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Save the Bees - 10 Reasons Why You Must Support the World Bee Population

by Holistic Chef Barry

(The Best Years in Life) Bees are the vital pollinators of our farmed and natural plants, and their population is in decline. Without them, many of the people in the world would likely starve. Here are ten reasons why it is vital for us to support the world's bee population.

1 - Many Bee Keepers are forced out of business only to declare bankruptcy and why is this happening? The bee keepers across the US and Canada are complaining of their bee collapse due to the collateral mass killing of their pollinators from GMOs Monsanto's Round up ready week killer and other agricultural chemical practices that is currently out of control today.

2 - Florida State for example is trying to encourage more new entrepreneurs to fill the gap as currently the whole USA bee keepers industry is in decline due to the business risk of ROI Return on investment. The simple fact is if one industry ( Chemical ) is destroying and causing die off of another industry ( Bee keepers ) then this is definitely a trading for paul situation that is not sustainable for growth in the beekeeping industry. Not working with nature is never going to work in the end.

3 - Health of insects such as butterflies and bees is the marker used by science to determine the health of planet Earth. We can not be so naïve and arrogant to think that if one species of life is dieing off that humans are not affected by this. Dangerous thinking across the board. Chemical contamination of our food supply has no boarders.

4 - How serious is this current bee collapse situation that the media is not reporting to us? Very serious! In fact so serious that the US Government has signed contracts with the Government of Australia to bring in domestic Australian Bee populations in the hope of saving the collapsing US bee populations. A banded effect at best as the grates of Australian bees are air freighted in to LA-X Airport in California.

5 - When we lose our bees domestic and wild to the non organic chemical intensive methods of mono cropping with chemical fertilizers that eventually cause die off of our top soil then the chain reaction starts up. Then eventually yields become less and the farmers are financially and legally strapped to the seed and chemical agricultural companies with long contracts. Basically they have allowed them selves to be enslaved to the system really.


6 - All beekeepers make the big money from contracting out to the desperate farmers physically truck loads of crated bees one location after the other to help ensure some future yield? One problem is these same bees are all so cross pollinating GMO crops as well with a broad brush painted over the entire landscape. Yes one giant experiment and no one knows the out come of this unsustainable way of working against Nature. Any ones guess?

7 - Number 6- puts Organic Agriculture at serious risk of cross contamination and it is fare to say that it is happening all ready with Monsanto taking many Organic farmers to court for infringement of their control and patent over nature. Most people are looking at their wallet first and only,And not understanding the whole picture for why organic food prices are more cost at the till?

Simply Organic farm practices are much more labour intensive ( The hiring of more people to work the fields) And the crop yield depending on the food grown takes 3 times more time to grow in comparison to conventional chemical agriculture practices. But the nutrition yield and sustainable growth of wild and domestic bee populations is sustainable. A win for good health of consumers.

8 - Essentially in comparison between the two? The conventional chemical GMO industry is supported by your tax money through your government.What the chemical pesticide industry is hiding from you and does not want you to know? This is a simple industrial fact. The efficacy kill rate for any pesticide against the insect population in the fields is only 2% at best so where does the other 98 % of the chemical go to?

9 - People living with obesity and I was one of them at one point in my life have more fat cells in their body to store these chemicals including your filtering liver. Chemicals in our agriculture are known hormone disruptors, and causes obesity and predisposes others to certain forms of Cancers.

10 - What can you do? Learning to make your first organic garden working with open pollinated organic heirloom seeds. Presently Monsanto owns 60 percent of the worlds seed supply so the direction our seed banks are going is in the wrong way.

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