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Success Against Cancer and HIV in South Africa

 Part 4 of The Oleander Article Series

by Tony M. Isaacs
author of
Cancer’s Natural Enemy

(The Best Years in Life) Years ago, when I first began research into the amazing oleander plant, I ended up as a member of  two Yahoo Health Groups about oleander.  One was named "Anvirzel" (after the patented Oleander medicine which had passed FDA phase 1 trials a few years earlier) and the other "Oleandersoup" (named for the home remedy version of the patented medicine).  As a result I became friends and acquaintances with many people close to oleander and Anvirzel, one of whom was a noted South African humanitarian, entrepreneur, crusader and researcher named Marc Swanepoel, who later went on to become a Naturopathic PhD as well as a valued friend and mentor of mine..

Dr. Swanepoel was keenly interested in the oleander plant due to the epidemic of HIV-AIDS in his native country as well as the number of indigent cancer patients who could not afford mainstream treatment options (and which he believed were largely ineffective anyway).  Like several of us in the groups, Dr. Swanepoel began making his own oleander home remedy after the instructions were posted by Ed Hensley "The Father of Oleander Soup" and the first moderator of the Yahoo "Oleandersoup" group.  Unlike the rest of us,  Dr. Swanepoel took things a few steps further and he began searching the Brazilian Rain Forest and his native South Africa for other botanicals to combine with oleander.

After testing various combinations, Dr. Swanepoel settled on two similar botanical supplements which consisted of 80% oleander extract made exactly according to the oleander soup instructions. The first supplement was for HIV/AIDS patients and it added extracts of the agaricus blazei murrill (ABM) mushroom, cats claw, and pau de arco, while the second supplement, intended for cancer, substituted the relatively rare chrysobalanus icaco (red-tipped coco plum) for the pau de arco.  All of the rain forest botanicals added to the oleander have their own histories of successful immune boosting and cancer fighting abilities, some dating back centuries among the indigenous Amazon peoples.  I asked Dr. Swanepoel why he used oleander for 80% or the mix and he confided that, as potent as the other botanicals were, he felt that oleander was by far the most effective botanical he had ever found.

Dr. Swanepoel soon selected a Brazilian manufacturing facility run by a German PhD to make his supplements for him and he also licensed them  to market his supplements around the world.  Ultimately, the OPC product grew to be quite successful, especially in the German PhD's native country of Germany where two clinics were built which used only the OPC and Agaricus products.  At last report, plans were in the works for a hospital built around an oleander/agaricus protocol.

Meanwhile, Dr. Swanepoel returned to his native South Africa and found an even more effective complimentary herb for the oleander based supplement - the South Africa Cancer Bush (Sutherlandia frutescens).  Dr. Swanepoel made notable progress of his own in a short period of time - first getting the government to embrace the use of his oleander supplements for HIV and cancer and then getting it accepted by various doctors and clinics as well as gaining some support at the university level.  Over the past five years, he and I have kept in touch and he has told me many times of the success his supplements have had in helping HIV and cancer patients.  His first impressive report of progress came about three years ago, when I asked Dr. Swanepoel how the patients in South Africa were faring and he reported back:

"Everything still ok here and cancer patients as well as HIV patients on the oleander mix are doing well.  The medical doctor in Cape Town who is using the mix for all his cancer patients has continued to have good results. The oncologist where he sends his patients to (a woman) was so impressed with the results that she is now using it herself for prevention.

  . . to date, the only patients that did NOT make it on the oleander mix were three patients with very advanced cancer that had metastasized to the liver and who had been on intensive chemo treatments. In my opinion, the effect of the chemo on the and liver and heart eventually led to failure of those organs."

Needless to say, I was very impressed with the news, but after thinking about it, I started to wonder "3 patients out of how many did not make it"?  So, to try to get a better perspective I asked Dr. Swanepoel in a follow up message and the response I received astounded me!  Just when I thought I could not possibly be even more impressed with oleander, based on my research and first hand experience with oleander users, including members of my own family, I got this incredible message from Dr. Swanepoel:

"Hi Tony,

"Approximately 350 HIV/AIDS patients have used it and about 80 cancer patients on a regular basis. Of the cancer patients, 5 arrived when they had about a week to 10 days to live and they were too weak to keep the mix down. They died without really being able to try the mix. 3 (the ones I mentioned to you) died of liver and heart failure. All the others are still alive, some now for nearly three years. One breast cancer patient who was given a few months to live eventually became the patient of the oncologist who is now also using the mix. She was declared free of cancer by the oncologist approximately 1 year ago and is still doing well. Others used it for a few months until their cancers were gone and we have not heard from them again. One patient with a festering hole of 1cm diameter on his nose (about half a cm deep) have been using it for three months after doctors were unable to cure the tumor with radiation. The hole is now half the size and not festering anymore. It should be healed in about 3 - 6 months. The doctor in Cape Town whose own wife had metastasized cancer to the bones, is now cancer free. She has been on overseas trips and lives a normal life."

