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The Gerson Protocol Cures 50% of Terminal Cancer Patients

by Barbara Minton
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(The Best Years in Life) What is it that the pharmaceutical industry is really saying when it asks for donations to find a cure for cancer? Apparently they want the public to assume much of the research and development costs of new cancer drugs. But if donors find themselves with the disease, a single cancer drug can cost as much as $320,000 a year, more than many people spend for a house. On top of that tremendous cost, cancer drugs have not been shown to prolong life appreciably, and they have a long list of debilitating side effects. The patient is “managed” for the rest of his or her days, and no matter how much money is donated, there is never a real cure, because that would put the cancer industry out of business. Meanwhile, the great natural healers have shown how cancer can be completely cured for very little money. One of these healers was Dr. Max Gerson MD.

Albert Schweitzer said of Max Gerson at his death in 1959, “I see in him one of the most eminent geniuses in the history of medicine. Many of his basic ideas have been adopted without having his name connected with them. Yet, he has achieved more than seemed possible under adverse conditions.”

What was behind such praise? Gerson developed a non-toxic method to cure terminal cases of cancer using a special diet, supplements, coffee enemas and a lot of thinking. Amazingly, his cure rate was about 50% without statistical manipulation, compared to the virtually 0% that is achieved by conventional medicine with patients deemed terminal. This 50% number is far higher than what was achieved by the conventional treatments of his day, and also higher than most other alternative protocols now or then. No drugs were ever used in his treatments.

Unlike the conventional cancer doctors of today, Gerson saw cancer as a whole body disease that must be treated as such, with the healing of the liver and oxidizing systems paramount. In his book A Cancer Therapy, 5th edition, he says

The ideal task of cancer therapy is to restore the function of the oxidizing system in the entire organism. This, of course, is difficult to accomplish. It involves the following:

  • Detoxification of the whole body

  • Providing the essential mineral contents of the potassium group

  • Adding oxidizing enzymes continuously as long as they are not reactivated …(in the form of green leaf juice and fresh calf’s liver juice). This will create a near normal condition of the oxidizing system in the body, to which malignant cells with the fermentation system cannot adapt.”

Gerson was interested in the role that connective tissue, known as the reticular system, plays in cancer. He knew that almost every tumor was surrounded by such tissue, and the same tissue is also there in all new cancer establishments. But as cancer progresses, this connective tissue becomes inactive and paralyzed, incapable of helping or protecting the body. What he didn’t know at the time was that cancer cells produce and secrete millions of enzyme molecules, which like scissors cut collagen and tissue that surround cells. Using that mechanism, cancer cells can settle in a new location and start new tumor growth.

Another interest of Gerson’s was the body’s ability to produce non-bacterial inflammation at the cancer site. He saw this as critical to the treatment because cancer cells are easily killed in such an environment.

In another instance of Gerson being a man before his time, researchers from the Southern Illinois University School of Medicine have recently found that “Connective tissue functions not only as a mechanical support for other tissues but also as an avenue for communication and transport among other tissues. Most significantly, connective tissue is the stage for inflammation. The principal cell types involved in immunological defense are found within connective tissue”.

According to Webster Kehr, also known as The Cancer Tutor, “It may be correct to conclude that when the cancer cell enzymes cut apart the collagen matrix, not only does the cancer spread, but the immune system and the ability of the body to create an inflammation are damaged.”

Diet was a central player in the Gerson treatment protocol, and he wanted it to be free of all allergic reactions. He treated his patients with high amounts of potassium, but salt was not allowed in his diet. He emphasized that the ratio of potassium to sodium was a factor in affecting a cure. Kehr notes this emphasis occurred in spite of the fact that some of his contemporaries came to a different conclusion about salt. According to Kehr, “He probably talked about potassium more than any other single subject.”

Gerson was aware of the electrical connection to cancer. He wrote that “All investigators found that malignant tumors are characterized by a considerable electronegativity in the tissues and fluids.” Other researchers “found a decreased electrical polarization and an increased electric conductivity in malignant tumors which may be caused, in my opinion, by the greater sodium content in the growing part of the tumor.”

Iodine fascinated Gerson because it is a decisive factor in the normal differentiation of cells. He saw iodine being useful to counteract any decrease of cell differentiation that can be found in those with cancerous tissues. Iodine is also seen as counteracting excess in some adrenal hormones. According to Gerson, “our modern agriculture decreased potassium and iodine in our nutrition, precisely the minerals essential for prevention of cancer.”

The Gerson protocol is effective for other degenerative diseases in addition to cancer. In fact, Gerson cured Schweitzer’s diabetes with it. Heart disease, arthritis and autoimmune disorders respond well to the protocol.

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Who is this remarkable man?

It was never Max Gerson’s intention to cure cancer. As a young man living in Germany, he suffered from severe migraines, and his initial experiments were about preventing headaches with diet. In the course of treating a patient, he discovered that his migraine diet had cured skin tuberculosis.

After further studying the diet, he went on to successfully treat many tuberculosis patients. He soon discovered his diet cured cancer as well, and he spent many years refining it and his detoxification therapy, concentrating on cancer. He often spoke about how cancer began to sweep through the population during the generation first exposed to processed food as a diet staple.

In 1938 Gerson became licensed to practice medicine in the state of New York. For twenty years he treated hundreds of cancer patients who had been given up to die after conventional treatments had failed. In 1946 Gerson brought some of his recovered patients before a Congressional Subcommittee, during hearings on a bill to fund research into cancer treatment. With this he came under the gaze of the medical establishment, which saw him as unwanted competition and begain to persecute him. Shortly after, he published his findings and successes, fanning the fires.

Gerson’s daughter Charlotte, a partner in his work, asserted that her father was poisoned by an arsenic-laced cup of coffee, and this is supported by forensic evidence. Arsenic was detected in his urine, and he complained of stomach cramps after drinking the coffee. In an effort to smear him and his work, the medical establishment claimed his death was from lung cancer.

Gerson’s grandson, Howard Straus, has written a book titled Max Gerson: Healing the Hopeless. It had to be published in Canada because no publisher in the U.S. would touch it for fear of reprisal from the AMA.

Why wasn’t Gerson simply shut down like other natural healers? According to journalist Paul Fassa

It is sadly true that most cancer patients turn to alternative methods only after the AMA/Big Pharma fails, if they are still alive. This is at the point when they are considered incurable or terminal. Dr. Gerson felt that because of this, he wasn’t shut down. After all, when more money can’t be squeezed out the desperate cancer victims because they are considered incurable, there can’t be anymore concern over competition.”

Charlotte Gerson has recently co-authored a book titled The Gerson Therapy. The Gerson Institute exists currently to certify and oversee practitioners using the protocol. Although there are clinics using the Gerson protocol in various parts of the world, the simple protocol can usually be done at home.


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About the author:

Barbara is a school psychologist and the author of Dividend Capture, a book on personal finance. She is a breast cancer survivor using bioidentical hormone therapy, and a passionate advocate of natural health with hundreds of articles on many aspects of health and wellness. She is the editor and publisher of AlignLife's Health Secrets Newsletter.

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