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Stuffy Nose Remedies

by Sárka-Jonae Miller
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(The Best Years in Life) It is a common misconception that stuffy noses are caused by excess mucus in the nasal passages. No matter how much you blow, nothing comes out. That's because the feeling of a stuffy or clogged nose actually comes from inflammation in the blood vessels of the nasal passages. The inflammation might be traced to allergies, a sinus infection, or a regular old cold or flu. Fortunately, there are some natural ways to find relief from a stuffy nose.

Breathe in Relief

A pot of bowling water, a towel, and some simple ingredients might help you breathe better. Eucalyptus has long been associated with better breathing and could help soothe your irritated blood vessels. Begin by putting several eucalyptus leaves in a pot of water and bring to a biol. Boil the leaves for five minutes. Turn off the heat and remove the pot. Bend over the pot at a safe distance and use a towel over your head like a tent. Take long, deep breaths until you feel less stuffy. This method will also leave your kitchen smelling better.

If eucalyptus doesn't do the trick or you don't have access to a stove, try apple cider vinegar. Find a microwave-safe container and pour in half a cup of apple cider vinegar and an equal amount of water. Heat on high until the water gets steamy. Use a towel to make a tent over the container and breathe in the steam. This should cause your nose to clear up quickly. Have some tissues handy in case your nose starts to run.

For a hardcore problem, gather some chili powder, horseradish, and jalapeno pepper juice – all things known to clear up those sinuses. In a medium saucepan, combine 1/3 cup jalapeno juice, a tbsp of horseradish, and two tbsp of chili powder. Add water until the pan is ¾ full. Finally, put in a pinch of sale and bring to a boil. Make your towel tent and breathe in the steam until the water cools enough that there isn't any steam left.


Salt Water Solution

If steam isn't up to the challenge, try a saline solution. Fill a squirt bottle with sterilized saltwater and lie on your back. Ether hang your head off the edge of a bed or try to use the back of a chair to get the same effect. Use your finger to close one nostril while you spray the saltwater into the other. Breathe through your mouth. Then, close off the other nostril and spritz the open one.

Keep alternating nostrils as you breathe through mouth and feel free to use a lot of water. Wait a few minutes before sitting up and blowing your nose.

If none of these solutions work independently, try them back to back. They're much better for you than nasal sprays and decongestants.

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About the Author

Sárka-Jonae Miller is a health and fitness expert. She began working in the fitness industry in 2000 while pursuing a BS in journalism at Syracuse University. She became certified as a personal fitness trainer and group exercise instructor in 2003. She has also received training in massage therapy. Sárka also writes fiction. She is the author of the chick lit novel, Between Boyfriends. Get more health and wellness tips on Sárka's Natural Healing Tips blog or join her on Facebook and Twitter.


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