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Sorting Out the Holistic Dead Doctors Internet Hysteria

by Paul Fassa
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(The Best Years in Life) Maybe you've come across some of these reports online. Holistic doctors found dead mysteriously, at least 12 by now, with sensationalist headlines the strongly imply foul play from the medical establishment.

The focus of this wave of conspiracy-fear porn was started by one individual. Then others, perhaps favoring conspiracy threads or looking for more site visits and ad clicks jumped on these reports from that one blogger.

After closer scrutiny, I discovered all of the dead holistic doctors, except for one to be discussed later in this article, were not likely victims of medical mafia assassinations. Some were not even holistic doctors. Some were murdered for other reasons while some simply died “mysteriously”.

Hardly anyone, especially the story thread originator, bothered to uncover more connections to the dots and discover, as online holistic doctor Keith Scott-Mumby, MD, concluded, “It seems more coincidence than conspiracy.”

It's projected by some who carried the original sensational conspiracy porn that they're all connected to a new method of curing cancer, which has also led to uncovering how vaccines create autoimmune disease.

No real connections are made to reveal motives for most of them. Truth is, only one of those doctors reported as potential assassination victims offered a motive for such a heavy handed method of elimination by the medical mafia: Dr. Jeffrey Bradstreet and his use of GcMAC.

His death, along with the suspicious circumstances surrounding it, makes it the only likely case of Medical Mafia foul play heavily sprinkled about the internet with cheap tabloid style “journalism” for attracting potential ad clicks.

I'll explain the Dr. Bradstreet situation after a brief explanation of what GcMAC, commonly called G-MAC, is about.


The GcMAC Controversy

GcMAC (G-MAC) stands for Globulin component Macrophage Activating Factor. It was discovered by Dr. Nobuto Yamamoto, and it is actually a natural substance that is found in our blood serum.

It is the primary immune activating and boosting agent. But some are deficient of GcMAC, and some viral diseases and cancers manufacture substances known as nagalase enzymes which inhibit GcMAC, thus protecting the viral infection or cancer from being attacked by the immune system.

GcMAC derived from plasma has to go through 24 purification steps before it can be used as an immune therapy. The lab that was producing it in England was shut down supposedly for impurities. But I doubt that is the real reason or even factual.

The manufacturer, Dr. David Noakes' Immuno Biotech was demonstrating high rates of cancer remissions and cures. Dr. Noakes was close with Dr. Bradstreet, who used it on autistic kids in his Georgia clinic with a high rate of success – 85% significantly improved, 25% were completely cured, while 15% showed no effect.

The fact that Dr. Bradstreet has linked high nagalase levels in autistic kids who were vaccinated at a time when the great vaccination push in this nation started provides some motive to his strange death that was ruled a suicide. Especially now with the latest push to vaccinate everyone.

The GnMAC he injected into autistic kids overcame the nagalase that he associated with vaccinations. And a plausible link with vaccinations creating nagalase was becoming evident. Nagalase is the shield that impairs the immune system's ability to recognize certain pathogenic invaders and cancer cells.

GcMAC is being tested and used for cancer in Japan and parts of Europe. Dr. Bradstreet had success using it on autistic kids. So there is a potential threat to Big Pharma and mainstream medicine with a natural compound for which the process of purifying it can be patented, but not the compound itself.

Patented synthetic chemical “medicines” are the bread and butter of a multi-trillion dollar business. The threat of GcMAC to the cancer industry is obvious, but there's more.

As a rocket fuel for the immune system, it shows promise for many viral and bacterial diseases that rely on Big Pharma's products. And linking nagalase enzymes to vaccines is striking the hornets' nest that the CDC protects.

Dr. Bradstreet May Have Been Assassinated

His death I consider a valid conspiracy possibility. Dr. Jeff Bradstreet, MD, was a vaccine safety activist and father of a vaccine injured autistic child.

His body was found in a river with a gunshot wound to the chest. It had been ruled as a suicide. I suppose he shot himself in the chest even as shooting oneself in the head is the preferred suicide method, then jumped into the river, maybe?

His brother urged everyone to withhold speculation until his fundraiser gathers enough money to create a private investigation.

Even the motive for the FDA raid a few days before Dr. Bradstreet’s death is shrouded in mystery. The FDA refused to respond to queries on their raid, which resulted in confiscating all GcMAC clinical documents being confiscated. Then the GcMAC manufacturing lab in England was closed down. That was Dr. Bradstreet's main ally and GcMAC supplier.

But Dr. Bradstreet’s activities and attempts to get vaccinations proven as harmful despite the CDC’s claims that their research says otherwise are well know within the pro-choice vaccination and autism groups.

He had moved his practice from Florida to Buford, Georgia, which is less than 40 freeway miles from Atlanta, home of the CDC.

After his own son became autistic while complying with the CDC vaccination schedule, Dr. Bradstreet’s mission was to disprove the CDC’s contentions and challenge Thorsen’s findings as well as point out his criminal activities.

Dr. Bradstreet had been working with other vaccination pro-choice and autistic child parent groups to pierce the legal and legislative armor that protects the vaccine industry.

Yes, I smell something rotten with Dr. Bradstreet's violent death and the shutdown of Europe's largest producer of GcMAC, legal as a supplement in Germany and used in Italy and Japan for cancer patients.

But I don't see any plausibility in implicating dead doctors with an international Big Pharma-AMA conspiracy to eliminate potential competition by murdering as many holistic doctors as possible to create a climate of fear among them. The medical mafia doesn't need to. They've already got virtually total control .

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About the Author:

Paul Fassa started looking into natural health to overcome his unhealthy lifestyle. Then he developed more interest as he researched his articles for Natural News and Align Life.

He is amazed at the ignorance of natural medicine and how beneficial foods and herbs are constantly ignored or vilified in order to promote toxic foods and meds by Big Pharma, the FDA, USDA, and the AMA, what he likes to call the "Medical Mafia".

His blog is - "Healthmaven: Escape from the Medical Mafia Matrix." His Natural News articles can be reviewed here:



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