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The Legacy of Webster Kehr - the Cancer Tutor

by Barbara Minton
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Editor's Note: Several years ago when I first came across the Cancer Tutor website (, I was simply blown away - what an awesome effort and what an incredible amount of information! I had no idea at the time that Webster would become both a valued mentor and a friend - and I certainly never dreamed that someday I would end up developing my own comprehensive anti-cancer protocol which Webster would ultimately rank to be among the top handful to be found anywhere.

Like so many, many others whose lives and knowledge have been enhanced by Webster, I count myself fortunate to have met him and learned from him. Though Webster has now retired, I look forward to continuing to enjoy his friendship and wisdom and I wish Webster all the very best for many years to come.

(The Best Years in Life) Webster Kehr, known as “the cancer tutor”, is a low profile man but one who nevertheless is known by almost everyone in the natural health world for his dedication and skill at making “alternative” cancer treatments understandable and accessible for everyone. His website, also known as Cancer Tutor, has been the go-to site for virtually everyone who received a diagnosis of cancer in the past 13 years but who wanted to heal naturally, without the failed but nevertheless life-threatening “standard of care” which is surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. Webster Kehr finally retired in 2015, after completing this unprecedented pursuit to provide a choice for everyone, but his legacy remains on the Cancer Tutor website.

Ultimately, Webster developed his own theory about the primary cause and development of cancer based on his many years of research. Though many of us may not agree with all of Webster's premises, his theory is well-developed and carefully thought out and it incorporates much of what we now know about cancer.

Cancer Tutor explains what he sees as the real cause of cancer

Why is it that everyone has cancer cells in their body, but only some people are diagnosed with the disease? Most people think it is DNA damage that makes the difference, but for Kehr DNA damage is the result of cancer, not its cause. Instead, he points to a multi-step sequence of events that cascades into cancer:

  • This process begins with the entrance into the body of unfriendly microbes or parasites that come predominately from inadequately cooked meat

  • Once in the body, these microbes begin intercepting glucose (sugar) that the body is trying to direct to cells in the organs

  • These microbes also excrete mycotoxins that greatly increase acidity

  • The cells in the organs then do not get the fuel they need because it has been intercepted by the microbes, and because they are living in the filth produced by the mycotoxins.

  • This makes the cells in the organs weak, and since an organ is composed exclusively of cells, when its cells are compromised the organ is also compromised

  • The microbes then weaken the immune system both directly and indirectly

  • Compromised immunity means decreased ability of the immune system to kill cancer cells, leaving them to become out of control

The microbe theory is not something new. In 1890, a pathologist named William Russell discovered there were microbes inside of cancer cells. Later, these microbes were found to be pleoporphic, meaning they could change shapes and sizes depending on the pH inside the cancer cells.

In 1930, Royal Rife discovered that if the microbes inside cancer cells are killed, cancerous cells will be restored to normal. Rife was a microbiologist who developed the use of harmonic frequencies to vibrate microbes until they exploded and died.

Rather than winning a Nobel Prize for his discovery,” said Kehr, “Dr. Rife’s lab and inventory were destroyed by the combined consensus of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the American Medical Association (AMA).” This was because his discoveries led to a cure rate among patients of 100%.

Oddly enough, a Nobel Prize for Medicine was awarded to Otto Warburg in 1931 for his discovery that the defining characteristic of cancer cells was low ATP (adensine triphosphate), the energy source made in the mitochondria of cells. Warburg specialized in scientific research. He did not see patients, so his discoveries were not a threat to the young cancer industry of the time.

Though Kehr sees microbes and parasites as primary causes of cancer, he acknowledges there are other causes as well. A vaccination containing mercury or other strong toxins can weaken immunity to the point where cancer develops, as can a terrible diet that leaves filth fermenting in the colon.

Kehr’s understanding of the cause of cancer leads inevitably to these three major ways to heal it:

  • Safely targeting and killing the cancer cells

  • Killing the microbes inside the cancer cells, leading them to return to a state of normalcy

  • Killing the microbes that have caused weakened immunity. This includes microbes in the organs and in the bloodstream. He stresses that without doing this step, the cancer could return

To decimate the microbes in the organs, Kehr recommends The Photon Protocol, designed by the Ed Skilling Institute. The staff there creates a nutritional protocol specific to each patient, for the purpose of targeting and killing microbes and releasing their stranglehold on immunity. They combine this with a Photon device that kills large numbers of microbes, gets the lymph system going, and energizes weak cells.

Microbes in organs can also be killed, even without identifying the type they are. This requires the use of modern day machines modeled after Rife’s harmonic frequencies which kill microbes in indiscriminately. This works because the machine covers enough frequencies to kill all of the microbes.

Berkey Water

Webster Kehr explains the politics of cancer

If Rife was able to cure cancer, why was his lab destroyed? “It is assumed that conventional medicine and the pharmaceutical industry are diligently looking for the cures for cancer,” says Kehr. “Nothing could be further from the truth. What they are looking for are massive, massive profits from selling their patented chemicals (i.e. drugs). Curing cancer is not on their agenda since that would cut into their profits.”

Isn’t the job of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to protect the population from disease and to make sure there is a cure for cancer? According to Kehr, the primary objective of the FDA is to act as a private police force for the pharmaceutical industry. “Their primary objective is to make sure that the profits of the pharmaceutical industry are protected, even if that means shutting down those who know how to cure cancer, such as Dr. Rife,” he says.

For Kehr, much is about the patents. “Drugs made by the pharmaceutical industry can be patented. Frequency wave forms and molecules in Mother Nature cannot. Patents are the main drivers of the war against natural medicine by the pharmaceutical industry, the FDA and the AMA. They are all ‘in bed’ together.”

Mainstream media is a big player in this conspiracy with its glorification of medical doctors on television and in drug advertisements. Such propaganda creates indoctrinated people who believe there is only one way to turn when they have a medical problem – to allopathic medicine.

When a person is diagnosed with cancer, they cannot run fast enough to their nearest oncologist. The media has done its job well”, says Kehr.

So, Webster Kehr, we want to thank you for all you have done to save us from cancer and from ourselves. You have taught us to turn out backs on the path that leads to health destruction, and to embrace the only path that can lead to a real cure. If it were not for you, many of us would not be here today. May your retirement be the best you could ever envision.


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About the author:

Barbara is a school psychologist and the author of Dividend Capture, a book on personal finance. She is a breast cancer survivor using bioidentical hormone therapy, and a passionate advocate of natural health with hundreds of articles on many aspects of health and wellness. She is the editor and publisher of AlignLife's Health Secrets Newsletter.

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