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The Best Years in Life Radio Show for July 23th

by Tony Isaacs and Luella May

(The Best Years in Life) The Best Years in Life Radio Show's special guest for July 23rd is our very good friend, holistic chef and weight loss authority Barry Anderson, who will be joining us for the second hour of our show.

During the first half hour I will introduce new additions to our website and continue to talk more about building a foundation for better health. During the second half hour, Luella May will continue talk about a subject of her choosing (to be announced).

Our show airs on Wednesdays from 6 - 8 PM CST.

About our Guest:

Barry was born in Hamilton Ont. Canada 1954 and lived a double life of city and farm that later would impact his life in such a major way 60 years later .

One day working as a farm hand my aging boss said to me ,Son you are wealthy because you have your good health and your youth. “ It stuck in my brain but never registered until much later in my life.

“Now today it rings so very true for my life.”

Barry went on to be a top TV Cartoon Animator for major studios starting in Hollywood California 1980 then later Supervised Animation mostly through out Asia from 1990 to 2002 starting with Walt Disney TV Animation.

But the most interesting part was Chef Barry's 10 year struggle living with Obesity in the 80s and his fight for his life enduring a long hospital stay with his immune system collapse.

Barry eventually dropped his 100 plus pounds of excess body fat and kept the weight off for good . It never returned even by a little bit .

Over 2 decades now living with his normal weight .

Holistic Chef Barry is now building his private exclusive Weight Loss Retreat in Phuket Thailand to help others achieve the same success as he did.

Grand opening 2015

Kindest Holistic Chef Barry Gourmet “Your Good Earth Chef”


About our Show:

Our show airs from 6 - 8 PM CST, the same as always but now we have moved to a bigger and better hosting venue - BlogTalkRadio which should enable us to reach a much larger audience so that we can better spread the good word about living longer, healthier and happier lives naturally without getting trapped in the mainstream medicine box of managed symptoms for profit with unnatural side-effect laden drugs.

Each week during the first half hour of the show I normally introduce new additions to our 3,500 plus page website of the same name as well and briefly discuss one or more selected health topics.  During the second half hour, Luella May takes over to discuss a health topic of her choice and then we are joined by one or more special guests for the last hour of the show.

Listen to the show and if you wish join the chat room or even call in during our broadcasts at:

Schedule for upcoming guests

July Guests

July 16th - Marlene Ivette, Health Researcher
July 23rd - Barry Anderson, Holistic Chef
July 30th - Naomi Corbett Kelsall, Produce as Medicine

August Guests

August 6th - T. Bergenn, Health Coach
August 13th - Jason Oliver - Learning Disabilities Advocate
August 20th - Marlene Ivette, Health Research
August 27th - Venerina Conti, Naturopathic M.D.

September Guests

September 3rd - Pierre de Villiers, Psychologist, Author of Dear Pierre
September 10th - Rodney Dodson, Natural Skin Care
September 17th - Marlene Ivette, Health Researcher
September 24th - Scott Tipps, National Health Federation

October Guests

October 1st - Scott Freeman, Nature's Logic Dog Food
October 8th - PK Shader - SATZ
October 15th - Marlene Ivette, Health Researcher
October 22nd - Chris Wark, Cancer Survivor
October 29th - Russell Forsyth, Angel Therapist

November Guests

November 5th - Angela Winkleman, Intuitive
November 12th - Angel Howerton, Holistic Counselor
November 19th - Marlene Ivette, Health Researcher

December Guests

December 3rd - Tamara St. John - Author of Beat Cancer Now
December 10th - Marlene Ivette, Health Researcher
December 17th - Michael Morningstar, EFT Practitioner

Note: we are taking off for the weeks of Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's.

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