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Peptic Ulcer and Why Office Employees Get It

A TBYIL guest article by Ryan Rivera

In today’s fast-paced and very busy environment, most people are confronted with situations where there health is put at stake. Due to their nature of work and their sheer dedication to it, some are forced to make their health not a priority.

One common disease that strikes to busy employees and professionals is peptic ulcer. It is a condition where the stomach linings develop lesions or erosions, thus causing mild to extreme abdominal pain. It is mainly caused by the Helicobacter pylori bacteria, which can be contracted through contaminated food and water. The symptoms of ulcer include abdominal pain, bloating or the chronic feeling of fullness, loss of appetite, decrease in weight, nausea and vomiting, and water brash.

So why are busy employees vulnerable to peptic ulcer? To relieve themselves from anxiety and stress, some office employees usually develop unhealthy habits such as smoking and heavy dependence on caffeine. While smoking and coffee-drinking can be effective ways to relieve work-related stress, these habits can be very dangerous if uncontrolled. Smoking and caffeine are some of the major causes of peptic ulcer. Cigarettes and caffeine have acidic contents which can trigger the condition. High levels of acids in the stomach can help hasten the erosion of the stomach linings.

Another cause of peptic ulcer is heavy alcohol intake. Just like coffee and cigarettes, alcoholic beverages are highly acidic, thus can stimulate the H Pylori bacteria that may be already present in the gastrointestinal tract. After a stressful day in the office, officemates sometimes indulge themselves in drinking sessions. While occasional drinking is good and can actually be therapeutic, it can pose danger to one’s health when done excessively.

But there’s one cause which makes office workers and employees highly susceptible to peptic ulcer: stress. Yes! Stress can cause abnormality in the stomach. Researchers have recently proven that stomach ulcers are not only caused by infections from food intakes but also by psychological factors. Stress as well as depression, anxiety and other psychological conditions can cause the increase of production of acid in the stomach. These acid deposits then give way for H Pylori bacteria to thrive and multiply in the abdominal tract.

Office employees are no doubt the people most frequently challenged by stress. Their workplace can be a very toxic source of this. And in order to relieve themselves from this unwanted experience, they engage in habits which can as well be another source of stress-related health problem. This network of stressors – work, smoking, caffeine, alcohol – ultimately makes them prime candidates to getting peptic ulcer.

And peptic ulcer can also cause more stress to a person. Contracting this condition, or any disease for that matter, is a big disadvantage to every professional and career person. It curtails one’s daily activities, such as reporting for duty. When this happens, you'll suffer economically because you'll be getting constant pay deductions. Moreover, you won't gain your superior's trust and confidence.

Good thing there are easy ways to counter the effects of peptic ulcer. People can actually lessen their risk of getting this condition by trying some natural remedies. Good and healthy diet is one way. Take in a lot of fruit and vegetables because these contain Vitamin C. People with high levels of vitamin C are less prone to getting peptic ulcer. Cutting back on intake of spicy and acidic foods may also help. Raw vegetable juices, such as carrot and cabbage, are also seen as effective treatment.

About the author:

Ryan Rivera pushed himself to overcome general anxiety and stress at both his work and home life, and writes information about these topics at

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