Unfortunately, I do not have time to keep track of all the patients. They just collect the mix from me and phone me from time to time to say that they are doing well. It also seems to help for asthma, male impotence and diabetes. One advanced MS patient have now used it for 2 months and is reporting that it seems to help for the pain in her legs.

I was almost dumbfounded to hear such news.  100% success on HIV and almost the same for cancers?  My own experience and research up to that time had demonstrated that oleander was almost always successful, but I had never really seen numbers like that before!  If I had not known Dr. Swanepoel for years now and known his character and accomplishments I would have doubted such numbers myself - and I am maybe the number one oleander fan in the galaxy!

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Not long after that report, came another equally impressive report:

" Tony -

Since my last update to you when the total number of HIV/AIDS patients were about 350 and the total number of cancer patients were about 80, I have given the new mix to an additional 130 people with advanced AIDS and to a further 15 people with cancer. The people with AIDS, without exception, are doing fine and mostly resume their normal activities after 6 - 8 weeks. The son of the senior nurse at the clinic where I am doing my research was a case with advanced AIDS, badly swollen legs and barely walking with the aid of crutches. After 4 weeks, he does not need the crutches anymore and his mother reports that he is now singing in the morning. There are many similar cases and I have no doubt that the oleander mix can control HIV/AIDS better than the antiretrovirals.

. . . .  Two of the cancer patients who were in remission had recurrences of small tumours (but not in the same place as before). Against my advice, they had both stopped using the mix after their doctors had declared them clear of any tumours. As I mentioned to you before, I believe the cancer will always return UNLESS one changes the things that caused the cancer in the first place. The oleander and all other successful treatments allow one the breathing space to give effect to such changes.

At present I distribute about 70 - 80 bottles of the Sutherlandia OPC mix per month. This is without any advertising or other promotions - strictly word of mouth. I believe this will not be happening unless people are finding that it works . . . My experience is that those who try the mix without going that route are also the ones who are willing to change their lifestyles (especially diet) and they are the one who pull through. The problem comes AFTER the cancer has been cured and a few are lured back into their old ways - with predictable results.”

The above report came about three years ago.  Up until that time, Dr. Swanepoel was distributing about 70-80 bottles of his Sutherlandia OPC supplement a month, mostly by word of mouth and with no advertising.  Since then, he has financed and conducted a clinical trial against HIV at a Johannesburg AIDS clinic that was 100% successful in reversing HIV symptoms (stay tuned for details on the trial in a future installment in this series).  As a result of the clinical trial and continued successes, the supplement is now made by a pharmaceutical manufacturing company in South Africa and over 10,000 bottles of the supplement are distributed monthly, including distribution at about 900 pharmacies in South Africa.

Another oleander success report report from Dr. Swanepoel came the following September:

During the last 3 years, I have had an overseas client list that varied between 900 - 1100 people. The bulk of these are cancer sufferers and many of them are in stages III to IV. Approximately 50 are HIV-positives who do not want to go on ARVs. According to my records, only 20 of the people who ordered (some fairly regularly) from me have died over the last 3 years. There are in all probability more who have died but I have no way of knowing whether the few who stopped ordering from me are cured or dead. Of the 20 that have died, all were stage IV and some were already in hospice, 3 died within one week of receiving the S/OPC, and 8 died within 2 months of receiving it. Of those that died within 2 months, a few did not (or could not) take the suggested dosage. Only 3 of the 20 people used an adequate dosage but died in spite of that. However, 2 of those 3 also used all kinds of other treatments which may or may not have interfered with the oleander.

. . . In summary, even if a further 50 people of the approximately 900 - 1100 overseas users have died without my knowledge, bringing the total dead to 70, this is still quite a remarkable result for people with late stage cancer. 70 out of 900 is less than 8%. And even if one takes the average number of late stage cancer users over the period as 500, then 70 out of 500 stage III to IV cancers is still only 14%. My experience has also shown that the effectiveness of oleander is dosage dependent and if people can get up to the higher dosages as quickly as possible, their chance of survival is greatly improved.

Since that report there have been many others and the numbers Dr. Swanepoel quote mirror the results I am familiar with from around the world and in my own family, friends and health forum of over 2600 members (the Yahoo "Oleandersoup" forum)- especially those who combine a good diet and lifestyle and other important supplements.  Although oleander has been used for years as a stand alone product,  Dr. Swanepoel, like myself, has recommended cleansing and de-toxing along with a very healthy diet and lifestyle to go along with the oleander.  I take it a step further and recommend that other immune boosting and cancer fighting supplements also be used - not because I have any doubts in the magical powers of oleander, but because I think the more weapons in your arsenal, the more likely you are to win the battle and the war.  (See:

For those who would like to know a bit more about the South Africa "Cancer Bush", you can find a wealth of information at

And that concludes this installment in the oleander series.  Perhaps now, many of you can understand why I am so impressed with oleander!

Excerpted from the author's book "Cancer's Natural Enemy".

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