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Sutherlandia OPC Usage and Side Effects

Usage Instructions:

As a preventive and all-around immune and health booster, as well as help with weight management, take 1 Sutherlandia OPC capsule daily with breakfast.

Possible Side Effects & How to Deal With Them

Many people may notice no side effects when taking oleander extract. Others may notice usually temporary side effects such as loose stools, stomach discomfort and mild headaches - which usually soon dissipate as the body becomes acclimated. Diarrhea may be present initially and in some instances may persist. If so, not to worry - there are simple natural solutions for ending it as detailed below:

1. Temporarily discontinue the oleander for one or two days and then begin again with half a capsule daily (break the capsule apart and divide the contents in half). If no diarrhea is present after 5 to 7 days, increase the dose back to a full capsule.

2. If the diarrhea persists when taking half a capsule or if it returns after increasing the dose back to a full capsule, cut an apple into slices and leave the slices out until they are somewhat browned. The brown color indicates the presence of apple pectin, which is great for stopping diarrhea. Eat a few slices each time you take a dose of oleander. After a week, try taking a capusle without the apple slices. If the diarrhea returns, continue taking the capsules with apple slices as needed.

3. If the diarrhea still persists, a remedy which is almost certain to work is Raspberry Leaf Tea, which you can obtain online as well as at herbal shops. Begin with small amounts and work your way up to the amount needed to stop the diarrhea. Note: use caution because too much raspberry leaf tea can result in constipation.

Note: The above instructions are for using Sutherlandia OPC as a preventive, immune and general health booster, and weight management aide. If Sutherlandia OPC is being used as a therapeutic agent at doses above 1 capsule daily, please see these instructions for using Sutherlandia OPC as part of an overall therapeutic protocol:



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