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5 Steps To Discovering Your Ideal Hobby

By Sharon Gray

You have decided that you need a hobby. What now, where do you start? Let’s start by defining “hobby”. Oxford American Dictionary defines hobby as”a favorite leisure time activity”. With that in mind, let’s look at some steps you can take to determine your ideal hobby.

Step 1 – Decide what you want out of the hobby. What do you want to get out of this? Do you want something that helps calm you when you are stressed? Do you have lots of spare time and need something to fill it? Do you want to show your creativity? Make a list of what you want to get from your hobby and keep it handy for later reference.

Step 2 – Assess your current skills. Create a list of your current skills. This is an important step because most people have more skills than they realize. Write down every skill you possess, ask family and friends for help, if needed. Now divide this list into things you really like to do and things you don’t enjoy that much. Highlight the things you really like and don’t worry about the rest.

Step 3 – Create a list of hobbies that sound interesting. As you go about your daily activities, look for possible hobbies ideas and write them down. Take your time to do this step because you don’t want to hurry through this and miss the one that could turn out to be ideal for you.

Let’s say as a kid, you remember watching your grandfather or a favorite uncle carving wood, and you wanted to try it but were too little. Do you admire cross stitch pictures? Or, do you stop and look at paintings whenever or where ever you run across them? This type of action shows interest, even if you are not fully aware of it.

Step 4 - Compare your lists and decide on 2-3 options. Now, take out your 3 lists; what you want to get from your hobby, your skills list and your interesting options list and compare the three. Is there any kind of common theme? Does something jump out at you? Whether it does or not, select 2-3 options from the list of possible hobbies.

Step 5 – Research your options. Once you have your 2-3 options, it is now time to do some research on them. What kind of supplies or equipment do you need? Compare the different brands. Do you already have some of the equipment or supplies? At this step, you should start to feel excited about getting starting. If not, it may not be the hobby for you, so you can select another and do your research. At some point in your research, your passion should kick in and you will recognize at once when you have selected the correct one.

Now get started and enjoy your new hobby!

Sharon Gray is a certified life coach and a mom. Her website, Homestyle Hobby, is dedicated to helping families find fun activities and interaction through hobbies and crafts.

Hobbies As Stress Relief

By Adrian Whittle

'All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy'

- James Howell, Proverbs 1659

As you can see from the date of the much used and fondly quoted proverb the idea of getting some kind of harmony in a persons' life has always been a topical issue. Simply put, hobbies give people the chance to play and with this the chance to reduce stress levels. In this article I will discuss some of the way hobbies can improve your life and reduce stress. I will end by mentioning some of the common hobbies that people do that can help to relieve stress.

Firstly a hobby is a break from reality. A hobby provides the person with a chance to focus on building a model airplane, for example, and put all the everyday worries like paying bills, beating the rush hour traffic or finishing a work project on schedule to the back of their mind.

With many hobbies there is an end product that the hobbyist can gain great pleasure and satisfaction from. For instance, the amateur carpenter can create a birdhouse or table that he/she can then give to someone as a present or can install in the back garden and watch birds coming and going. Oftentimes this sense of achievement is in stark contrast to everyday working life where the individual can feel like a small cog in a large and meaningless wheel. This sense of accomplishment can provide a great outlet for stress.

Hobbies have no deadlines, no rules and no pressure to be successful. The hobbyist can potter around for as long or short a time as he/she likes. No boss will tell them to do it differently. This is a great relief and, again, a stark contrast to an everyday job. One can paint a picture as badly as one wants, there is no pressure to sell the painting or even show it to anyone.

Hobbies also allow the individual to expand his/her horizons and learn new skills or develop unknown talents. This can help to relieve the stress of everyday life and often give a person a higher purpose. A person that takes up with the local soccer team can improve his/her physical condition, learn new skills and help the team to win the league title or cup final.

Hobbies provide an outlet to meet new people, develop relationships and socialise to a level that work often cannot provide.

Some popular hobbies include :

Gardening - a chance to create and get out into the fresh air and sunshine Crafts - any kind of craft from knitting to lathe turning is highly creative and satisfying as it produces an end product.

Arts - painting, sculpting, writing, and photography again give a sense of personal achievement Physical pastimes - playing sports, fishing and going to the gym are a chance to develop new relationships and skills

Hobbies can help to give the individual a well rounded life and this is the key to relieving the everyday stresses and strains.

Adrian Whittle writes for Visit the site for more information on how to manage stress through a variety of techniques and a definition of stress that can be applied to your everyday life to give more insight into your own stress levels.

Hobbies To Gold: A Sure Way To Make A Fortune From Your Passion

By Tope Ola

Before, hobbies are taken as ways of relaxation, refreshing, and renewal only, but today, things are different. while the above still hold, hobbies are now serving more purposes.

They are now a very reliable way of making money especially on the net.

Today your hobby can fetch you more income than your daily job. It can even make you multiple streams of income, if you know how to go about it.

What Is Your Hobby?: What do you do to unwind, watching television, playing crickets, traveling, writing, anything, just anything, believe me honestly it can fetch you money, if only you can provide the information that people want on it.

