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Featured Article:

Is Garlic Safe for Dogs?

by Tony Isaacs and Luella May

(The Best Years in Life) There is a lot of controversy and misinformation about the safety of garlic and dogs. Although some contend that garlic is toxic for dogs and should never be given to them, the truth is quite different. While garlic is indeed toxic to cats, when given in proper amounts it can be quite beneficial for our furry canine friends in a number of ways.  Read More.


Other Articles:

Pet Vaccine Scam Includes the Rabies Shots

by Paul Fassa
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(The Best Years in Life) Once while walking our small dog I ran into a woman I knew who often walked her two small dogs in the same area. But this time she only had one with her. I inquired about the missing dog and she said he had to put him down. Why, I asked. He was suddenly paralyzed. He must have climbed up on a table and fallen down.  Read More.


The Importance of Zinc for Animals

by Tom Cameron, DVM

(The Best Years in Life) Recently, the European Union lowered the zinc requirement in animal feeds (livestock and smaller animals), not for nutritional reasons, but because of the dangerous accumulation of zinc in the soil and water. Zinc is a heavy metal, and too much can have devastating effects on plant life, as well as human and animal health.

How is this happening? Why is zinc passing through these animals and contaminating the environment? Unfortunately, this is an example of how isolate nutrients can create toxic effects, both in the animal and the environment.  Read More.


The Importance of Moisture in Our Pet’s Diet!

by Tom Cameron, DVM

(The Best Years in Life) Dry dog and cat foods (kibble) are popular and convenient ways to feed our pets. Dry dog foods were first created way back in 1860 to feed hunting dogs owned by the British lords. In the past 100 years, the pet food industry has seen explosive growth, selling $21.4 billion of pet food in the U.S (2014). A trip to any Big Box pet food store reveals a dizzying selection of kibble. But is dry food the best food for our pets? There is a growing concern that kibble might not be the best choice to feed our pets. Read More.


The Importance of Moisture in Cat Foods

by Holistic Veterinarian Tom Cameron, DVM

(The Best Years in Life) Cats don’t generally like water - most avoid it like the plague. Cats and dogs are very different when it comes to water. Dogs love to drink and play in it. Cats don’t.  Read More.


Realize Adoption Over Purchase When It Comes To A Pet

A TBYIL Guest Article by Sloan McKinney

(The Best Years in LifeThe Twitter handle #AdoptDontShop sums up this topic perfectly clear. It almost seems insane to purchase a pet from a breeder or other sources when there’s literally millions of them available in shelters across the country.  Read More.


Is Grain-Free Really Better for Dogs and Cats?

by Nature's Logic

(The Best Years in LifeDog and cats are naturally carnivores receiving the majority of their required nutrients from meat. This has lead pet food manufactures to create grain-free formulas for both dogs and cats promoting that it is healthier and more natural. However, while grain-free manufacturers are migrating away from including grains in pet foods, they are instead using other starch ingredients such as sweet potato, tapioca, peas or chickpeas.  Read More.


Choosing the Best Pet Food - and Why We Choose Nature's Logic

by Luella May

(The Best Years in Life) With the wide variety of pet foods on the market, it can be difficult to determine if the food you are giving your pet is healthy. All too often caring and loving pet owners choose their dog food based on advertising. Little do they realize that the name brand pet foods advertised as having healthy, complete nutrition are in fact some of the worst foods they can feed their pets.

Proper nutrition is critical in your pet's wellness and behavior, and what you choose to feed your pet is not a decision that should be taken lightly. It is important to do the proper research when when deciding what is the best food for your pet.  
Read More.


Why Alfalfa is Good to Feed Cats and Dogs

by Tom Cameron, DVM

(The Best Years in LifeAlfalfa is an ingredient in Nature’s Logic foods. We are often asked “why would alfalfa be a good thing to feed cats and dogs?” Dogs and cats don’t commonly graze on alfalfa, so how could it be of any value to our pets? Read More.


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