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Enjoy Tasty and Healthier Meatless Burgers

(The Best Years in Life) Warmer weather means grilling time and burger time for many of us.  For some, however, grilling and burgers may present a problem.  What is one to do if they like the taste of burgers but want to avoid meat? The answer is: meatless burgers and patties! And the good news is that you don't have to sacrifice a thing in the taste department even as you add plenty of good things to the health department.  Here are eight examples of tasty and healthy meatless burgers and patties.  Most can also be made gluten free, depending upon bun choices.

Quarter Pounder in the Raw Burger

Many may believe that eating a healthy raw food or vegan diet would preclude eating such things as burgers, especially grilled burgers unless you want to opt for one of the bland cardboard soy burgers. Such is not the case with a bit of ingenuity and the right recipe. And, as an added bonus one can make a tasty raw food substitute burger without having to resort to dangerous soy.

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Portobello Burgers

As grills fire up across the country for football tailgates, try serving meaty portobello mushrooms as a replacement for your usual fare. In addition to cutting out saturated fat, by enjoying portobellos in place of traditional burgers you may help reduce your cancer risk, as research now shows a convincing link between excess red meat consumption and colorectal cancer. Mushrooms are also a good source of the mineral selenium, which may protect against cancer by promoting DNA repair.

For the complete recipe:

Meatless Mushroom and Grain Cheeseburgers

With this tasty meatless cheeseburger recipe the more health conscious eaters can enjoy a good burger without the guilt of unhealthy red meat such as is found in most commercial burgers and most packages of ground beef. Barley is a traditional hearty partner for mushrooms, but brown rice is just as tasty in this burger.

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Meatless Quinoa and Greens Burgers

Commercial veggie burgers tend to taste over-processed with no fresh flavors. Here is a tasty recipe which tastes even better if you make it in advance to let the flavors gel - and you may find that the burgers are moister when you reheat them. Puréed beans make a great binder for grain and vegetable burgers, and an egg added to the mixture will help to hold it together. (If you want to keep them vegan you can, though you have to be careful when you flip the burgers over because they tend to fall apart.)

For the complete recipe:

Beet, Rice and Goat Cheese Burgers

Another vegan burger that is perfect for Meatless Monday or any time a meatless meal is desired. Many may find that these pink burgers taste better after they’d sat for a day in the refrigerator and let the flavors combine and develop. So make them ahead for quick meals through the week and reheat in a medium oven or a frying pan.

For the complete recipe:

Scrumptious All Vegan Split Pea Burgers

Enjoy meatless burgers with this tasty recipe for hearty and healthy burgers made out of split peas, onions, peppers, garlic, mushrooms and bread crumbs.

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Curried Lentil, Rice and Carrot Burgers

If you like the taste of Indian spices, you will love this meatless burger. The turmeric offers bonus antioxidant health benefits, but even without it, these burgers are have antioxidants in abundance with carrots, ginger, onions and more.

For the complete recipe:

Greek Inspired Mushroom Barley Patties

This patty has definite Greek leanings which makes it a natural fit with pita bread. The other advantage is if the patty starts to fall apart (like it did at the restaurant which inspired this recipe and at home), the pita will catch all the loose pieces. These patties are flavored with parsley and mint, a classic Greek combination. The mint makes it very flavorful, but is optional.

For the complete recipe:

So, say goodbye to guilt and hello to good taste AND good health!

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