Two Advantages You Have That will make the job easy for you: Firstly, since it is your hobby not somebody else's, you have a very good knowledge about it that you can share.

Secondly, you have a die-hard interest in it, you have passion for it, so you can gladly share it, and have great fun.

Follow The Right Steps And Prosper: The steps are easy if you can follow them strictly, anybody can do it, and it works for all types of hobbies.

(i)Search for keywords linked to your hobbies that people are searching for on the net.

(ii)Package high demand, high value information about you hobbies around this hot keywords.

(iii)Build a site, a theme based content site filled with the info you have prepared.

(iv)How you present your content matters most. It Must be search engine friendly and attract targeted traffic, and at the same time, it must satisfy your site visitors so much that they are willing to take the next step which is:

Clicking On Your Revenue Models: This is where you recommend products and services related to your site info to your visitors. It must include at least 3 of the following:

To achieve all these you don't need to be an expert in net tech. You don't need to no more than your hobbies to make money. All you need is the perfect tool that will do all for you while you concentrate on building your hobby-to-money business.

So, keep having fun, keep making money from your hobbies.

Tope Ola is a Business Building and Marketing Expert. His website located at reveals the easiest way to net business building, and the perfect business building tool. You can also download free ebooks on Netwriting, Trafficking, etc.

Some Top Hobbies of Retirees

By Caroline Silverstone

Retiring is a point in life that a lot of people look forward to, although most find that they are not really prepared for it. It is not so much the financial or security aspects of retiring that people today struggle with; instead, it is realizing just how much time they have on their hands once work is no longer a part of the weekly equation! Of course, many retirees will fill this extra time with travel or with “work that isn’t really work” (volunteering, babysitting, even part time jobs in totally unrelated fields to what the retiree was doing before), but many find that hobbies are also an essential part of staying vital after retirement.

For many, retirement hobbies are something that were enjoyed during working life but that retirement allows them to focus on even more. Retirees should keep in mind that no matter how much they love any one activity, the opportunity to concentrate on that hobby consistently may mean that they grow tired of it. It is important, therefore, to have a range of hobbies during the retirement years. Here is a list of some of the most popular activities pursued by people after they retire.

Bird Watching

Although the title is still contested by gardening and amateur photography, bird watching has been demonstrated to be the most popular hobby in America today. The retired community is no exception, and bird watching combines both a great hobby and an opportunity to travel. Like any good hobby, bird watching can be as involved or as casual as the participant wishes, with high quality equipment available as well as hundreds of different resources. Clubs are available all over the United States, and of course anywhere a person travels there is opportunity to watch a new species.


Gardening remains a steady favorite among retirees. It is a way to get outside, get exercise, create something through hard work, and add to your pantry or your home décor alike. Gardeners in locations that are not temperate, of course, will have to deal with four or five months of the year being unsuitable to their past time (unless of course they are also enthusiasts of indoor gardens and greenhouses). Still, the opportunities during the growing months are staggering; planting, tending, fertilizing and finally harvesting gardens can mean hours and hours of peace. Opportunities to enter produce and floral arrangements in fall fairs or other county celebrations also allow people to show off their craft.


Nothing has exploded world wide in the last few years in a bigger way than wine. No longer just a beverage, wine is now a commodity. For many, this hobby does not just involve redoing their basements into cellars, but also making sure that they have all the best accessories and display cases for their collections. Like bird watching, it is also a hobby that can be taken all over the world; there are many popular vacation spots that also offer dozens of wineries to be toured and tasted at. Wine enthusiasts never have a shortage of opportunity as just a trip to a local restaurant is an occasion to indulge the past time!

There are dozens of other hobbies that retirees find are a great way to invest their well earned leisure time. Photography, golf, various table games, fishing, collecting, and crafts all remain popular among retirees. A strong combination of several different hobbies will mean a very busy retirement!

The Wine Standard has neat wine gifts like Rabbit wine openers, Riedel wine glasses, and wine decanters.

Brief History of Quilting

By Heather Allen

Quilting is the art of stitching through padding that has been placed between 2 layers of cloth. It was believed to have been invented by the Americans in the 19th Century. However this is not true. In fact, quilting has been around in Egypt since 3,400 BC. Certainly one of the earliest examples to be found of quilting was that of a carved ivory figure of an Egyptian pharaoh from the 1st Dynasty. The figure was supposedly wearing a quilted mantle and certainly quilting was probably used as layers in clothing in order to keep a person warm.

For the complete story Click Here.

Have Some Fun With Puzzles

By Justin Khalid

People have entertained themselves with puzzles since the beginning of recorded history. Puzzles themselves are a puzzle because they seem to draw people in such a way that defies explanation. Children seem to love puzzles and they are never too young to get started with them as they have been shown to stimulate the thinking process.

There are many styles of puzzles but the one style that comes to most peoples minds when they think of puzzles is the cut out cardboard style that we all grew up with and still see to this very day. Puzzles can be word puzzles and even math puzzles but one new puzzle that is gaining in popularity is the giant corn field mazes that people plant and carve out.

For the complete story Click Here

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