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Realize Adoption Over Purchase When It Comes To A Pet

A TBYIL Guest Article by Sloan McKinney

(The Best Years in Life) The Twitter handle #AdoptDontShop sums up this topic perfectly clear. It almost seems insane to purchase a pet from a breeder or other sources when there’s literally millions of them available in shelters across the country.

Dispelling Myths

Many future pet owners are reluctant to adopt a rescue or shelter animal because they fear the animal might have behavioral problems, but this simply isn’t true the vast majority of the time. As a matter of fact, many shelters and rescue programs have strict protocols in place to ensure animals aren’t aggressive or have other issues before they’re adopted.

According to research from the NCPP (the National Council on Pet Population), the main reasons pets are relinquished include:

  • Owners moving or relocating

  • Pets not allowed on the property

  • Too many animals in their household

  • Family members with pet allergies

  • Cost of pet care too high

  • Owner experiencing personal problems

  • No homes available for puppies or kittens

  • Not having enough time for them

As you can see, the majority of dogs and cats are entering shelters or being rescued due to their owner’s misfortunes, mistakes and circumstances beyond their control. Although there are some rare cases where dogs are given up due to biting or cats that soil household items, this is from a lack of training from their owners and not the animal’s fault.


Save Them and Save Yourself

Animals are amazing, sensitive and intelligent creatures and they are fully aware of the person who rescued them from living in a cage. You’ll be their hero for the rest of their lives and they’ll remember your life-changing decision to make them a part of your family.

There’s so many benefits to being a pet owner it’s difficult to know where to begin, from their unconditional love to their undying loyalty. It’s also been proven that having a dog or cat can eradicate loneliness and help to curb depression for some people.

Prevent the Growth of Puppy Mills

Perhaps one of the best reasons for choosing adoption over purchasing is your statement that you don’t support deplorable conditions often found in “puppy mills” and unscrupulous breeders. In many cases, female dogs and cats spend their entire lives locked in a cage doing nothing more than becoming pregnant, delivering and caring for their offspring until they’re weaned.

Giving to a Good Cause

When you rescue or adopt an animal, the small fee you pay for your pet helps support their mission to protect dogs and cats from abuse, spay and neuter them and keep them off the streets. Some organizations can help with unpaid medical bills, the purchase of prosthetic limbs, medications, life-saving surgeries, training and care for these often unwanted pets.

Don’t just buy a best friend, save a life by adopting an animal from a shelter or rescue organization. You can still “shop” for an animal by choosing from breed, filter by age, size and gender. Just because you’re getting a pound pup doesn’t mean you can’t be choosy in your decision to adopt.

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About the author:

This article was provided by Sloan McKinney, a freelance writer/editor, specializing in social media and pop culture, two things that she finds endlessly entertaining. You can find this entrepreneur, Sloan, on her Google+ profile page.


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