and painful. She says it may be due to Kaposi's Sarcoma, a skin tumor disease which is related to HIV. Can Sutherlandia OPC deal with such a condition?

E. M. – 6 February 2011

(One week after starting S/OPC) My sister, for whom I placed an order, is developing terrible skin rashes all over her body. I have faith that upon continuation of her taking SOPC, all the rashes will be gone in no time

E. M. – 22 February 2011

My sister is doing fine and the rashes are gone


E. M. – 07 June 2011


Hello Dr. Your Sutherlandia OPC has helped lift my cd4 count from 150 in November to 205 in January, thank you very much.

J. M. – 18 February 2011


I have been taking 2 capsules of Sutherlandia OPC per day for the last 5 weeks and my viral load for Hepatitis B is down by 60%.

B. S. – 21 April 2011


The herbal mixture has worked very well. I like the protocol and I feel great. My viral load is lower from  2,500,000 to 936.000 over a period of 2 months and CD4's were maintained at 300. I have done the liver cleanse and it has been amazing.

R. A. – 23 May 2011


I can confidently say that using Sutherlandia OPC has significantly improved my HIV condition, as well as my overall health.  I have a better understanding about what is required now…holistic effort…Body, Mind, and Spirit.  Until recently, I had not had blood work done in over 3 years.  I just got results back today and am happy to say that my CD4 improved by over 73 %.  My viral load improved by over 40 %.

I am sure that the S/OPC, along with other cleansing and lifestyle changes, were the key to my success.  On these regiments, I was consistent.  I know that I will improve even further too.

K. V. – 28 June 2011 


Thanks for the good job your doing. That S/OPC stops headaches. I have tried it a number of times by giving it to a friend who had serious headaches and it did wonders. For now I am in safe hands!! I stopped ARVs because of the horrible side effects and kidney damage I was getting.

L. L. – 08 Aug 2011


I thought I would share some exciting results with you. As you know I started GcMAF injections on July 17, 2011. I started taking antioxidants as per your suggestions in June 2011 and I added Sutherlandia OPC at the end of July/the beginning of August. I get blood tests from 3 clinics: 1 state and 2 private.

Right now I am waiting for the results from my state clinic, which established a reference point for CD4 count (393, 31%) on June 15, 2011. Since there are long lines and too much stress in attending the state clinic I attended 2 private labs for general and immunological blood analyses. Now I can show you 2 consecutive results from the same lab with the same method after I began trying GcMAF, antioxidants and herbs (S/OPC) and magnetic pulsing and laser therapy.

These date are from my medical blood tests done by Eurolab at 2 different dates for your reference:

Statistic                                             27/7/11           14/9/11           Normal

T-helpers/T-inductors CD3+, CD4+         27.92%             35%                  30%-45%

T-helpers/T-inductors CD3+, CD4+         0.43*10^9          0.55*10^9          (0.36-1.35)*10^9

T-supressors/T-cytotoxic CD3+, CD8+   44.5%               36.48%             20%-35%

T-supressors/T-cytotoxic CD3+, CD8+   0.69*10^9          0.57*10^9          (0.24-1.05)*10^9

Index T-helpers/T-supressors, Th/Ts       0.63                  0.96                  1.20-2.30                                              

I am very excited about the jump in CD4 count, better percentage and better ratio of CD4 to CD8. I am not sure which factor contribution was the most. I will order more of Sutherlandia OPC from you shortly. But I just wanted to present some first evidence to you and maybe get your feedback if any.

V. K. – 16 Sept 2011

I got the results from the state clinic now which also confirm a positive trend and improvement. Although the state clinic uses different equipment and has a different referential range my results have improved still. See for yourself:

Statistic         15/6/11                       14/9/11                                   Normal Range

CD4                     393                               581                                            450-1500

CD4, %                 31%                             29%                                            31%-60%

I don't know how meaningful is the percentage but the absolute number is very good and I am not on HAART.  You can refer to these results preserving my anonymity. I have documented evidence if needed for the above.

V. K. – 16 Sept 2011


Thanks again for a wonderful product and to let you know that CD4 count increased from 200 to 500

I.D. – 11 July 2012


Really appreciate your great service. My partner is radiantly healthy. Ever since he started Sutherlandia OPC (along with many other supplements you recommended such as NAC etc) he's been in the best health ever. Doesn't take any meds at all (for HIV). Have also recommended it to several others who are also doing really well. 

S.G. - 02 August 2013


The S/OPC is working well on my body. A lot of the sores are healing fast and my overall well being is great but  I am getting diarrhea  quite a bit. Is there any supplement I can take to combat this.
V.B. - 04 August 2013

You will recall that my first order was back in Dec 2013. I started with a CD4 count of 216 and then I went for a test in a mere 3 weeks after commencement of my Oleander therapy, barely 21 days into my commencement of Oleander therapy. The people at Lancet Laboratories criticized me sharply saying that I should NOT perform another blood test so soon after commencement of any therapy. They mentioned that I am wasting money as each test cost a lot and they reasoned that in any case the change/variation in results is NOT going to be anything earth-shattering in such a short space of time, but guess what . . I insisted on this test with all 4 of its components (Antibody Reactivity, CD4, Viral Load, CD4/CD8 ratio). And now for the results => CD4 went up to 583 !! That's nearly a triple of 216 !! From CD4 of 216 (borderline AIDS) to a value that's almost triple that much is hard to achieve let alone in 21 Days !!  I was awestruck :) :)  Impressive, isn't it ?? I will share with you more since fortunately I am one of those lucky people who can afford to go for these lab tests directly at my own discretion and cost without having to wait or ask my doctor for referrals/etc . . but I do discuss the results with my doc and I always order extra copies (Carbon Copies) of results that go directly to him direct from the Lab without me or anyone intercepting them. I also elected to voluntarily go for vital organ scans and X-Rays (Lung, Liver, Kidney) = All Clear !

T.M. – 6 May 2014 

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