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The Best Years in Life




International Wellness Directory
A great place to find non-traditional information on healing, alternative remedies and the pitfalls of mainstream medicine
The Cancer Tutor
Perhaps the best source of information about non-traditional cancer treatments
Jon Barron's Baseline of Health Newsletter
A great newsletter from one of the world's foremost voices in alternative health
Rain-Tree Nutrition
Leslie Taylor's wonderful rainforest website. Be sure to check out the outstanding rainforest plant database and Phoenix Archives
The Four Winds and The Phoenix Archives websites are committed to giving Truth to the people of our world and to revealing the lies under which we of Planet Earth have been living for thousands of years.
This website has been established to freely give Truth to anyone seeking Truth on this planet. The Bellringers are assisting to fulfill the promise that Esu Immanuel made 2000 years ago, when he said that at the end of the age, Truth would be presented one more time to the "four corners of the earth" -thus the "Four Winds" and "Phoenix Archives" websites
Bionatural's Self Help Library
Recommended Reading! There are many important and informative articles on health and wellness in this Aussie website library.
Topicalinfo Skin Cancer Website
An excellent site about skin cancers, including treatments, links, forums and more.
Fighting Cancer Naturally
A great source for information and books about fighting and beating cancer naturally.
The Natural Treatment for Many Diseases
Excellent website with articles and resources for successfully preventing, treating and defeating Dementia, Diabetes, Cancer, Depression, and more.
Independent Cancer Research Foundation, Inc.
Website for a cancer research foundation NOT affiliated with the pharmaceutical industry. Highly recommended.
Losing the War on Cancer
American Cancer Society: The World's Wealthiest "Nonprofit" Institution
Salud Integral's main site Honduras
Clinic Using Anvirzel, Oleander Extract
Herbal Musings
An excellent site for natural remedies and many other natural products. Those with an interest in Medieval times, costumes, customs and crafts, as well as those interested in Mother Earth, Wicca, and Pagan lore and crafts will thoroughly enjoy this site.
The Annie Appleseed Project
Information about complementary alternative medicine (CAM) for cancer
The Best Years in Life
A site for baby boomers and others who want to make the rest of their years the best of their years.  Anti-aging, health articles, natural health, remedies, recipes, health books and products, shopping, travel, hobbies, recreation, romance and more.
DiscoverAid: Depression, Anxiety, Infidelity, Divorce: All Part Of A Midlife Crisis?
Discoveraid is a resource for articles about depression, anxiety, relationship breakups, infidelity and divorce all in the context of a midlife crisis. Hosted by a qualified counsellor psychotherapist who offers experience from others as well as his own midlife crisis. Make your midlife crisis an exciting transition, not a trauma.
Cancer's Natural Enemy
The Website for the book "Cancer's Natural Enemy"
The Oleander Soup Yahoo Health Forum
This is the forum for information about "oleander soup" and other oleander extracts as well as information about other other natural anti-cancer, anti-disease and immune boosting foods, supplements and lifestyles. Hosted by the author of "Cancer's Natural Enemy" and "Collected Home and Herbal Remedies".
The House of Isaiah/Athletes for a Drug Free America
A long term faith based drug and alcohol recovery program for young men ran by NFL legend Isiah Robertson for 17 years, which has helped thousands of young men beat addiction and be restored to their families and communities. If you know a young man, or any man, whose life is unmanageable due to drugs or alcohol, we would like to help. And, if you are able, please donate any amount at all to help us. NOTE: A generous portion of all Rose Laurel income is donated to this wonderful organization. You can also support The House of Isaiah by saving money and making your shopping dollars make a difference at The House of Isaiah Athletes for a Drug Free America Mall which features over 1000 merchants.
The personal website of NFL legend and motivational speaker Isiah Robertson. Isiah was a 6 year All Pro. 6 year Pro Bowler and 5 time Linebacker of the Year during his outstanding playing career with the Los Angeles Rams and Buffalo Bills. If your organization is looking for one of the top keynote speakers in the country you should consider booking NACA speaker of the year Isiah Robertson. The website also contains Isiah's biography, NFL highlights and official signed Isiah Robertson memorabilia. All proceeds from Mr. Robertson's speaking engagements and memorabilia sales are donated to The House of Isaiah alcohol and drug rehab program for young men.
Utopia Silver
Utopia Silver offers the best colloidal silver and colloidal gold on the planet, as well as a complete line of dietary supplements to support the immune system, such as plant derived minerals, formulas to support bones and joints such as, MSM, glucosamine, chondroitin, calcium, and collagen and many other herbal formulas such as ginkgo biloba, grape seed extract, and organic flax oil. To aid the digestive system, there is acidophilus, pancreatin, and enzymes.
A very good source of information about natural healing and alternative health. The home page features a number or eye-opening quotes and is not to be missed.  Includes information on various therapies, doctors, researchers, vaccinations, books and much more


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A portion of the proceeds from The Best Years in Lifewill be donated to help the The House of Isaiah bring light and hope back to the lives of troubled young men. A second portion will be aside to help preserve the earth’s rainforests, the natural pharmacy for mankind and the lungs of Mother Earth.

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