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What to Do in the Event of Radiation Contamination

by Tony Isaacs
author of
Cancer's Natural Enemy

Updated 01/14/2018

(The Best Years in Life) The recent false ballistic missile alert in Hawaii and the tense situation with North Korea have made many of us think the unthinkable and wonder what would happen in the event of a real nuclera weapons attack. Besides nuclear weapons, there is also an ever-present danger in many areas of a nuclear reactor event like the one in Fukushima, which continues to spew and leak radiation despite fading from the news.

Thus, now might be a very good time to learn what measures to take if such a horrific catastrophe actually happened. Following are several precautionary and restorative measures to take in the event of radioactive contamination.

Things to do before, during and after radiation contamination:

First and foremost is potassium iodide (KI). Potassium iodide binds to radioactive iodine and is cleared from the boy within 24-72 hours. It is by far the item most used for radiation poisoning. According to the USFDA guidelines, the following doses should be taken after likely internal contamination.

  • Adults, including breastfeeding women: 130 mg

  • Children between 3 and 18 years of age and less than 150 pounds: 65 mg

  • Children 150 pounds or more: 130 mg (regardless of age)

  • Infants and children between 1 month and 3 years old: 32 mg (whether nursing or not)

  • Nursing and non-nursing newborns from birth to 1 month old: 16 mg.

Instead of waiting for nuclear fallout to arrive, it is a good idea to begin taking lesser preventive doses of potassium iodide in order to have enough iodine circulating in the body to prevent radioactive iodine from binding internally. Estimates of how much preventive iodide to take generally vary from 6 to 50 mg of daily iodine. Note that the average Japanese consumes 13 mg of iodine daily, which is 100 times more than the average US resident.

If possible, cover garden vegetables and fruits ahead of time.

When fallout does occur, precautionary measures can help minimize exposure and ingestion of radioactive materials, including staying inside, keeping doors and windows closed and turning off air conditioners. If the nuclear event is close so that the fallout is greater, shelter in a room where you can block out all outside air using items such duct tape and thick, quality filters. Do not turn on the air conditioner or furnace and stay inside for at least 48 hours and preferably 72 hours or more.

If you take shelter, make sure that you have plenty of water and food items. Space heaters, fans, first aid kits, portable toilets when there are no restroom facilities, plenty of toilet paper are all important items to have on hand. A small office/dorm size refrigerator would be a great item to have. It would also be good to have items such as a propane heater with propane cylinders as well as flashlights and electric lanterns with plenty of batteries in case the power goes out.

Be sure to bring your pets inside BEFORE they are exposed to radiation and plan on keeping them with you for the duration. Do NOT bring pets inside once they have been exposed to radiation, since doing so would be fatal for everyone and once a pet has been exposed to radiation in a significant fallout area, sadly there is no hope of saving them.

Once you do go outside again, wear a face mask which you can dispose of or replace the filter, wear gloves which can be washed or disposed of before returning inside. Similarly, wash clothes upon returning indoors wearing gloves to handle the clothes and deposit them in the washer. Take showers.

To help dissipate fallout, spray the entire property, including exposed vehicles, with a hose. Shower immediately after returning inside.


Other uggested items to take to help deal with radioactive fallout:

*Take plenty of supplemental echinacea, a powerful pathogen fighter and health builder. Studies, including ones conducted after the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, have shown that echinacea is excellent for preventing and restoring radiation damage.

*Use bentonite clay. Bentonite clay can be used for heavy metal detox as well as to remove radiation. Internal clays have been used for detoxification for hundreds of years. As with all clays, the more you use, the quicker you tend to detox and the longer the treatment the better.

*Eat sea vegetables. Studies dating to 1968 found that sea vegetables contained a polysaccharide substance, called sodium alginate, which selectively bound radioactive strontium and eliminated it from the body. Seaweeds are a natural source of potassium iodine and are also rich in antioxidants that protect us from degenerative diseases such cancer as well as slow down the aging process.

*Eat nutrient dense foods to maintain and rebuild a strong immune system. Supergreen foods and powders would be excellent. Some suggested anti-radiation diet items are:

  • Miso soup

  • *Brassica vegetables and high beta carotene vegetables

  • Beans and lentils

  • Potassium, calcium and mineral rich foods

  • High nucleotide content foods to assist in cellular repair including spirulina, chlorella, algae, yeast, sardines, liver, anchovies and mackerel

  • Cod liver oil and olive oil

  • Avoid sugars, sweets and wheat

  • A good whole-food derived multivitamin/multimineral supplement

*Consume chlorophyll rich wheatgrass. Tests have indicated that a wheatgrass rich diet improves survival after exposure to radiation and that chlorophyll increases resistance to radiation.

*Use colloidal silver and natural anti-virals such as olive leaf extract to help the immune system ward off infections and illness. Immune systems are typically weakened by radiation exposure.

*Oral sodium bicarbonite (baking soda) can diminish the severity of the changes produced by uranium in the kidneys. Do not exceed six doses of half teaspoonful in glass of cool water, at about two hour intervals the first day and four doses of half teaspoonful thereafter

*Take N-Acetyl cysteine or use coffee enemas to increase gulathione levels, which are decimated by exposure to radiation.

*Use marine phytoplankton to reduce the side effects of radiation exposure.

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About the author

Tony Isaacs is a member of the National Health Federation and the American Botanical Council. He is a natural health advocate and researcher and the author of books and articles about natural health including "Cancer's Natural Enemy." Mr. Isaacs articles are featured at The Truth About Cancer, the Health Science Institute's Healthiertalk website, CureZone, the Crusador, Health Secrets, the Cancer Tutor, the Silver Bulletin, the New Zealand Journal of Natural Health, and several other venues. In addition, he hosts the Yahoo Oleandersoup Health group of over 3500 members and the CureZone Ask Tony Isaacs - Featuring Luella May forum. He is also the local moderator of the CureZone Cancer Alternatives forum. Tony and his partner Luella May host The Best Years in Life natural health website where their motto is "It's never too late or too early to begin living longer, healthier and happier lives."

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