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l     Mercy Cream.  Mercy Cream is a herbal cream that costs very little in most areas. It is made in Ghana Africa, so you will probably have to go to an African market; however some health product stores do provide this cream. If you can not find this product, use tea tree oil and tea tree cream.

l     Nail polish.  Brush nail polish directly over and around the ringworm.  This will suffocate it and it should be gone within two days.  This may burn slightly at first.

l     Lamisil or any jock itch, athlete’s foot or yeast infection cream.  Apply on infected area
everyday until the ringworm is gone.  Small areas may disappear in only a day or two.

l     Penny and vinegar.  Take a penny and let it soak in vinegar until crystals form. Then place the penny on the ring-worm area and cover with a band-aid for at least two days and it should be gone.

l     Chewing tobacco/tobacco.  Wet the tobacco and put it on the infected area and it will dry it up by the next morning and start flaking off.  Repeat as needed

l     Vinegar.  Apply a small amount of vinegar to the infected area with a Q-tip everyday until it has cleared up

l     Green walnuts.  Cut open green walnuts and rub juice on affected area. It may take one or two applications to kill the fungus, but it really works.

l     Notebook paper.  Take a regular piece of paper with blue lines on it.  Crumple it on a plate and set it on fire.  When fully burnt, blow off the ashes and what should be left is a yellow substance (burnt sulfur).  Apply this to the ringworm area and it should be gone the next day.

l     Calamine Lotion, tea tree oil, medicated shampoo or acne soap and blow dryer. 

l     Every morning and night, wash area with the medicated shampoo or soap, blow dry the area until dry, apply calamine lotion until the area is completely covered, blow dry again and then apply tear tree oil.  Periodically throughout the day, you should re-apply the tea tree oil, usually about five times per day.

l     Apple cider vinegar.  The acid will kill the fungus and it doesn’t hurt.  May take two to three days or longer, but works well and ringworm should not re-appear.

l     Iodine.  Apply iodine to the ringworm area until it is gone, usually in about three to four days.

l     Desiten diaper ointment.  Apply to affected area three times daily till gone.

l     NOTE: DO NOT USE BLEACH ON RINGWORMS! Bleach solution may cause a chemical or allergic reaction that results in permanent scarring.

l     Scalp ringworm is a different fungal infection and much more serious. It usually appears 10 to 14 days after contact. It can be found in humans, animals (most commonly household pets such as cats, dogs, and farm animals such as cattle), or soil. Fungal spores can be acquired from an infected person, fallen infected hairs, or fomites (contaminated barbershop instruments, hats, movie theater seats, hairbrushes, bedding, or clothing). This alone may not be enough to cause an infection. But coupled with minor trauma to the scalp, such as scratches or tight braiding, spores can be introduced into the skin. Using hair gel will also raise the risk of getting scalp ringworm.

Doctors would say to use shampoo containing pyrithione zinc (such as Head & Shoulders Intensive Treatment), selenium sulfide (such as Selsun Blue) or ketoconazole (such as Nizoral) twice a week. But, they would also prescribe oral antifungal medicine and/or oral steroids since it must be treated systemically (medicine spreads throughout the body) to penetrate the hair follicle. Scalp ringworm can cause permanent hair loss and scarring. It is not recommended to treat this without the oral medication from a doctor, preferably one trained in integrative medicine.

























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