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Restore or Improve Heart Health with Vitamin C

by Paul Fassa
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(The Best Years in Life) There have been mainstream medical studies that have examined the positive effects of vitamin C for cardiovascular disease (CVD) prevention, well over 600. The major aspect they discovered is vitamin C's capacity to create collagen, a type of tissue that's both flexible and strong. This is vital for arteries.

Studies also revealed the mechanics of ascorbic acid to increase intracellular biochemical activity involved with the production of nitric oxide (NO) which helps dilate blood vessels, in conjunction with ascorbic acid's creation of collagen to strengthen those arterial walls. Here's a recent meta-analysis summary of those studies.

If you are among those who consider ascorbic acid supplementation toxic and not natural vitamin C complex, you may reconsider after reading this.

According to the Vitamin C Foundation, despite vitamin C's appearance in fruits and vegetables, that is not necessarily all there is to it. Almost all mammals except humans and guinea pigs produce their own vitamin C from their livers and/or kidneys. Lab produced ascorbic acid duplicates that which mammals other than humans create. It is bio-identical.

Other study observations have shown significant reductions in hypertension or high blood pressure (HBP) overall, which were even more significant among those with high blood pressure with both lower systolic and diastolic numbers.

The systolic number is the top number on a blood pressure reading that measures artery pressure when your heart contracts to pump blood. Diastolic pressure is indicated by the bottom number in the reading refers to pressure in your arteries when the heart is relaxed between contractions.

So why doesn't this information get out? I think it's because it threatens Big Pharma's bottom line from high blood pressure meds and statins. And it minimizes the medical establishment's opportunities for surgical interventions.

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Linus Pauling Already Knew All This and More

Linus Pauling is the biochemist who was awarded the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1954 with his pace setting research that included inorganic and organic chemistry in addition to his work with vitamin C. Amazingly, there are some who continue to marginalize his work and debunk the merits of ascorbic acid vitamin C.

Here's what Pauling had to say about vitamin C and heart health in 1992, and this is probably why the medical monopoly has been attacking him ever since:

" . . . we can get almost complete control of cardiovascular disease, heart attacks and strokes by the proper use of vitamin C and lysine. It can prevent cardiovascular disease and even cure it. If you are at risk of heart disease, . . . or if you have had a mild heart attack yourself, then you had better be taking vitamin C and lysine.”

Linus Pauling recommended equally high doses of lysine and vitamin C to create cardiovascular strengthening. Despite all the widespread LDL cholesterol blather, there is only one subtype of cholesterol that causes most arterial inflammation. Actual results among heart health patients have been observed and ignored by mainstream monopoly medicine.

It's noteworthy that mainstream MDs who step out of the Big Pharma box assert arterial inflammation is the source of cardiovascular disease, not cholesterol. The aggravating inflammatory culprit is known as lipoprotein A or Lp(a). Lipo means fat. But it's connected to the word protein. It's cholesterol within a small protein ball.

Cholesterol itself is a waxy substance that can be utilized as a temporary coating or bandage on damaged arterial endothelium, similar to the function of a “Band-Aide” on the outer skin. In other words, cholesterol is highly helpful, as long as it isn't wrapped in tiny hard coatings of protein such as Lp(a), which is usually formed from poorly metabolized processed carbohydrates, especially HFCS (high fructose corn syrup), not healthy fats.

Instead, Big Pharma has created statin drugs to lower cholesterol. Cholesterol in your skin converts the sun's UVB rays into the early phase of manufacturing vitamin D. Cholesterol is used to create cell walls and hormones the body uses. Your brain is composed largely of fatty tissue, and the meylin sheath that protects your central nervous system and helps manage electrical transmissions is mostly cholesterol. We need cholesterol.

Lp(a) is a very heavy, sticky subtype cholesterol molecule that's able to slip under blood vessels' vitamin C deficient weakened endothelium coatings to create inflammation, ruptures and lesions. Lysine binds with Lp(a) molecules and hauls them away.

Vitamin C is a major factor for creating collagen, a substance that promotes flexible strengthening of endothelium layers inside blood vessels. So highly available and inexpensive lysin carts away Lp(a) while vitamin C strengthens and elasticizes the endothelium in blood vessels.

Creating blood vessels that are stronger with higher elasticity while eliminating inflammatory molecules also contributes to lowering HBP without side effects and improving cardiovascular health without removing cholesterol that our body actually needs.

You can access specific information on the Linus Pauling vitamin C with lysine heart therapy here.


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Sources: guidelines

About the Author:

Paul Fassa started looking into natural health to overcome his unhealthy lifestyle. Then he developed more interest as he researched his articles for Natural News and Align Life.

He is amazed at the ignorance of natural medicine and how beneficial foods and herbs are constantly ignored or vilified in order to promote toxic foods and meds by Big Pharma, the FDA, USDA, and the AMA, what he likes to call the "Medical Mafia".

His blog is - "Healthmaven: Escape from the Medical Mafia Matrix." His Natural News articles can be reviewed here:


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