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The best natural remedies for herpes appear to be prunella vulgaris, cat's claw, bitter melon and colloidal silver; however, I am not aware of any remedy that has been proven definitively to actually get rid of herpes.

The two best bets are probably prunella vulgaris and colloidal silver.   An extract from the plant Prunella vulgaris is showing promise for stopping HSV-1 and 2 viral growth in cells, even in acyclovir resistant strains.  Colloidal Silver has proven to be quite deadly to many hundreds of single cell organisms.

One interesting study reported that an edible mushroom called the gypsy mushroom (Rozites caperata) has been found to have chemicals that inhibit HSV-1 and HSV-2.

Immune builders and pathogen destroyers (anti-virals) could also help.

Some of the best immune builders are:

  •     Echinacea (Despite the latest study)

  •     Pau d'arco

  •     Suma

  •     Astragalus

  •     Medicinal mushrooms such as the ABM, shitake, maitake, reishi, etc.

  •     Carefully prepared oleander extract (do not attempt to do this yourself unless you have the directions for the home remedy called "oleander soup").

The best natural pathogen destroyers are:

  •     Garlic

  •     Olive leaf extract

  •     Oil of wild mountain oregano

  •     Grapefruit seed extract

  •     Oleander extract, which can be purchased as an herbal supplement or made as a home remedy (do not attempt to do this yourself unless you have the directions for the home remedy called "oleander soup").

L-lysine and zinc can also be helpful.

To relieve the symptoms of herpes, the following have been reported to be effective:

  •     Cream made from Melissa, an herb from the mint family.

  •     Aloe vera ointments for genital herpes.

  •     A dropper-full of an extract of echinacea applied to the sores every few hours. A 2001 study reported no benefits from echinacea purpura (Echinoforce) compared to a placebo, however, but the study had limitations. A product called viracea (ViraMedx) contains echinacea and other natural compounds. It appeared to have some activity against herpes virus simplex in a 1998 study. More research is needed.

  •     Tea tree oil.

  •     An ointment for genital herpes made from propolis, a substance made by bees from tree resin.

Last but not least is stress management, as the link between stress and herpes outbreaks has long been established.

Some claim that cleansing the blood can eliminate herpes – but that is probably not possible, since the herpes virus deposits itself elsewhere in the body outside the blood stream and lies dormant between outbreaks



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