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The Good Health and Healthcare of Christian Scientists - Who Reject Vaccinations and Mainstream Medicines

by Robert Catalano
President, American Natural Healthcare Society

(The Best Years in Life) Christian Scientists, by abstaining from vaccinations and many other medical procedures, enjoy such excellent health, when they do acquire an ailment; they are able to recover at their Sanatoriums or Christian Science Benevolent Centers. These facilities are on a par with our mainstream hospitals, fully paid by many of the large insurance companies.

The great insurance companies find it extremely profitable to sell health insurance to Christian Scientists since these people enjoy such excellent health. Christian Scientists credit much of their Health Care success to prayer; but I suggest they get fewer diseases and recover more rapidly from their ailments because of their rejection of vaccinations and other medicines.

Honest investigation would find no evidence whatsoever that any vaccine ever prevented or helped to prevent any disease or disorder. The only proof that exists is the word of the government agencies, fabricated medical statistics, and the refusal of members of Congress to betray their lobbyist benefactors. The 1993 Comprehensive Childhood Immunization Act, signed by President Clinton, gave the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) $400 million to set up state vaccine registries. These tag and track children so they can be compelled to receive vaccinations.

The success of the Polio Vaccine is the great credential of the medical industry. It is paraded before us over and over by the media and other forms of advertising. The fact is that when the truth is known, this vaccine and all others will be toppled into the dust!


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